Trash Pandas Classic: Preview

Austin Sharp
Director of Scouting

In what will be one of the biggest events we have ever hosted in Alabama, we are gearing up for the start of the first Trash Pandas Classic. This event is scheduled for June 25th at the brand new Toyota Field in Madison, AL, the home of the Angels AA affiliate, Rocket City Trash Pandas. 

We are excited about another talented roster to be in attendance. There are some high profile names that are signed up for this event. In this preview, we will take a look at some of the top position players and pitchers that have signed up for this event. In addition to the players mentioned below, we know that there will be many more talented players in attendance.

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The Trash Pandas Classic is the first of it's kind, as the stadium was just built this year. It is arguably the best venue in the state of Alabama and we could not be more excited to get to work tomorrow. This event is sold out.

Beginning with the position players, there are a few names that really pop out on the roster. You can find the full roster and teams at the link under this section titled "Full Roster & Teams." Some of these players that we are looking forward to see are as follows: '21 C Max Soliz Jr. (Bob Jones, Arkansas recruit), '20 C/3B Cannon Daversa (Madison County, Calhoun CC recruit), '20 OF Chandler Buss (Grissom), '21 3B/1B Eli Bolden (James Clemens), and '23 3B Chris Lynam (Grissom).

Along with these position players, there are sure to be some quality arms at the event. These arms are as follows: '22 LHP/OF William Turner (Hartselle), '21 RHP Will Varmette (Grissom), and many more.

Full Roster & Teams



Thursday, June 25

Class of 2020-24

Toyota Field (Home of the Rocket City Trash Pandas)

Thursday, June 25

All teams Position Players Check-In
9:30 - 9:50 am – Position Players Check-in
9:50 - 10:00 am – Stretch/Intro
10:00 am - 12:15 pm - Pro-Style Workout

Pitcher Only's will check-in one hour before their first scheduled game time.

12:15 - Team 1 vs. Team 2
2:45 - Team 3 vs. Team 4

*Times subject to change*


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