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Preseason All-State (Underclass): Quick Hits

Brett Thorney
State Scouting Director


The high school baseball season in Arizona is coming up quickly with many prospects around the state gearing up for their seasons. PBR Arizona had a chance to hold its annual Preseason All-State on January 30th, which is one of the biggest events of the year in Arizona. The two-day invite only event features some of the top prospects from around the state coming from the 2021-2025 grad classes. The event was broadcasted live in order for coaches, scouts and fans to see the action all over the country. This invite only event continues to be a huge identifier of prospects in Arizona and to get quality prospect updates on players we have seen in the past. This event has also played a big role on which prospects will secure their invitation to represent Team Arizona at the PBR Future Games later in the summer.

The Preseason All-State Games featured over 65 prospects from the 2023-2025 grad classes from all across the state of Arizona with a few players trickling in from border states and even Hawaii. This event has become a must attend event as players go into their high school seasons. 

Today, we will be taking a look at some of our first impressions from the event. This isn't a top prospect list but rather some things that stood throughout the day. 

To view the full event stats click here.


Justin Chambers LHP / OF / Higley, AZ / 2023

Chambers has been on our radar since he first attended our Top Prospect Games last June. He shows some pretty high upside & pitchability in a long athletic 6-2/180-pound frame which led to a commitment to Washington State back in December. Chambers has gained close to 4+mph since June, topping out at 88mph at our Preseason All-State Games. He throws with a higher release, varying his slot slightly while being mostly over-the-top. His FB shows above average armside run while mixing in two breaking balls. His SL has above average potential with some sweeping action. Although, Chambers projects more on the mound at the next level, he also shows some ability with the bat, hitting a big LD triple in the RCF gap in our game. Chambers will surely be a name that pops up often over the next couple years.



Grant Haas SS / 3B / Desert Vista, AZ / 2023

Grant Haas shows some future upside in a wiry athletic 6-0/170-pound frame. His older brother is currently at Arizona State. While Grant is not currently at the level of his brother just yet, he had quite the preseason event with us especially in our live game action. He went 2 for 3 on the day with a hard line drive down the LF line for a double and a big barreled triple in the RCF gap. He shows some feel for the game and we would expect him to make some big improvements over the next couple years. Development should be followed. 



David Galindo C / RHP / Saint Mary's, AZ / 2023

We haven't a chance to see Galindo as much as we've wanted in this strange year, the last time being at our 2023 Top Prospect Games in June. Galindo is a strong wide-shouldered player at 5-10/190-pounds that currently shows some two-way potential. He crushed a line drive to LCF for a single where the outfielder made a good play cutting it off. However, where he stood out for us the most was on the mound. He worked 83-85mph with his FB while showing plus feel for his offspeed. He throws out of a H3/4 arm slot with short stride. FB shows solid vertical movement combined with 16in of break on his CV at 2360rpm. Galindo should be in for a strong spring at St. Mary's HS.



Malcolm Lee SS / 2B / Casteel , AZ / 2023

We were excited to see Lee in attendance at our Preseason All-State. He's a multi-sport athlete so our views have been limited in the past. Although, we were able to catch him in action at the Rockies Invite this past fall. Lee sports a young athletic frame with ultra projectable body at 5-10/160-pounds. His metrics from the skill workout didn't give you a good glimpse in what type of athlete we think hes going to be when its all said and done. His athleticism with easy actions were noticeable and his strength looks like it could explode in the future. Ball came off his bat easy in BP to all fields, followed that up by hitting a hard line drive double to LF in his game. Also showed athleticism & awareness on the bases reading balls in dirt well, taking extra bases. Defensively, hes going to continue to progress with the more reps and experience he gets. He already shows athletic footwork with some softness in the hands and an arm where the ball comes comes out short & clean. Lee's development should be followed closely. 



Smith Bailey RHP / Mountain Ridge, AZ / 2024

Smith Bailey is the younger brother of left-hander & Texas Arlington recruit, Gray Bailey who is no stranger to PBR. His brother was a member of Team Arizona at the PBR Future Games in 2019. The sibling connection could almost get by you as Smith is a right-hander that is built quite differently than his older brother. Smith already stands 3-inches taller as just a freshmen at 6-3/150-pounds. He has a thin long-levered body with plenty of room to hold more weight as he matures. While they may have different shape, you get some of same feeling from his brother when it comes to pitchability. Bailey came out pounding the zone coming out of an easy delivery with high leg kick. Throws with long loose arm action from H3/4 arm slot with longer stride, good extension. FB sat just under 80mph with some run. CV showed above average potential especially as he matures with more velocity. Smith Bailey is going to be a pitcher to look out for in the future.



Cam Grenert SS / OF / Horizon HS, AZ / 2023

We were supposed to have Cam Grenert at our Top Prospect Games last summer before an injury shut him down for much of the summer & fall. We have seen him in the past but we know he's been chomping at the bit to get to one of these events to show off some of his tools. He didnt disappoint as Grenert was 2nd at the event in infield velocity (86mph) as well as top-5 in 60-yard dash (7.33) on a soft slow track. At 6-1/165-pounds, he shows some projectable strength in his large balanced frame. At the plate, his upside was recognizable with good bat speed, using little effort, starting slightly closed off. Showed some carry off the barrel, looking to drive the ball in the air. Hit a hard line to right field for a single in live action. Defensively, he displayed soft hands and ability to throw from different slots with some strength. 



Landon Springmeyer C / 1B / Corona Del Sol, AZ / 2023

Springmeyer last attended our Summer Review back in August where he stoodout as a catching prospect with some future upside. At our Preseason All-State, he looked like a totally different player, having made one of the biggest physical transformations we've seen over the year. He looks like hes gained at least 20-pounds of positive strength. It really showed in our skills portion of the event where he improved in almost every category. Behind the plate he showed a solid combination of strength & flexibility where he logged 1.86-2.00 pop times. His feet and transfers were quicker than having just pure arm strength alone. Offensively, the ball jumped off the barrel more with added strength through contact, his bat speed numbers went up 9mph. Springmeyer is a catching prospect that should continue to be followed.



Dallin Harrison RHP / OF / Basha, AZ / 2023

Harrison previously worked out with us as a two-way player but decided to focus on pitching for this event. At a balanced 6-0/160-pounds, his large body shows some projectability with room to add strength. In his two innings of work, he pounded the zone with his FB that has plus spin numbers in relation to his velocity, maxing out at 2457rpm. His delivery has some rhythm and tempo. Throws with a slightly lower release from a 3/4 arm slot, using good extension especially for his size. His FB worked 83-85mph with cutting action that produced weak contact. His CV showed some depth with 12/6 shape that averages -16in of vertical break. Also throws a CH down in the zone. Harrison's upside should be monitored closely, should eat some innings for Basha this spring. 



Xander Ras SS / 2B / Desert Vista , AZ / 2023

We were able to see Ras compete in two separate events in recent months in our Fall Review and our Preseason All-State Games. There was a pretty big difference in the two events. It was noticeable that Ras picked up the intensity from one event to the other that produced to some added INF velocity and increased numbers at the plate. He threw an event high 88-mph across the diamond while gaining some more pop from an added leg kick & pull approach. Ras shows some athleticism in a 6-1/168-pound build that should continue to add strength in the future. If he can take the positive qualities from both workouts, he has some definite ability to work with. His development should be followed.



Joshua Butler 1B / RHP / Sandra Day O'Connor, AZ / 2023

Obviously, Butler's tall long-levered body at 6-6/205-pounds stands out at any event. His athleticism from that frame might have been even more impressive though. He currently displays two-way capabilities that we would imagine will stick all the way through at least high school. Defensively, he had some of the more athletic footwork of the group with some deceptive quickness, good defender for the first base position. Offensively, there is some steepness to his swing at times but he shows some feel for the barrel with the ball carrying off his bat with backspin. He also barreled up some balls in our live game action. On the mound, he's very intriguing as he continue to develop where he worked 82-85mph with his FB while mixing in an 11/5 CV at 67-69mph. Strong follow.


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