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Sept. 8 All State Games Scout Analysis: Outfielders

PBR Alabama Staff

All State Games Positional Analysis: Outfielders

Eight outfielders went through the morning positional workout at the University of Alabama on September 8 as part of the All State Games. Each outfielder then played in one of the two afternoon games. This group showed plus athleticism on the day. Several also doubled as pitchers. Here are the reports on each outfield present:

Alex Wade (2022, OF/RHP, Madison Academy) Wade continues to impress each time we see him. He can really track balls down in the OF and the arm strength is there as he threw 88 mph from the OF and gave catchers easy big hops to handle. At the plate, he has some definite juice in the barrel and shows a slow, rhythmic load of the hands to trigger the swing. Has plenty of pop to all fields. Had two hits in the game, including a 3B he absolutely smashed. 

Vinnie Bosio (2021, OF/C, St. Paul’s Episcopal) Athletic player that does a ton of good things on the field. The arm works from the OF and shows consistent on line throws up to 86 mph from the OF. The ball really carries out of his hand. Athletic enough to go behind the plate as a catcher as well. Physical build and can run as well. Showed a solid middle of the field approach during BP with some tilt in the swing path. Slightly crouched in the stance and an even set up with the feet and he really focuses on keeping his hands and barrel inside the ball through the swing. 

Dawson Winningham (2020, OF/LHP, Oxford) Winningham has added some strength and good size since we last saw him. On the mound, the LHP worked from high ¾ slot with a clean arm. There was late sink on the FB that was up to 83 mph and he located this pitch down in the zone. The FB seemed “heavy”.  Clean work defensively with feel for the position with a quick transfer and nice footwork. The arm strength has greatly improved and was up to 83 mph from the OF. Showed a middle of the field approach during BP with some tilt in his bat path. The hands work and are explosive through the hitting zone. A ‘20 grad that showed significant improvement from previous events.   

Kellen Mashburn (2022, OF/RHP, Bob Jones) Another young (‘22) OF that has shown continuous improvement each time we see. Has very good size and is really starting to add some size and strength. Shows some nice athleticism and has some nice arm strength (82 mph) from the OF and showed consistent accuracy. At the plate, he has some strength in the hands and was 87 mph exit velo off of a tee. Took a loud round of BP from a slightly crouched stance and an even set up with the feet. The barrel has some definite tilt in the swing path and shows some violence in the swing. 

Brett Parker (2020, RHP/OF, Elkmont) On the mound, the tall RHP had a nice, clean delivery and did a nice job of working downhill off the mound. The FB was 77 mph and he really attacked hitters with the pitch. The breaking ball showed nice tight spin at 60-61 mph. The ball really carried out of his hand in the OF and throws were on target. At the plate he showed the ability to try and keep the hands and barrel inside the ball and can get a ton more pop off the barrel by using his lower half better. Has some tilt in his bat path. 

Chandler James (2021, OF/RHP, Sparkman) In the OF, James showed some nice arm strength at 80 mph. Throws were on line and and he did a nice job of working through his throws, creating some carry on the ball. At the plate, the RH hitter started with an open stance and utilized a leg kick approach to create some juice off of the barrel. Did a nice job with the top hand through the swing and showed some definite pull some pop.  

Eli Steadman (2021, OF/3B, Briarwood Christian) Liked the round of BP from the left side. Starting from an open stance, Steadman showed some tilt in his bat path and did a nice job of working the middle of the field. One very impressive part of his round was the ability to drive balls to the backside gap. Very nice rhythmic load of the hands. Had a 1B and a loud L9 in game play. Nice over the top arm action from the OF kept throws on line with no tail at 80 mph. Athletic OF and left handed bat. 

Griff Minor (2021, OF/LHP, Helena) LHP that showed a clean delivery from a mid ¾ slot. Really pounded the zone in his inning of work and showed a FB in the low 70’s with some ASR. The breaking ball had some depth to it at 67-68 mph. Just awesome to watch this guy compete on the field. The left handed bat plays, showing plus bat speed and strength in the hands from a slightly closed stance. Nice pop off the barrel and really stays through the hitting zone a long time. The BP round was very loud. There is some tilt in the bat path. Really competes in the OF and can cover a ton of ground. The transfer is quick and the arm showed nice accuracy. Had two 1B’s in the game and a diving, highlight reel play in CF.

Check back over the next few days as we continue our positional scout analysis by looking at the catchers and infielders that were present for the All State Games.   

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