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Tyler King
PBR Texas Scout

USA Prime

2024 IF/C Chris Newstrom (Scottsdale, AZ; Arizona State commit)

Advanced approach at the plate with solid strike zone awareness and good feel for the barrel. Defensively, he has smooth, athletic actions with a strong arm at SS and behind the plate, he’s an active blocker and smooth receiver while showcasing the strong arm and quick feet on a 1.97 in-game pop time. 


2024 IF/RHP Matthew Champion (Fontana, CA; Arizona State commit)

High level athlete with good bat speed and ability to drive the ball to both gaps with authority. Makes throws from 3B with ease. On the bump, he was 83-85 T86 with arm-side control. CB 74 flashing sharp action & CH 74 w/ arm-side action. 


2024 RHP Jack Frankel (Plano, TX)

FB 85-87 T88 w/ arm -side run & command at the bottom of the zone, SL 77-79 w/ side-to-side action, CH 76-77 w/ arm-side action throwing it R-on-R, CB 72 flashing good depth. Quick, long arm swing from a high ¾ slot. 


2025 IF/RHP Landon Schaefer (Fayetteville, AR)

Athletic, high waist frame with clean actions all around. Quick bat with good ability to drive the ball to both gaps. Strong, loose arm from SS. On the bump, FB 79-81 & CB 73 w/ short arm swing. 


2025 LHP Cam Caminiti (Scottsdale, AZ)

FB 78-80 T82 flashing arm-side run w/ arm-side command, CB 67. Clean, long arm swing from a high ¾ slot w/ good repeatability of the delivery, landing inline consistently with the plate. 


5 Star

2025 RHP Cade Moore (Carthage, TX)

FB 77-79 flashing arm-side run w/ ability to the strikes to both sides of the plate. Short arm swing from a ¾ slot, cutting off his follow through at the end. 



2025 RHP Marcos Paz (Carrollton, TX)

FB 80-82 T84 flashing arm-side run, SL 76-78 w/ side-to-side action acting more like a cutter when he threw it harder, CB 75 flashing good depth. Long, lanky frame with a clean, whippy arm swing. Lots of projectability in the future. 


South Texas Sliders

2022 RHP Kody Gibbs (Needville)

FB 85-87 w/ good command at the bottom of the zone. SL 80 w/ side-to-side action. Short, quick arm swing from a high ¾ slot. 


2022 RHP Jack Jouett (SA Clark)

FB 85-87 T88 w/ arm-side command, CB 66-68 w/ over the top shape, flashing sharp action. Long arm swing from over the top with a high front shoulder. 


Canes SW

2021 LHP Joel Burgess (Atascocita; Texas State commit)

FB 84-86 with command at bottom of the zone flashing arm-side run & CB 70-71 w/ depth, flashing sharp action, spins right. Long, loose arm swing from a high ¾ to ¾ slot. 


2024 RHP Gavin McCullogh (Lake Travis)

FB 79-81 T82 flashing arm-side run w/ good control arm-side. Long arm swing from a high ¾ slot with good rhythm.