South AL Preseason All-State: Vizual Edge Scoreboard

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SARALAND, AL - The South AL Preseason All-State was held on Sunday, January 8th at Saraland High School in Saraland, AL. This event was an invite-only event that consisted of some of the top prospects from the 2023-2026 classes. These players went through extended pro-style workout that included batting practice using Trackman and Blast Motion, ran the 60 yard dash using Swift Performance, and much more. Pitchers were able to throw in simulated bullpens during the workout and were able to get numbers and metrics off of our Trackman unit, such as pitch velocity, spin rate, horizontal & vertical movement & much more. There were some players who showed up and continued to build off of prior performances, but there were also some new names who jumped onto our radar with a strong showing on Sunday.

Continuing off our post-event coverage for this event, we take a look back at some of the leaders from Vizual Edge recorded from the showcase. Please continue to check back over the next week, as we will release individual scouting reports on each player present at the event. 

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Rank Name State School Class Pos Edge Score
1 Connor Robinson AL Faith Academy 2023 3B 88.81
2 Jack Blanchard AL Daphne 2026 OF 85.86
3 Brooks Womble AL Saraland 2024 SS 83.28
4 Wyatt Williams AL Bayside Academy 2026 1B 81.56
5 Ty Waters AL UMS-Wright Preparatory 2026 C 81.23
6 Price Stephens AL Gulf Shores 2026 C 80.81
7 Alex King AL Gulf Shores 2024 2B 79.97
8 Jackson Stallworth AL Stanhope Elmore 2025 LHP 79.21
9 Brady Richardson AL Enterprise 2025 SS 78.98
10 Colin Edwards AL Autauga Academy 2024 3B 78.69
11 Gant Underwood AL Northside Methodist Academy 2023 3B 78.37
12 Connor Gehr AL Gulf Shores 2024 SS 78.17
13 Brody Tuinder AL Mary G Montgomery 2024 OF 77.45
14 Fuller Chisholm AL Saraland 2025 C 77.27
15 Jake Sasser AL Fairhope 2027 RHP 77.22
16 DJ Blackwood AL Daphne 2027 LHP 76.62
17 Aiden Wright AL Dale County 2023 OF 76.31
18 Zach Jones AL Fairhope 2025 OF 76.22
19 Zach Stevens AL Stanhope Elmore 2023 RHP 75.62
20 Mason Meeks AL Andalusia 2024 C 74.35

The Edge Score is a comprehensive score out of 100 that takes the core-six visual skills into account, providing athletes, parents, coaches and scouts with a benchmark number for assessing an athlete’s overall visual ability. In general the higher the Edge Score, the higher chance of athletic success. Think of the Edge Score as the 'Sixth Metric' in the standard Five-Tools that make up a ball player.

The average Edge Score for the 2020 MLB Draft Class was 79.3 (of hitters who completed a Vizual Edge test). MLB players we've worked with typically show stronger scores, with elite hitters scoring consistently above 87.0 on their Edge Score.


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