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BC Scout Blog - Uncommitted Athletes

Logan Wedgewood
PBR Canada Scout

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BC Scout Blog: Uncommitted Athletes

The BC talent pool has always been known for its multi-facet athleticism in the field. BC-born stars like Michael Saunders, Ryan Dempster, Tyler O’Neill, Justin Morneau, and Larry Walker, and others, add to a long list of local boys who started at one position and eventually found a home around the field in a different spot. BC’s up-and-coming players host no shortage of athleticism and set up well for versatility in their future as contributors in a host of other positions around the diamond. Here are some of the most athletic yet somehow still uncommitted position players in British Columbia:


Ty Fluet 2B / 3B / Elgin Park Secondary, BC / 2022

Report: Fluet showed his athleticism most in the 60-yard dash, running a 7.05 on a slow track. Look for him to improve with his next run. He has a smooth left-handed swing, employing a leg kick to help him move forward well while holding onto his rear hip hinge. He has smooth timing with a comfortable loft which projects well as he adds strength to his frame. Defensively, he has shown decent hands but will need to work on his smoothness as he approaches ground balls. An easy thing to fix as he gets reps and grows into his body. Strength gains will help him in every asset of his game at this point in his progression. Fluet has a high ceiling and will continue to develop as he grows. Keep an eye on him. 


Kyle Matsunuma 3B / SS / McMath, BC / 2021

Report: Matsunuma spent his junior years showing some of the loveliest hands in the PBL up the middle of the diamond. He has excellent instincts for the position and smoothness around the ball. With an accurate and effective throwing action with proper backspin across the diamond, he has shown the ability to play anywhere on the left side of the diamond with the athleticism to get the job done in CF as well. Offensively, he has shown steady growth with the feel of his swing, developing power and the ability to hit gap-to-gap. Matsunuma has discipline and vision at the plate, with a reliable approach. He has made significant gains in his ability during the Covid-19 halt in play and will prove to be one of the marquee talents on the North Delta squad this summer. Don’t sleep on this kid. 


Pierce Radke SS / RHP / Pitt Meadows, BC / 2022

Report: Radke has shown some outstanding talent and the ability to hit the ball hard to the opposite field. He is quickly climbing the ladder as one of the top shortstops in the 2022 class across Canada and has plenty of time to continue developing into his potential. He has excellent hands up the middle and shows good instincts with his angles and approach to ground balls. With strength gains in his maturation process, Radke will be considered a key contributor to the perennially potent Blaze offence. Radke is a high ceiling type of player and potential JNT invite, all of which, if it comes together, will be thrilling to watch in the next couple of years. 


Wylie Waters SS / 3B / Sentinel Secondary, BC / 2022

Report: Waters is a fun up-and-coming talent that we have had the luxury of witnessing the gains he has made in preparation for every event he has attended. He has shown consistency in his ability to barrel up low line drives around the 90 MPH exit velocity clip, and his speed is developing as he gets stronger and matures. We’ve had him around the 7.2 60-yard dash range recently, and following the trend he has been setting, we expect to see a sub-7 soon. He has shown soft hands in the infield, although slightly tentative in his fielding approach. As he gains confidence and continues to see more game-reps, it wouldn’t be surprising if Wylie quickly becomes part of the top left-sided infield in the province. Waters’ leading tool right now is his bat. He has shown the ability to hit the ball hard to all fields, and with added strength, Wylie may develop himself into the top hot-corner recruit in 2022. 


Carter Spencer OF / SS / Burnsview , BC / 2021

Report: Spencer is one of the most slept-on players in the 2021 grad class due to his sudden emergence as one of the North Delta Blue Jays organization’s top players. With the Covid-cancellation of the 2020 season, we could not see potential Spencer’s breaking out party in the PBL. Still, it is easy to see that his athleticism will play a big role in his success this upcoming summer in watching his workouts. Spencer currently fits as a defensively sound third baseman in the PBL but can play anywhere on the field, even working out as a catcher on occasion. Spencer is a 3-sport athlete, with every position he plays in organized sport relying on quick movement and reaction time. His swing is a sound with good bat speed and improving barrel-ability to all fields as he is quick to the ball and can expect to put up some decent slugging numbers. Spencer could be the ultimate sleeper for your program if you are searching for versatility. 


Jack Taylor SS / 2B / Yale Senior Secondary, BC / 2021

Report: Taylor showcased some excellent defensive capabilities at the Abbotsford Scout Day last fall. He showed good footwork in his approach and an accurate throwing arm. Jack has the comfort and confidence to let his athleticism play around the ball, throwing from multiple arm slots and coming through some balls that others might sit back on to play safe. Offensively he has shown reasonable barrel control and a full-field approach. Taylor’s missing piece is strength gains. He has set a great foundation in his baseball ability and fundamentals, and this upcoming spring, he could be a top SS in the province if he put in the work over the winter.