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Oct. 6 Mobile Prospect ID Scout Analysis: Outfielders

PBR Alabama Staff

October 6 Mobile Prospect Scout Analysis: Outfielders

Athleticism is an appropriate word to describe the outfielders in attendance at the Mobile Prospect ID on Sunday, October 6. Two of these outfielders also doubled as infielders while two more jumped on the mound to show their stuff as a pitcher. Here is a detailed analysis of those outfielders in attendance. 

Malcolm Pugh (2023, OF/RHP, Leroy) ‘23 grad that really jumped out from a tools standpoint at the event. The 6’4 Pugh ran an event best 6.64 60 yard dash and showed quick twitch actions in everything he did. The arm strength is there as he was 87 mph from the OF as the ball came out of the hand easily. Showed raw actions fielding the ball in the OF that will progress over the years. The bat has some definite pull side juice in it and the swing plans has some tilt in it. Shows a leg kick approach and uses the lower half of the body very well. The head stayed still and there is some definite bat speed from a balanced approach. Pugh hopped on the mound and showed a FB in the low 80’s, topping at 84 mph. The pitch had late life and there is more velocity there as the mechanics get cleaned up and strength is added. A definite 2023 to follow. 

Grant Jay (2021, C/1B, Mobile Christian) We have seen Jay a multitude of times and all he does is show a plus offensive approach each time. There is present strength in the swing right now and he does this from a very controlled approach. Very compact and there is a small leg kick to create juice to all fields from a tilted swing path. Event best 95 mph exit velo and ran a 6.92 60. We have seen Jay at his primary position plenty of times and he went through workouts at this event at 3B and OF, showing off his versatility. Plenty of arm strength form the OF at 87 mph and the glove works well at 3B and was 83 mph across the infield. Plenty capable of performing well at his secondary positions. 

Alex Blackburn (2022, OF/LHP, Baker) Young ‘22 grad that impressed on the mound from the left side. Was up to 79 mph with the FB that showed typical ASR from a left hander. Did a nice job repeating his delivery and hid the ball well from hitters. The breaking ball shows “over the top” action with depth at 58-60 mph. The changeup was thrown from the same arm speed with tumble in the low 60’s. Sub 7.0 runner (6.94) and showed an open stance at the plate from the left side and a high leg kick approach that he used to show some juice off the barrel mainly to the pull side. The hands show some athleticism. Did a nice job getting to the glove side during OF drills and showed a quick transfer with an accurate arm at 78 mph. 

Hayden Redding (2021, OF, Mobile Christian) A 6.84 60 yard dash runner at the event that showed plus athleticism everywhere on the day. He was 78 mph OF velo with nice feet and really showed an accurate arm on the day. At the plate, Redding continuously barreled balls in BP from an even stance and a leg kick approach. The swing was well balanced and the bottom half and lower half of the body were well synched. There is some definite strength in the hands now. Did a nice job keeping the barrel through the zone and showed a solid middle of the field approach. 

Napolein Colston (2021, OF/2B, Murphy) Colston showed a balanced swing at the plate and solid barrel control with the ability to hit to all fields from the right side. Slightly open toe tap approach with a flat barrel path consistently produced line drives and hard ground balls to all fields. Looks like a 2 hole type hitter. Good runner who ran a 6.84 at the event. In the outfield he was up to 76 mph and showed a quick transfer from ball in the glove to release. In the infield he showed solid 2B type actions and really worked to stay through the ball on the slow roller in front of him. He was 67 mph across the infield. 

Christian Burnette (2023, OF, Faith Academy) Another young ‘23 grad that showed solid tools at the event. Ran the 60 in 6.81 and showed some present strength in the swing during BP, really using his powerful lower half. Strong in the hands and an athletic base that showed a line drive approach to the middle of the field. Created some back spin on the ball as well. There is tilt in the swing and nice extension through contact. In the OF he was 74 mph with the throw from a short arm slot. A few changes in the throwing motion will create more velocity. A tool heavy guy that can really progress in the future with a few small changes.

Check back tomorrow as we wrap up coverage of the event by breaking down the infielders.   

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