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Underclass Games Scout Blog

David Sharp

Underclass Games Scouting Blog:

Some very impressive young talent showed up at Hoover High School for the Underclass Games on July 10, 2018. Below are scout notes on each participant.

Trey Burrell (2021, OF, Hewitt Trussville) 5’6 147 lbs-  7.10.18- in the OF he played behind the ball very well, had good use of momentum and his legs showing a good arm with an 82 OF velo. At the plate he showed some juice during BP and the game and creates backspin with his powerful short stroke. He ran a 7.09 60 yard dash and had an exit velocity off of a tee at 87.

Dylan Gordon (2022, SS/2B, Hoover) 5’5 130 lbs- 7.10.18- a raw, athletic looking player that shows good instincts and feel for the game. Ran a 7.97 60 yard dash and threw across the diamond at 62 mph with fundamental glovework. His exit velo was 66 and extended at bats during the game.

Fisher Glasgow (2021, SS/OF, Westbrook Christian) 5’10 130 lbs- 7.10.18- showed some pull side pop in BP and the ability to handle the inner half of the plate with a 78 mph exit velo. Defensively he showed good actions and will continue to progress with advanced footwork while showing a 68 mph IF velocity. His 60 yard dash was 7.31.

Rashad Robinson (2021, OF, Mobile Christian) 5’10 140 lbs- 7.10.18- an athletic outfielder, he showcased solid skills throughout. His OF velo was 83 and he attacks the ball in the OF, has a clean arm slot and really works through the ball. He ran a 7.34 60 yard dash. Offensively his exit velo was 80 as he showed a balanced solid swing with a quiet load showcasing some pop.

Will Heisler (2021, OF, Homewood) 5’7 140 lbs- 7.10.18- very fluid actions in the OF with a clean arm and an OF velo of 81 while tracking balls exceptionally well. He ran a 7.45 60 and his exit velocity off of a tee was 78. During BP, he showed the ability to stay through balls and able to utilize the middle of the field.

Brody Samples (2022, RHP/SS, Sardis) 5’9 145 lbs- 7.10.18- on the mound his FB was 75-77 and topped at 78 with a bit of cutting action. His breaking ball was 65-66 with a changeup at 72-73 with tumble. At SS, he showed an IF velo of 74 mph and average glovework with good feet. His 60 time was 7.60 and his exit velo was 77 while showing pull side juice and the ability to stay through the zone.

Christian Pritchett (2022, 3B/OF, Pelham) 5’10 145 lbs- 7.10.18- showed a short stroke with quick hands at the plate and an exit velocity of 78 mph. His 60 yard dash was 7.78 and his IF velocity was 74 while showing a steady glove with twitchy feet. Had good at bats during game play.

Isaac Sims (2020, 2B/SS, Gardendale) 5’10 145 lbs- 7.10.18- ran a 7.51 60 and showcased very good actions during defensive work with good feet, clean hands and consistent throws while showing 76 mph across the diamond. Starts with an open stance and has a high leg kick but his swing is synched up and uses the entire field. His exit velo was 75 off of a tee. Always in the game and has a high motor.

Trevor Broome (2022, C/3B, Grissom) 5’7 163 lbs- 7.10.18- a young player, he has some very good actions that will only get better as he continues to grow and mature. His IF work was good but can use a wider base with his feet and threw 64 mph across the infield. He ran the 60 in 8.59 and showed some pull side pop with a 76 mph exit velocity.

Cole Brooks (2021, C, Arab) 5’8 170 lbs- 7.10.18- a solid player that does a lot of things well. Showcased a pop time from the C position at 2.21- 2.23 with a C velo 69 mph. Shows good swing path at the plate with solid pop and a gap to gap advanced approach. He ran the 60 in 7.68. Bright days ahead for this 2021 grad.

Andrew Stovall (2021, 3B/1B, Winfield) 5’9 150 lbs- 7.10.18- a solid defender at 3B with good feet and glovework with a 69 mph IF velo. At the plate, he showed pull side pop while also showing the discipline to work the backside of the field with a 68 mph exit velocity off of a tee. Ran the 60 in 8.16.

Christopher Bryant (2021, OF, Gardendale) 5’9 155 lbs- 7.10.18- ran the fastest 60 yard dash at the event in a time of 6.65 and also showed some raw strength at the plate with an exit velo of 80 mph. In the OF he was bit stiff but showcased consistent throws at 74 mph and the ability to track balls off of the bat. Had several stolen bases during game play.

Landon Singley (2020, LHP/OF, Baker) 5’9 165 lbs- 7.10.18- one of the top all around performers at the event and did everything well. On the mound, he is a competitor that pounds the zone with 3 pitches and can command both sides of the plate. His FB showed serious ASR sitting 78-80 and topping at 81 while his breaking ball showed serious depth and late bite. His changeup disappeared from RH hitters and he knows how to pitch. In the field he had very good actions in the OF and showed an 83 mph OF velo and ran a 7.20 60 yard dash. At the plate, his advanced approach consistently showed gap to gap power and he barrelled the ball in all of his game at bats. Advanced baseball mentality.

Landen Berguson (2021, OF/2B, Hewitt Trussville) 5’9 170 lbs- 7.10.18- a very good athlete and hard nosed player, ran the 60 in 7.07 and looked very good tracking balls in the OF with clean arm action showing throws that stayed on line with a 76 mph OF velo. Lots of juice at the plate as shown by his 86 mph exit velo and power displayed during BP. Had two very good at bats during game play and was a tough out. High ceiling player.

Eli Steadman (2021, OF/3B, Briarwood Christian) 5’10 165 lbs- 7.10.18- another good young athlete that showcased this by running a 6.91 60 during the morning workout and this athleticism showed well tracking fly balls in the OF. His OF velo was 79 from a short arm action. He showcased a nice short swing from the left side with the ability to handle pitches on the inner half and a 72 mph exit velocity.

Tyner Patterson (2021, C/3B, Hoover) 5’10 170 lbs- 7.10.18- a switch hitting catcher that receives the ball very well and showed a 2.07-2.25 pop time with a 73 mph C velocity. Showed a good understanding of the game in game play. Ran a 7.63 60 and showcased an exit velocity of 82 mph. Has a short compact stroke from both sides of the plate and was equally adept on each side. A young catcher to keep an eye on.

Harrison Stout (2020, 2B/SS, Tuscaloosa County) 5’11 155 lbs- 7.10.18- had an impressive day as he was at the top of just about all of the statistical categories. Ran the 60 in 7.07 and threw 76 mph across the diamond during IF workouts to go along with advanced footwork moving through the ball and smooth glovework. Really impressive during defensive work! His exit velo was 83 mph off of a tee and during BP his approach was completely gap to gap and showed impressive juice from a balanced swing and tilted swing plane.

Austin Nix (2020, SS, Oneonta) 5’11 165 lbs- 7.10.18- a very strong athlete that is just a throwback type baseball player. Ran the 60 in 7.23 and showcased an IF velocity 84 mph (tops at the event) while showing clean fielding mechanics and very accurate throws. At the plate, he showed an 87 mph exit velocity off of a tee and phenomenal bat speed with quick hands. Appeared to be a line drive type hitter. A name to keep an eye on.

Jeff Wilkins (2022, SS, Pelham)  6’0 140 lbs- 7.10.18- during IF drills his glovework was impressive and his feet worked well and showed an IF velocity of 74 and ran the 60 in 7.53. Offensively, his approach at the plate was very solid from an even stance and stayed through the zone showing a short compact swing with an exit velocity of 73 mph.

Joshua Simmons (2020, C/OF, Athens) 6’0 151 lbs- 7.10.18- does a good job of really playing aggressively. Ran the 60 in 7.58 and had an exit velocity off of a tee of 76 mph. A switch hitting C/OF he did a good job on balls in the dirt behind the plate and showed off a pop time between 2.04-2.20 and a 68 mph C velocity. Offensively, he seems more comfortable form the right side but shows a nice short approach with his hands and appears to really work the middle of the field.

Presley White (2021, OF, Westbrook Christian) 6’0 160 lbs- 7.10.18- Defensively during OF drills he tracked balls well but can be a bit more aggressive and has clean arm action from the OF, showing 82 mph from the OF. He ran the 60 in 8.32 and offensively, showed an ability to use the entire field during both BP and game play with a 76 mph exit velocity off of a tee.

Brady Morgan (2020, OF, Chelsea) 6’0 170 lbs- 7.10.18- Ran the 60 in 7.37 and showed tremendous actions by getting good jumps on balls in the OF and had an OF velocity of 85 (highest at the event). His exit velocity was 79 mph and his approach at the plate was sound with a high leg kick (that he got down in time) and quick hands and barrel to the ball with solid juice.

Caleb McGinnis (2020, 3B/RHP, Hokes Bluff) 6’0 190 lbs- 7.10.18- one of the standouts on the day as he was at the top of most of the statistical categories. A corner infielder, he moves well laterally with nice actions with the glove and threw 81 mph across the diamond. At the plate, he has some serious pull side juice from his open stance evidenced by his 88 mph exit velocity (tops at the event). On the mound his FB sat at 81-83 and was up to 84 a few times with some decent ASR. Does a good job commanding all pitches, throwing a sharp breaking ball at 68-71 and a changeup at 76-77. His fastball appears to have some late life.

Mason Hanback (2020, LHP, Brooks) 6’0 195 lbs- 7.10.18- threw 2 innings in game play and showed a FB that sat 70-72 and topped at 73 with typical ASR from a LHP. His breaking ball was 62-65 and his changeup tumbled away from RH hitters ate 64-65 mph. Filled the zone up and was able to locate all 3 pitches for strikes.

Cole Patterson (2021, C/3B, Westbrook Christian) 6’0 210 lbs- 7.10.18- ran the 60 in 8.54 and had a very impressive approach at the plate during BP. He continually barreled the ball up and everything was in the middle of the field staying short with his swing and showing an exit velocity of 79 mph. Behind the plate, he had a very good understanding of how to handle pitchers and did a nice job getting strikes for the pitchers. His pop times ranged from 2.32-2.43 with a 68 mph C velocity.

Brooks Dobson (2021, C/1B, Edgewood Academy) 6’0 212 lbs- 7.10.18- ran the 60 in 8.17 while showcasing nice receiving and blocking skills behind the plate and a pop time in the range of 2.25-2.36 and a 66 mph C velocity. Short, compact approach at the plate that led to an inside out approach and the ability to work the back side of the field with an exit velocity of 79 mph.

Austin Cornelius (2021, RHP, Hoover) 6’2 160 lbs- 7.10.18- threw 2 innings during game play and was very effective with the ability to mix three pitches for strikes. He does a  good job of hiding the ball from hitters. His fastball showed late life at 77-78 and topped at 79 with very good ASR, His changeup sat at 71-72 and his breaking ball was more of a slider with tight spin at 66-69. His most interesting pitching is a 2 seam fastball with run but tons of sink. Understands where to be and was always backing up where he was supposed to be during the game.

Carson Granberry (2020, OF/RHP, Auburn) 6’2 165 lbs- 7.10.18- ran the 60 in 7.72 and tracked balls very well in the OF and had good feet before and after the catch with clean arm action and an OF velocity of 78 mph. At the plate, he showed an exit velocity 76 and has primarily a gap to gap approach with power to both gaps. On the mound, he has long arm action with a FB that sat 78-79 and topped at 80 mph. His changeup was doen in the zone at 74-75 and his breaking ball was 78-79 with tight spin and down action.

Andrew Rittman (2020, RHP, Hartselle) 6’2 190 lbs- 7.10.18- threw 2 innings during the game and really located three pitches well. His FB sat 77-79 and topped at 80 from a slight ¾ slot creating some movement. His breaking ball was sharp at at times at 74-75 and he featured a changeup at 73- 74. Has a clue how to pitch and does a good job of staying down in the zone.

Jackson Sweatt (2021, C/RHP, Pell City) 6’2 190 lbs- 7.10.18- did a number of good things at the event. He ran the 60 in 7.58 and was very impressive during the morning workout behind the plate. He seems to be light on his feet and moves extremely well behind the dish. His pop time ranged from 2.03-2.11 (best at the event) with a 79 mph C velo and just about every throw was right on the bag. As a hitter, he had an exit velocity off of a tee at 83 mph and showed some juice at the plate during BP with balls driven all over the field. Had good at bats during game play. He threw one inning during the game and featured a FB that sat at 78-79 and topped at 80 mph. His curveball was good at times at 69-70 mph. A catcher to watch in the 2021 class.

JJ Gray (2020, RHP, Gadsden City) 6’2 210 lbs- 7.10.18- threw 2 innings during game play and was a bulldog-type on the mound. Attacked hitters early and tried to get ahead. With a FB with very good ASR sitting at 81-82 and topping at 83, this made his breaking ball even more effective as he threw it at 70-71 mph with very tight spin. He also featured a changeup at 76-77.

Wes Sanders (2021, LHP, Spain Park) 6’4 192 lbs-  7.10.18- a long, lanky delivery, he featured a FB with typical ASR from a LHP at 64-67 and topped at 68 mph. His breaking ball is a true over the top curveball at 57-58 mph with decent depth late. His changeup created tumble away from RH hitters at 53-55.  Showed some resilience during the game as his 2nd inning was much better than his 1st inning.