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November 10 North Alabama Open Scout Analysis: Catchers

PBR Alabama Staff

November 10 North Alabama Open Scout Analysis: Catchers

Four catchers went through the workout on Sunday, November 10 at Calhoun Community College. There was one 2020 grad, two 2021's and one 2023 grad. All of the catchers present showed some strength in their abilities. Let's take a detailed look at those four catchers:

Connor Legere (2021, C/RHP, James Clemens) The ‘21 prospect showed very well behind the plate and is very clean on the transfer. Showed some nice arm strength on the throws to 2B and throws stayed on line. Showed a pop time as low as 2.04. Did a nice job of receiving pitches and showed nice blocking ability on balls in the dirt. On the mound, he showed a low ¾ arm slot with some “whip” in the arm action. The FB was up to 75 mph with nice sink and ASR. The slider showed some downward tilt in the mid 60’s and the change up showed nice deception with the same arm speed as the FB. At the plate, he started with an open stance with the feet and there is some tilt in the swing path. He showed some present strength and drove balls to the pull side during BP while showing nice top hand strength.

West Neill (2020, C, Huntsville) Very compact, short approach at the plate and has some strength in the hands and does a nice job with the lower half, showing 90 mph exit velocity off a tee. The swing is well synched and he does a nice job of keeping the barrel through the hitting zone. Creates some back spin from a tilted swing path and shows a mostly pull side approach. Behind the plate, the catch and throw skills are solid and he is fairly quick with the transfer. Throws stay on line to the bag and was consistently on the bag with a pop time as low as 2.05. Very quiet receiving pitches with nice flexibility in the hips showing solid receiving action on balls down in the zone. Seemed natural blocking balls in the dirt. 

Brooks Dobson (2021, C/1B, Edgewood) Offensively he showed some violence in the swing and a mostly pull side approach. The feet started slightly open with the hands set low which ultimately created some tilt in the bat path. The leg kick approach helps him generate pop off the barrel and the ball seemed to carry off the bat. Very consistent pop times in the low 2.0’s and accurate throws on the bag. The transfer was top shelf and he can get those pop times down in the future as the arm strength progresses. Did a nice job blocking and recovering  from balls in the dirt. Athletic set up and showed well receiving pitches on both sides of the plate. 

Bentley Goodwin (2023, C/OF, Westminster Christian) One of the younger players at the event, Goodwin showed himself well. During OF drills he showed nice arm action for a young player and worked through his throws well. Behind the plate he showed solid blocking skills and nice flexibility in the hips. Was quiet receiving pitches with not a lot of movement. The pop times will decrease as the arm strength improves over the next few years. Throws were accurate to the bag. Offensively the feet started even and he showed a mostly pull side approach and has some strength in the hands. The bat path was mostly level, resulting in numerous line drives during BP. He was 83 mph exit velocity off a tee.

Check back tomorrow as we look at the seven pitchers that were in attendance at the event to pitch only. 

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