Prep Baseball Report

Underclass Games Pitching Analysis

Brian Walker
Arkansas Scouting Director

Underclass Games (Invite Only)

Breakdown of the pitchers from the Underclass Games in alphabetical order from Arvest Park July 17th, 2018.

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Seth Adams, 2020 RHP Fayetteville HS, 6-Foot-0, 160-Pound lean frame, ¾ slot, long levered, clean arm action with slight wrap in back, big front side, clears out early at times becoming side to side, deceptive arm, even land line with heel land, fastball 82-85 with heavy arm side run, slider 71-75 different breaks, sweeps at times, shows depth with higher velocity, occasional dropped slot for slider.

Brandon Arledge, 2021 LHP/1B Sheridan HS, 6-Foot-0, 170-Pound frame, present strength, high ¾ slot, kick out to closed land line, closed toe land, locked lead leg landing, fastball 78-83, fastball has arm side run, occasional push to arm side, slurve, 69-72, 1-7 shape, stays to glove side, depth at times, swing and miss to glove side, change up 69-73, arm side run, action at the plate with arm speed.

JT Bardwell, 2021 LHP/OF Lake Hamilton HS, 6-Foot-1, 151-Pound frame, lean body, over the top slot, clean arm swing, good front side, short front side, clean delivery, fastball 77-79 mph, arm side run, stays to arm side, curveball 59-63 mph, 1-6 shape, varies velocity on pitch, commands for strike and swing and miss, change up 61-64 mph, arm side action, fastball arm speed.

Wade Farrish,2021 OF/RHP Hector HS, 6-Foot-2, 160-Pound frame, long levered, over the top slot, strong front side will clear out early, long arm action in back, closed toe land at foot strike, extension to glove side, fastball 68-72, fastball has sink action at the plate to arm side, fills up bottom of zone, curveball 59-62, 11-5 shape, depth at plate, swing and miss action.

Will Gross, 2020 RHP/INF Mountain Home HS, 5-foot-11, 205-Pound frame, square body with strength, high ¾ slot, clean leg lift, clean hand break, short front side, kick out lead leg to closed toe landing, fastball 83-85, straight, stays to glove side and repeats, late life at the zone, curveball 68-70, 12-6 shape, action and depth at the plate, knuckleball 70-71, limited rotation, action to the pitch.

Satch Harris, 2020 RHP/OF Mountain Home HS, 5-Foot-11, 155-Pound frame, length to body, high ¾ slot, short arm action, short front side, side to side delivery, kick out to land, closed toe, closed land line, fastball 75-77, fastball pulled to glove side with cut, curveball 65-66 command of breaking ball with 10-4 shape, slider 64-66, short break same plane action.

Landon Headrick, 2020 LHP/1B Greenbrier HS, 6-Foot-8, 203-Pound frame, long levered body, ¾ Slot, hand break to midline hand break, short stab in back, strong front side, head lean to clear arm, short stride, clean land line at foot strike, fastball 76-79, cuts to glove side, angled at times with slot, curveball 59-61, pops up out of hand, 1-6 shape, minimal break, change up 72, fastball arm speed, deceptive delivery.

Gavin Henson, 2021 RHP Siloam Springs HS, 5-Foot-10, 130-Pound frame, Pitching; high ¾ slot, good front side, clean land line, closed toe land, clean arm swing and arm action, strike thrower, fastball 72-75 mph, straight, command to glove side, curveball 61-63, 11-5 shape, rolls out of release, downward rotation, changeup 66 mph, fastball arm speed, straight change.

Trent Jordan, 2022 3B/RHP Mountain Home HS, 5-Foot-9, 145-Pound frame, slender frame, clean arm swing, high ¾ slot, short front side, kick out to clean land line, runs away from arm at finish, fastball 72-74, fastball stays to glove side, curveball 61 mph rolling action, change up 63-64 mph, straight with fastball arm speed, minimal depth at plate.

Trey Jordan, 2020 RHP/1B Mountain Home HS, 6-Foot-2, 190-Pound frame,  ¾ slot, short front side, stride across body, kick out front foot to foot strike, closed land line, works around lead leg to extension, fastball 72-76, fastball to glove side with arm side run, occasional pull across body, curveball 62-67, rolls out of hand, 11-5 shape, occasional depth at plate, knuckleball 64-65, works as a change up, minimal rotation to pitch.

Matthew Magre, 2020 LHP/OF Fayetteville HS, 6-foot-0, 185-Pound frame, present strength, over the top slot, hand rhythm to hand break, high front side, slight wrap before arm swing, deceptive slot with minimal contact, fastball 83-85, straight stays to arm side, slider 72-73, 1-7 shape, tight break with minimal depth, changeup 74-77, straight, fastball arm speed, little arm side fade at plate.

Jace Presley, 2020 RHP/C Greenwood HS, 6-Foot-5, 183-Pound frame, Long levered, ¾ slot, short arm action, swing front side to clear arm, slight drift down slope, clean land line at foot strike, minimal backside drive, fastball 79-81 mph, best to arm side, some arm side run at times, curveball 69-71 mph, 11-5 shape, flashes depth at plate, change up 71 mph, fastball arm speed, fade at the plate. 

Cade Rogers, 2020 3b/RHP Valley View HS, 6-Foot-0, 190-Pound frame, lean frame with strength,  high ¾ slot, small dig in back with arm swing, short front side, gets over front side, even land line at foot strike, even toe, head lean to clear arm to throw, fastball 80-83 mph, better to glove side, will push at times to arm side, fastball straight, curveball, 69-72, 10-4 shape, gradual break, depth at times, change up 71 mph, pulls to glove side, occasional arm side run with extension.

Brayden Ross, 2020 RHP Charleston HS, 6-foot-4, 230-Pound frame, physical body, Pitching; over the top slot, closed toe, ,even land line, short front side at hand break, pull to glove side, kick out front foot to leg swing, heel land at foot strike, limited extension to glove side, fastball 78-80, straight, angled at times, miss to glove side, curveball 63-65, 12-6, rolling with angle at times, change up 70-72, straight with fastball arm speed.

Caleb Teague, 2022 RHP Batesville HS,  5-foot-10, 135 Pound frame, slender frame with room to fill out, Pitching; high ¾ slot, hand rhythm to hand break, hip turn to balance, closed land line, strides across body, fastball 75-77 heavy arm side run with sink, heavy with repeated strikes, curveball 61-64, 11-5 shape, gradual break, threw in zone, change up 66 mph, threw minimal, arm side run.

Jacob Weatherly, 2020 RHP/SS Jonesboro HS, 5-Foot-9, 151-Pound frame, athletic body, high ¾ slot, repeats delivery, hip turn at lift, close toe land, clean stoke, long arm action, wrap around lead leg finish, fastball 80-83 mph, commands to both sides of plate, arm side run, curveball 72-73, 11-5 break, gradual break with swing and miss, strike thrower.

Walker Williams, 2020 LHP/OF Shiloh Christian HS, 5-Foot-11, 195-Pound frame, square body with present strength, high ¾ slot, closed toe land line, short front side, pulls across delivery at times, fastball 83-85 mph, fastball stays to arm side, angled and straight, slider 70-72 mph, 1-6 shape, shows different movement, slurvy at times, same plane at times, change up 70 mph, stays arm side, feel for change.