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November 3 Central Alabama Fall Invite Scout Analysis: Position Players

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November 3 Central Alabama Fall Invite Scout Analysis: Position Players

The positional players put up some impressive numbers during the morning workout and also showed well in the afternoon during the game. The group showed nice athleticism and several really stood out offensively as well. Eight of these players also took the mound for an inning in the game. Let's look at those players:

Luke Sibley (2022, OF/LHP, Briarwood Christian) Impressive work in the OF as he looked very athletic getting to balls off the bat and showed a quick transfer as the ball came out of the hand easily. Throws to the plate were super accurate and the ball stayed on plane. Offensively from the left side, he started with an open stance and the hands set high. Showed some pop to the pull side but was also able to show strength to all fields. The hands showed some quickness with slight tilt in the swing path and the bat speed was nice.  

Brennen Norton (2021, 3B/2B, Cullman) Another productive day for one of the top uncommitted hitters in the state ‘21 class. Ran a sub 7.0 (6.98) 60 yard dash and had the highest exit velo of the day (97 mph off a tee). The glove work at 3B is solid and he can also play 2B and has plenty of arm strength (87 mph across the dirt). Moves well laterally and has no issues making the slow roller play in front of him. The bat plays big time. The swing has some violence in it and there is definite strength in the hands. Slightly open stance with definite tllt in the bat path. Does a nice job keeping the barrel through the hitting zone and really creates backspin off the barrel. Plays the game with a throwback type mentality. Really like his approach to the game. 

Hunter Anderson (2020, RHP/SS, Chelsea) Showed a nice, easy delivery and repeatable mechanics each pitch. Throwing from a high ¾ arm slot, he showed a FB that was up to 84 mph with some cut and the pitch generated weak contact. He showed the ability to command this pitch to his glove side. The breaking ball showed nice downward tilt at 65-66 mph and he got several swing and misses on the pitch. Showed a slightly open stance at the plate and a small leg kick approach. The swing was well synced and there is some juice off the barrel. Plus bat speed and showed the ability to handle all pitches and use the whole field. Love the extension and finish in the swing. Arm strength across the IF is nice (83 mph) and the feet and glove work well together. Showed nice lateral range and made some difficult plays look easy. Was very fluid on the backhand play. Could be a nice late addition to a ‘20 class. 

Cole Loftis (2022, RHP/3B, Hayden) Shows some life in the arm on the mound and did a nice job of hiding the ball from hitters, creating some deception. The delivery was a bit of crossfire across the body which resulted in some cut on the FB, which was up to 80 mph. The breaking ball showed tight spin with slider type action at 65-66 mph and he was able to flip this pitch in for a strike at any count. Started with the feet even in the stance at the plate and showed a mostly middle to oppo approach. Small toe tap with an even barrel path through the zone. At 3B, he showed plenty of arm strength on the throw across the IF. The ball really took off out of the hand and he moved well through the throw with solid glove presentation out in front.     

Alex Gauld (2020, SS/2B, Mountain Brook) Intriguing ‘20 prospect that shows some advanced athleticism on the field. Ran an event best 6.88 60 yard dash. Slightly open stance at the plate with some quick twitch action in the hands. The approach is very compact as the hands and barrel really stayed inside the ball and handled pitches on both sides of the plate. Used the entire field during his round of BP and showcased some juice to both gaps. Stays through the hitting zone very well and creates some back spin with slight tilt in the bat path. Very balanced swing. Moves very well on the dirt and was in nice position on all balls off the bat. Moved extremely well and showed nice ability to throw from different arm slots. Big time actions on the slow roller in front of him. A nice looking uncommitted ‘20 grad.   

McCollum Mansfield (2022, RHP/3B, Oak Mountain) Showed a quick, athletic delivery on the mound with a FB that had “sneaky” life with ASR. The FB was upper 70’s, topping at 79 mph and the breaking ball showed 12/6 action with tight spin. Also showed a different breaking ball with slider type action. The change up was 73-74 mph with tumble into RH hitters. Really competes on the mound.  Very short, compact approach at the plate from a slightly crouched stance with the feet even. The barrel path was fairly level and he did a nice job keeping the hands and barrel inside the baseball. There is some strength in the hands and he showed a mostly middle of the field approach. Nice actions at 3B as he played low to the ground and showed a very quick transfer from the glove to throw. A ‘22 grad to keep an eye on. 

Jackson Glover (2022, SS/RHP, Wicksburg) Athletic ‘22 grad that showed a high ¾ arm slot on the mound. The mechanics were clean and easy and he showed a FB up to 77 mph that he located well to the glove side which also had some cut to it. The breaking showed nice depth and true 12/6 action. Nice looking young arm.  Showed a level swing path through the zone from a tall stance with even feet. Showed nice extension to finish the swing and showed a mostly middle of the field approach, creating some backspin off the barrel. Defensively, showed nice flexibility in the hips and played low to the ground. Really athletic and moved very well to the back hand and glove side and was always in nice position to let the glove work. The throw had some carry to it across the infield. 

William Penley (2021, 1B/LHP, Decatur) Tall, physical LHP that showcased a FB in the mid 70’s, topping at 76 mph. The pitch had some ASR and he was able to locate the pitch to both sides of the plate. The breaking ball showed nice depth and was a two plane pitch at 62- 64 mph. Really attacked hitters and was competitive in the strike zone.  Physical presence in the box with juice to match. Wide, slightly open base and not a ton of movement in the set up but really creates some violence in the swing. There is definite tilt in the swing path and the ball really comes off the barrel with a low 90’s exit velo off a tee. Really showed pop to the pull side gap. Defensively he moved well around the bag at 1B and showed well with the glove. Did a nice job on balls in the dirt at 1B. 

Ryan Kelley (2022, 2B/RHP, Baker) Clean, smooth delivery and does a nice job of repeating his delivery. Pounded the zone with the FB that was up to 75 mph with some arm side action. The breaking was 64-66 mph with night tight spin and the change up showed nice deception at 64-66 mph. Did a really nice job of attacking hitters with all 3 pitches. A nice young arm. Even stance at the plate with a leg kick approach that allows him to generate some pop off the barrel. Does a nice job using his lower half in a well synced swing. There is some quick twitch action in the hands creating some nice bat speed. Showed some nice juice to the pull side gap. Compact approach. Defensively, looked very natural in the dirt and things seemed easy to him as he showed plus footwork and nice ability to throw from different arm slots. A ‘22 to follow in the coming years. 

Kahlin Drake (2020, 2B/SS, Hewitt Trussville) Slightly open stance at the plate and he does a nice job of getting the hands back to the “launch” position of the swing. Not the biggest player but shows some present strength in his quick twitch hands. Did a nice job of staying inside the ball which resulted in a mostly middle of the field approach. Really compact approach. Defensively, the actions are fluid and he moves extremely well. The glove works and he showed some carry on his throws to 1B. Did a nice job of throwing from different arm angles and he made the slow roller play look easy. Also equally adept in the OF as well. Had a 3B to the RCF gap in game play. A ‘20 that could make a nice addition to a college program. 

Tucker Burns (2022, SS/2B, Sparkman) The guy can flat defend at SS and moves very well on the dirt. Easy actions on the dirt and does a nice job with the feet, before and after fielding the ground ball. Looked super athletic on the back hand play and had a quick transfer from glove to throw. Has a knack for getting himself in position for a nice hop off the bat. Big time defensive actions. At the plate, he showed a tall set up with nice rhythm in the load of the hands. The feet started slightly open and he did a nice job with a quiet front side. Really did a nice job staying in the zone with the barrel Had 3 hits with a 2B and 2 RBI’s in game play.   

Eli Williams (2022, SS/OF, Wicksburg) Nice looking young player that showed solid skills all over the field. Very aggressive fielding ground balls at SS and showed a quick release with nice arm strength for a young player. That arm strength should continue to develop over the next few years. Showed a slightly open stance and a toe tap approach at the plate and a mostly level swing path. The hands were set high in the stance and the approach during BP was mostly middle of the field. Has some “whip” with the barrel through the zone. Had a loud 2B during the game play. 

Bryce Epperson (2021, LHP/1B, Baldwin County) Can be described as a “crafty lefty” that just competed and got outs while on the mound. The FB has definite ASR that topped at 70 mph from a smooth delivery. Got several swing and misses by elevating the FB up in the zone. The breaking ball played well off the arm side action on the FB and showed nice depth at 59-62 mph. Really pounded the zone.  Has shown nice improvement since we last saw him and looked much more comfortable in the box. From the left side, he started with an open stance and had nice rhythm in the approach and showed some power to both gaps during BP. Moved well around the bag at 1B and really worked through ground balls. Was impressive coming off the bat to start the 3-6-3 DP. Had a 2B during game play in the afternoon.  

Ashford Fowler (2022, RHP/1B, Moody) Worked exclusively from a high ¾ arm slot and showed very easy arm action. The FB topped at 76 mph and showed some late life as it seemed to get on hitters a little quicker than expected. The breaking ball was thrown at 58-59 mph with true 12/6 action and tight spin. The ‘22 grad competed well on the mound. The feet were slightly open in the stance and he had a very simple approach on the front side with not a lot of movement. Starts with the hands set back in the stance and he showed some definite tilt in the swing path. Handled the barrel well and showed the ability to hit to all fields. Solid fundamentals at 1B and did a nice job of keeping the glove presented out front and under the baseball.

This wraps up our coverage of the event. Our final event of the fall will be this Sunday at Calhoun Community College. 

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