Prep Baseball Report

Underclass Trials Scout Blog

Austin Sharp

Underclass Trials scouting reports on each player from our inaugural PBR Alabama event at the University of Alabama- Huntsville on June 5, 2018. 

Shane Craig (2022 LHP/OF, Scottsboro HS) 5’4 135 lbs- an athletic OF that showed a nice swing path during his BP round. Also had an exit velo of 72 mph off of a tee in the cages. He ran a 7.56 60 yard dash and was 73 mph from the OF. Showed off good footwork while tracking balls in the OF as well. On the mound, he was 63-65 and topped at 66 with typical run for a LHP. His curveball was 52-55 with some depth and his changeup showed some late fading action at 52-54. He will continue to add velocity and strength as he grows and matures.

Trevor Broome (2022 C/3B, Grissom HS) 5’7 163 lbs- an IF that did some good things at the showcase. He had a nice, compact swing that drove balls through the IF during his BP round. His exit velo off of a tee was 76 mph. At catcher, he showed off quicks hands and above average footwork. He kept all balls in front of him when he was blocking and had good form.

Isaac Sims (2020 2B/SS, Gardendale HS) 5’8 145 lbs- an IF that possesses very good skills on defense to go along with above average pop at the plate. Sims’s hands and footwork were among the best at the event during the IF portion of the workout. He ran a 7.5 60 yard dash and posted an IF velo of 73 mph. Offensively, he had the 4th best exit velo at the event with 80 mph. During his BP round, he showcased an athletic swing with pop to his pull side.

James Huang (2021 LHP/OF, Lawrence County HS) 5’8 150 lbs- a LHP that is going to continue to progress as he gets older and stronger. He was 62-64 and topped out at 67 with some sink on his FB. He was able to locate his secondary stuff well. His curveball was 50-52 and at the bottom of the zone while the changeup was 52-54. The ability to command all three of his pitches was impressive.

Landon Leake (2021 SS/OF, Helena HS) 5’8 155 lbs- had a very impressive day while posting some of the event’s top measurables. In the IF, he showed off nice footwork to go along with quick hands. He posted an IF velo of 79 mph to 1B. He ran 7.13 60 yard dash, which led the event. Offensively, his exit velo was 87 mph off of a tee. He possessed a nice middle approach with a short, compact swing during his BP round.

Colby Hutto (2021 2B/RHP, West Morgan HS) 6’0 135 lbs- was impressive both on the mound and at the plate. Possesses a short, compact swing that stays through the zone for a long time. His exit velo was 78 mph. Handles the bat very well and used all fields in his BP round. An above average runner with a 7.17 60 yard dash. Quick exchange in the IF to go along with an IF velo of 75 mph. On the mound, he was 74-76 and topped at 77 a few times. Curveball was 59-62 with some 12-6 action to it. His changeup was 61-63 and had some fade to it at times. Good mechanics.

Bryson Santiago (2021 SS/RHP, Grissom HS) 6’0 145 lbs- defensively, showed off above average hands at SS during the IF portion of the workout. Posted an IF velo of 68 mph. Pretty good runner, ran a 7.27 60 yard dash. Offensively, drove the ball to all fields during his BP round. Swing was a bit disconnected, but was able to generate a nice launch angle with his bat path. Exit velo was 76 mph.

Joshua Simmons (2020 C/OF, Athens HS) 6’0 151 lbs- showed off his versatility at the event. The switch-hitting C was very athletic behind the plate. Posted consistent 2.13-2.20 pop times to go along with 66 mph C velo. Quick feet and an above average arm. In the OF, he had a 76 mph velo. Offensively, has a nice, balanced swing with some opposite field juice. Really stays through the ball.

Brandon Summers (2021 C/3B, Grissom HS) 5’7 175 lbs- an average defender, posted 2.50-2.52 pop times with a 68 mph C velo. Will continue to get better once he fills out and matures. Offensively, really stays through the ball. Swing is really short and stays through the zone a while. Once he learns to keep his weight back, has potential to be an above average hitter.

Payton Lemons (2021 RHP/3B, Hokes Bluff HS) 6’0 165 lbs- Offensively, handled the bat very nice in his BP round. Does a good job using his strong lower half to generate some juice. Did a very nice job handling the inside pitch in BP. Short, connected swing. Exit velo was 81 mph. Defensively, good hands to go along with above average footwork in the IF. On the mound, was 78-79 and topped out at 80. Curveball is sharp at 62-65. Pronates his changeup well at 69-71. Good player.

Gage Reeves (2020 C/OF, Northview HS) 6’0 165 lbs- did a lot of things well at the event. Offensively, showed pop from both sides of the plate. Nice, compact swing that really stays connected. Exit velo was 83 mph. An above average runner with a 7.19 60 yard dash. Defensively, he was 75 mph from the OF. Behind the plate, was a consistent 2.06-2.10 with a 72 mph C velo.

Skyler Hutto (2022 SS/RHP, West Morgan HS) 6’1 150 lbs- one of the more intriguing players at the event. Offensively, very advanced swing for a player his age. Bat stays through the zone and stays connected. Drove the ball up the middle with a nice approach during BP. Exit velo was 78 mph. Defensively, possesses good actions at SS. Good range. IF velo was 80 mph. On the mound, he sits 78-79 and bumped 80 mph a couple times. Plus secondary stuff. Curveball had 11-5 movement to it at 62-65. Changeup was a very effective pitch at 67-69 with fade. Good player.

Corey Rotton (2020 3B/SS, Pike County HS) 6’1 155 lbs- an IF that showcased several tools. Ran a 7.26 60 yard dash. Nice middle approach to his BP round. Short swing with a nice finish. Exit velo was 74 mph. Above average glove in the IF with average footwork. IF velo was 69 mph. Raw talent. Will continue to get better once he grows and matures.

Caleb McGinnis (2020 3B/RHP, Hokes Bluff HS) 6’0 190 lbs- strong, physical kid. Was impressive in a number of ways at the event. Defensively, showed off a good arm with a 79 mph IF velo to 1B. Nice hands and feet. Offensively, drove a lot of balls to his pull side during BP. Powerful lower half. Exit velo was 86 mph. On the mound, he was 78-79 and topped at 80 mph. Curveball was tight at 68-70. Changeup was an above average pitch at 73-75. Located his pitches effectively.

Cole Turner (2021 RHP/1B, Lawrence County HS) 6’1 185 lbs- Fastball sat 78-79 and topped out at 81 mph. Showed some sink as well. Curveball was 67-69 with some sweeping action to it. Changeup possessed some tumbling action at 68-69.

Carson Granberry (2020 RHP/OF, Auburn HS) 6’2 165 lbs- Offensively, had a nice middle approach to his BP round. Stayed short and connected all the way through contact. Defensively, was 80 mph from the OF with good footwork tracking balls. On the mound, sat 76-78 and touched 80 mph. Hides the ball well and has a lanky frame. Will add more velocity once he adds strength. Curveball was effective at 66-68. Changeup showed to be an above average pitch at 69-72.

Garrett Lee (2021 OF/RHP, Lawrence County HS) 6’2 185 lbs- Offensively, showcased some pull side juice during BP. Nice approach. Exit velo was 83 mph. Above average runner with a 7.26 60 yard dash. Was 78 mph from OF to C. On the mound, fastball sat 73-74 and touched 75 a few times with some cut. Secondary stuff was above average. Curveball was 65-67 and changeup was 67-69.

Andrew Rittman (2020 RHP, Hartselle HS) 6’2 190 lbs- Fastball sat 76-78 with some life at the end. Pitched from a ¾ arm slot which added some run. Slider was an effective pitch at 72-74 and located it well. Changeup sat 72-73, can be an effective pitch if he works more on it.

Lawson Russell (2020 LHP/1B, Decatur HS) 6’3 170 lbs- showed command for all 3 of his pitches. Fastball  was 79-81 and topped at 82 mph, which was an event best. Typical LH run to the FB. Short arm action in his mechanics. Curveball had true 12-6 depth at 63-65. Changeup was a plus pitch with good tumble at 73-74. More velocity in the tank.