Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Pitchers

PBR Alabama Staff

Sept. 29 Deep South Invite Scout Analysis: Pitchers

Seven pitchers showed up to pitch at the Deep South Invite. Each pitcher worked an extended inning during game play. The list is headlined by a '20 RHP reaching the low 90's and all were effective during their outing. Let's take a closer look at those arms. 

Nick Brown (2020, RHP, Bob Jones) One of the top uncommitted arms in the AL ‘20 class did not disappoint on the day. The RHP showed a FB that sat mid 80’s- low 90’s, topping at 91 mph with spin rates in the high 2000’s to mid 2100’s. The delivery is smooth, creating deception and he repeats those actions from pitch to pitch. The FB showed late sink action appeared “heavy”. Did a nice job forcing soft contact. The slider can ultimately develop into a swing and miss pitch and was upper 70’s and looked like a FB out of the hand. The breaking ball had mid 2300 to low 2400 spin rates. Will be a nice ‘20 addition for a college program.

Thrasher Steed (2022, RHP/1B, Gulf Shores) We have seen Steed before but he has really progressed both physically and on the mound. Showed a solid 3 pitch arsenal with a FB in the low 80’s, topping at 84 mph with some definite ASR into RH hitters. No wasted action in the delivery as the mechanics were clean. Was able to spot the FB to both sides of the plate and mix in secondary stuff at any time. The breaking ball took nice shape in the upper 70’s with spin rates in the low 2000’s. The change up showed definite tumble into RH hitters and he did a very good job of creating down plane on the FB. 

Weston Horton (2021, RHP/1B, Curry) High ¾ arm slot. The FB showed some late cutting action as it approached hitters in the low 80’s, topping at 83 mph with spin rates in the low 2100’s. Showed a breaking ball with slider type action from his high ¾ slot with spin rates in the mid 1900’s. Did a very nice job of locating the FB to his glove side, on the outer half of the plate vs. RH hitters. Does a nice job with his lower half and really does a nice job driving off of the rubber. 

Ethan McPherson (2020, RHP, Mobile Christian) What can we say? This guy just competes on the mound and does what pitchers are supposed to do- mixing speeds and location and forcing soft contact by hitters. Has really come a long way since we last saw him a year ago. Showed a short arm action from a high ¾ slot. The FB was up to 81 mph with definite ASR and he worked very quickly showing a quick delivery as he repeated it each pitch. The breaking ball showed tight spin and he pounded the lower half of the zone with all 3 pitches, including a deceptive change up in the mid 70’s. A guy that can just get a ton of outs. 

John Price Reed (2021, RHP/OF, Dothan) Clean mechanics on this ‘21 grad that shows an over the top arm slot and really creates down action on the FB. The FB was upper 70’s- low 80’s, topping at 81 mph. The slower breaking ball shows quality depth and is a true 2 plane pitch in the low 60’s. Showed repeatable mechanics and delivery and stayed “on plane” to the plate through the delivery. Tall, lanky build with plenty of room to add strength.

Drew Daniel (2021, LHP, Briarwood Christian) A ‘21 LHP that was impressive on the mound during his extended inning of work. Nice looking young arm from a low ¾ slot and was able to spot the FB wherever he wanted in the zone. The arm action is clean and projects well. The FB sat upper 70’s and touched 80 mph with big side ASR and spin rates in the low to mid 2200’s. From his arm slot, the breaking ball was more slider type in the upper 60’s and was able to throw this secondary pitch for a strike. Real quick worker on the mound and shows a feel for how to pitch. 

Jackson Crow (2023, RHP/OF, Oxford) The young 2023 grad continues to show solid mechanics and clean arm action each time we see him. Shows some good downhill plane on the FB as the arm action is over the top. The FB was upper 70’s at the event and he showed the ability to locate this pitch down in the zone. The breaking ball is sharp with tight spin showing 11/7 shape in the upper 60’s. This pitch is pretty advanced for a ‘23 grad and is one that can be a wipeout pitch if it continues to develop.

Check back tomorrow as we take a look at the Alabama outfielders that participated in the event. 

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