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David Sharp

Top Prospect Games Scouting Blog from June 19 at Prattville Christian Academy:

Dylan McFarland (2019 2B/SS, Saraland HS) 5’9 150 lbs- an athletic MIF that showed solid glove skills during IF drills with good feet always in good shape for a good hop (can read balls off the bat) with a 79 MPH IF velo. He ran a 6.97 60 yard dash with an 82 mph exit velo off of a tee. Also showed a solid middle of the field approach at the plate keeping the barrel through the zone a long time. 

Dylan Fraser (2019 C/2B, Oak Mountain HS) 5’10 150 lbs- he did a lot of things well at the event defensively behind the plate and in the middle infield. His velo across the diamond was 76 mph and his velo behind the plate was 73 mph showcasing a pop time between 2.19-2.25. A very aggressive fielder on the dirt and a good receiver behind the plate that did a great job blocking balls during game play. He is an inside out hitter that looks to be a typical 2 hole hitter using the right side of the field and he showed an 82 mph exit velocity. 

Justin Perreault (2019 RHP, Homewood HS) 5’11 150 lbs- really stood out at the event on the mound as his fastball sat at 84-86 mph and topped at 87 mph. Shows some cut with his fastball and commands a tight slider at 71-73 mph. His pronated changeup was 69-71 mph with tumble. Although small in stature his fastball is electric. With added strength he has the ability to add several MPH’s to his already dominant fastball.

Trevor Barron (2019 2B/SS, Pike Liberal Arts) 5’9 165 lbs- a MIF that can be described as a “throwback player”. Really does a lot of things well and shows an aggressive approach to the game. He ran a 7.06 60 yard dash and showed a 76 mph IF velo to go along with solid glove work that does a good job resetting his feet after fielding. His exit velo off of a tee was 81 mph from his open stance and a RF approach during BP with a short compact swing. 

Lance Levine (2019 OF/C, Enterprise HS) 5’10 172 lbs- an athletic player that was at, or near the top, of several of the workout events. His 6.69 60 yard dash was the fastest time of the day. During defensive work, his OF actions were very good and he showcased 82 mph from the OF and an 86 mph exit velo off of a tee (both of these numbers were toward the top on the day). Showed good rhythm at the plate as his top half and bottom half were synced up nicely together, creating some pull side juice. An aggressive get after it type player! 

Traeshon Hall (2019 OF, Hueytown HS) 5’10 175 lbs- a toolsy player whose best days are ahead of him as he continues to develop his baseball skills. A physical player that can run (2nd fastest 60- 6.72) and can cover a lot of  ground in the OF. His OF velo was 77 mph and his exit velo from a tee was 75 mph. Really impressed in the game as he made a few difficult plays in the OF look routine and had multiple hits (including a 2B and a stolen base). 

Evan Liddie (2019 SS/2B, Madison Academy) 5’11 160 lbs- an athletic looking MIF with solid hands and arm strength across the diamond at 80 mph. Evan ran the 60 yard dash in 7.37 and showed an 81 mph exit velo at the morning session. Gets very good reads off of the bat and gets himself in position for a good hop to field. Showing a sweet swing from the left side, he has a very solid middle to oppo approach at the plate with some juice to RF. 

Jayce Guyette (2020 C/2B, Huntsville HS) 5’11 165 lbs- the lone 2020 at the field but he held his own vs. the 2019’s. Very solid behind the plate showcasing advanced receiving skills with a 74 mph velo to 2B and a pop time in the range of 2.07-2.15. Was very impressive blocking the ball in the dirt as well. He recorded a 7.50 60 yard dash and an exit velo of 82 mph. Has a great understanding of the game and showcased good offensive skills with hands set low and a barrel that stays in the zone a long time creating solid contact. 

Hayden Walton (2019 C/OF, Brooks HS) 5’11 180 lbs- a physically strong player, Hayden showed an 89 mph exit velocity off of a tee to go along with a 75 mph C velo. He showed a pop time from behind the plate between 2.15-2.28 and ran a 7.01 60 yard dash. The ball jumped off of his bat during BP as he showed power to all field and showed a synched up lower half and bottom half at the plate. 

Trey Wright (2019 RHP, Buckhorn HS) 6’0 180 lbs- one of the better arms in the 2019 class, he showed tremendous pitchability during his 1 inning of work in game play. His fastball sat 82-83 and touched 84 while showing the ability to locate that pitch on both sides of the plate. His fastball shoes a lot of life, largely due to the 68-69 mph breaking ball that he can throw at anytime and shows late down action. His pitchability is even greater because of a plus changeup with tumble at 75-76 mph. Creates down action from the mound, long loose arm action. 

Lucas Smith (2019 RHP, Boaz HS) 6’1 150 lbs- showed well with quick whippy arm action showing a fastball from 78-80 mph and touching 81 mph. His quick twitch athletic arm also showed a breaking ball with late break at 64-66 mph and a changeup at 72-73 mph that showed deception. Showed the ability to force soft contact by missing barrels in game play. 

Lance Clardy (2019 OF/LHP, Buckhorn HS) 6’1 170 lbs- ran a 7.19 60 yard dash and was toward the top of the boards with an 85 mph OF velo and 84 exit velocity off of a tee. Showed good jumps on the ball in the OF during defensive drills and showed some power to the backside during BP. In game play, Lance really stood out on the mound showcasing a fastball that sat between 81-84 and touched 86 mph with ASR. His curveball was 72-75 which over the top action and depth and his changeup was consistently down in the zone at 76-77 mph. 

Greyson Thornton (2019 1B, Muscle Shoals HS) 6’0 185 lbs- showed a pull side line drive approach during BP with quick hands and a short compact approach that produced an 86 mph exit velocity off of a tee. Looked very good at 1B showing good glove work on throws in the dirt with good footwork at the bag. Had two at bats in game play with loud contact. Knows and understands how to play the game. 

Garrett Gustafson (2019 C/1B, Hazel Green HS) 6’0 187 lbs- one of the more impressive players at the event. Ran a 7.0 60 yard dash and an exit velo off of a tee at 83 mph. He showed big time middle to pull side pop during BP in the morning workout. As a C, he showed pop times between 2.07-2.14 with a 76 mph C velocity and was very good defensively blocking balls in the dirt with great form. He had 4 very impressive at bats during game play (2 BB’s and 2 hard contacts). A bit of a throwback type player. 

John Hale (2019 C/RHP, Homewood HS) 6’0 190 lbs- did a lot of things very well at the event. HIs 2.15-2.22 pop time was showcased with a C velo of 76 mph and quick arm action. A strong kid, his 89 mph exit velo was tops at the event and that was evident as he had an impressive round of BP in the morning with juice to all fields. He worked a clean inning on the mound with a fast ball that sat between 77-79 and topped at 80 mph. His changeup showed late tumble tumble into RH hitters at 65-66 and his breaking  ball showed good depth at 60-62 mph. Was also impressive at the plate during game play. 

Bryson Byrne (2019 RHP, Trinity Presbyterian) 6’0 200 lbs- worked 2 innings in the scrimmage and showed a competitive nature. His fastball appeared to cut at times and create some good action from a high ¾ slot. His fastball sat 78-79 and touched 80 mph. His breaking ball was more of a power pitch at 73-76 with a developing changeup at 65-66 mph. Competed on the mound. 

Nate Hodge (2019 C/1B, Stanhope Elmore HS) 6’2 200 lbs- did a lot of good things at the event. His morning BP round was impressive showing a short swing and extension through the ball. His exit velocity was 86 mph with a very balanced swing. His 60 yard dash was 7.59. He had a good day behind the plate really keeping balls in the dirt in front of him. His C velocity was 75 mph to go with a pop time in the range of 2.18- 2.23. A physically strong player that does a good job using his strength. 

Logan Johnson (2019 C/RHP, Crenshaw Christian) 6’2 200 lbs- a physical player that uses his core extremely well. On the mound, his over the top slot showed a fastball at 79-82 and topped at 84 mph with a breaking ball at 70-73 that was more of a slider and his changeup showed tumble into RH hitters at 71-72 mph. He ran the 60 yard dash in 7.87 and showed a 78 C velo with a 2.20-2.26 pop time range. His exit velo off of a tee was 77 mph and showed an inside out approach at the plate. 

Jackson Reece (2019 LHP, James Clemens HS) 6’3 180 lbs- worked 2 very clean innings in game play and showed his pitchability with command of both sides of the plate with the 3 pitches. His fastball sat 77-79 both innings and touched 80 mph. His curveball was impressive with true late 12/6 action at 63-65. His best pitch was his changeup at 72-73 with legitimate tumble into RH hitters. Truly a pitcher that can show any of three pitches at anytime and be able to locate those pitches. 

Matt Dailey (2019 OF/LHP, Huntsville HS) 6’3 200 lbs- a physical player that has a lot of tools which he showcased in a number of ways. He ran a 7.09 60 yard dash and showcased well toward the top of the board in all other events. During defensive drills he showed an advanced feel and knack to get good breaks on the ball with an OF velocity at 83 mph. His exit velocity off of a tess was 88 mph and he showed serious juice during BP creating backspin and carry on the ball. A lot of pull side pop in BP but also had two hard barrels oppo during game play. On the mound, he was very impressive during his 1 inning of work mixing in 3 above average pitches. His fastball was 77-79 and topped at 80 mph but created typcal LHP ASR. Bothe of his offspeed pitches are plus pitches, showcasing a true 12/6 breaking ball with late depth at 66-68 mph. His change up was 70-71 with tons of tumble away from RH hitters. Had 3 impressive at bats during game play. 

Gage Lisby (2019 OF/3B, Corner HS) 6’0 180 lbs- a 7.08 60 yard dash runner, he showed a lot of athleticism on the day. Works his feet on the infield to find the right hope and glovework showed some potential with a 72 mph IF velocity. Also played the OF during game play and showed athleticism there as well getting good breaks on fly balls. His exit velocity off of a tee was 79 mph and he showed a short hitting stroke with an opposite field approach.