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JFG Trials: Quick Hits

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director

Over the past couple weeks, PBR Arizona has had a chance to finally get back to the diamond and start covering some more players in live game action. During this coverage, PBR has started to get its first glimpse into some of the future prospects around the state in our 2024 & 2025 grad classes. This past Wednesday, PBR Arizona held its Junior Future Game Trials with some quality young prospects in attendance. Our JFG Trials is one of the first events we do for players entering high school. It's a great event to get initial baseline of measurements. Players that attend this event will also have the opportunity to possibly be selected to play on #TEAMARIZONA at our Junior Future Games in Emerson, GA. This annual event has become a great event for young prospects to attend and learn what they are working for in the future. 

The Future Games features the top uncommitted players in the Class of 2022 and 2023 from across the Prep Baseball Report’s 35+ state coverage area. It is one of the most highly recruited events of the summer and attracts more than 300 college coaches from across the country each year. Our JFG event runs at the same time and will have a showcase followed by live tournament action from select teams from other states.

We began our post event coverage the other day by taking a look at the top five performers at each statistical category in our Statistical Analysis. Today, we will be highlighting our first impressions from the day in our Quick Hits segment. Be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks for more post-event coverage. 

CLICK HERE to view all event statistics.

quick hits

+ 2024 SS/3B Landon Zaborowski (Basha)- 5-foot-11 135-pounds, extra long frame with plenty of room to add more strength, some present athleticism. Younger brother of 2020 stand out & GCU commit, Ryland Zaborowski. Seems to be following in his brothers footsteps frame wise who is 6-foot-6 215-pounds. We wouldn't be surprised if Landon got close to the same. Landon showed some advanced actions in the INF and at the plate. Clean swing with loose levers. Good arm action across the diamond. Capable SS with his age right now but could make the move to 3B down the road as he grows physically. Going to be another Zaborowski to follow over the next several years.

+ 2024 LHP/OF Matthew Storck (Hamilton)- 5-foot-7 145-pounds, came to our event back in February where he stood out as a future left-hander on the mound. He has gotten a bit stronger since then in an athletic frame. He once again showed clean arm action on the mound with high upside. He has athletic delivery with rhythm, loading his back hip. He has gained some velocity which should continue as he keeps maturing physically, working up to 75mph on the day. He also has an above average SL that works 63-65mph. He showed a bit better as a two-way player, working out in the OF with the same clean arm action. Offensively, he made some hard contact with a LD approach.

+ 2024 SS/2B Dhane Meyers (Casteel)- 5-foot-4 125-pounds, although Meyers has a smaller frame, you can tell he's started to mature since the last time we saw him. His actions are still better than his strength at this point but it's coming. He improved in every statistical category this time out and it showed. Defensively at SS, he showed smooth actions with above average footwork and arm stroke across the diamond. His arm has gotten significantly stronger, 71 mph arm strength across the diamond. Offensively, he has a simple repeatable left-handed swing. He has a LD approach, knows himself and doesn't try to do too much. More pop & leverage will come as he gets stronger.

+ 2024 OF/RHP Chase Whitley (Shadow Ridge)- 6-foot 165-pounds, lean athletic frame, one of the more athletic players at the event, some quick twitch actions, ran an event high  7.10 60-yard dash. Offensively, hits from an athletic setup with short load and quick hands. Slightly downward path, creating backspin, 82 mph exit velocity. Also pitched on the day showing a quick arm, working up to 77mph. High upside to follow over next several years.

+ 2024 3B/RHP Andres Castro (Pusch Ridge)- 5-foot-11 180-pounds, strong more physical build for age, showing some athleticism. Younger brother of 2022 Alessandro Castro, who will be playing for Team Arizona in PBR Future Games. Andres is farther along strength wise then his older brother was at the same age. Natural pop in the bat, hitting from a squared base with mid/oppo approach, 85mph exit velocity. Soft hands & above average arm across the diamond at 80mph. Also showed two-way ability on the mound with natural arm strength, ball jumping out of his hand. Worked his FB up to 76mph with an above average CH. Like his brother, will be a two-way player to follow into the future.

+ 2025 1B/RHP Ryan Harwood (Casteel)- 5-foot-11 170-pounds, physical specimen for a 2025 graduate, big strong frame for the age group with durability to build off. Worked out as a two-way player. At the plate, he hit from a tall upright base with a slightly open stance. Loads his body with control, riding his leg with low effort into front foot strike. Looks to drive the ball in the air. 75mph exit velocity that will greatly improve in the future. Worked out at first base and showed athleticism around the bag with some good glove work. On the mound, showed a smooth low effort delivery. Worked his FB 74-78mph from H3/4 slot. Showed feel for his CH at 64-66mph. Harwood is going to be a name you hear a lot in the future.

+ 2024 RHP/SS Phoenix Madsen (Shadow Ridge)- 6-foot-1 150-pounds, tall lean body, long limbs, projectability. Two-way player, showing above average upside on the mound. Has long loose levers, threw the baseball with some intent. FB sat 78-80mph, short quick arm action, throwing from a H ¾ arm slot. Showed feel for a SL at 66-69mph. Also worked out at SS and hit, growing into his body with some stiffness. Natural arm strength across the diamond at 77mph. Hit with tall upright posture, staying tall through contact at times. Has some upside at the plate as he shows some pop at 86mph with upper body dominant swing. Development should be followed over next several years.

+ 2024 SS/RHP Shane Miller (Higley)- 5-foot-9 135-pounds, average build for age, balanced frame, maturing physically. Two-way player, showing some well rounded actions. Left-handed hitter with some advanced feel at the plate with more pop coming as he gets stronger. Hits from a relaxed base with front side slightly open, using a knee turn leg lift to gain leverage. Good clean swing & load of the hands. Works from underneath the baseball into contact, 80mph exit velocity. Capable infielder that will improve with added strength and speed, 70mph arm strength across the diamond. On the mound, he showed the ability to throw strikes. FB sat 70-72 mph from an over-top slot.

+ 2024 OF/RHP Jack Bleier (Basha)- 6-foot 175-pounds, big body, above average strength for the age, showed some athleticism. Arguably one of the best showings of the day, showing some tools. Showed some power to all fields with natural bat speed. Used a gathered leg kick with body control to generate power. Slightly upward swing plane looking to drive the baseball. Good feet in the OF with quick accurate arm, 80mph velocity. Fields the ball with two-hands. On the mound, he showed a good lower half, rotating well. Easy FB sat 76-80mph with long arm action. Above average CH at 68-70mph. Strong two-way player to follow over next couple years.

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