IP Showcase: By The Numbers

Logan Wedgewood
PBR British Columbia Writer

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IP Showcase: By The Numbers

The Inside Performance Showcase took place on February 24 at Inside Performance Facility in North Vancouver. 54 invites were sent out to BC’s most talented players from 2020-2023, including multiple division 1 committed athletes, and almost a dozen Junior Team Canada Members. All data was recorded by Rapsodo Baseball, as property of Baseball BC.

 The data and leaders from the IP showcase for the hitters will be released in 4 articles: the first being this introduction to the series and the 100 MPH Club. Second, introducing the 2020 pre-season look at who is expected to be some Bombers this upcoming PBL season (20° HHBLA (Hard Hit Balls [LA of balls hit within 10% of max EV] + 85 ave. EV). The third article will feature the Kings of Consistency, featuring the players who recorded an 80% HHB (Hard Hit Balls- within 10% of max EV) percentage and above as well as the 90+ mph average EV club. Lastly will be the Future Sluggers, highlighting the top 22-23’s that turned heads with the stick at Inside Performance.

100 MPH Club

The most impressive part of this list: all but one of the members on this list are currently uncommitted to a post-secondary institution. All but one of the members on this list were left off the Junior National Team Roster for the annual Spring Training trip to Florida. All of the members on this list have shown tremendous increases in the past calendar year since the 2019 IP Showcase; or they were left off the invite list entirely. The work ethics of all these young men should be noted first and foremost, and the results showed well in the numbers.

Gio Mezzomo OF / LHP / Centennial, BC / 2020

Coquitlam Reds - 2020 Sacramento State Commit

Top EV- 101.8

Ave EV- 88.8

HHB LA- 20°

Ave LA- 21°

Mezzomo is currently on the Junior National Team by showing a tremendous commitment to his body in the last calendar year, looking to build on his 2019 PBL leading 7 homeruns in 130 at-bats. On the other side of the ball, Mezzomo has bumped his good fastball/slider mix up 5 mph each and will be one of the nastiest strikeout pitchers in the league. Mezzomo’s commitment to gaining strength in the offseason has solidified his standing as one of the strongest and most impactful two-way athletes in BC.

Treyson Smith 1B / RHP / Mennonite Educational Institute, BC / 2021

Fraser Valley Cardinals – 2021 Uncommitted

Top EV- 101.5

Ave EV- 93.5

HHB LA- 10°

Ave LA- 13°

Smith is a big body, with quickness in his swing. He has explosive hips and extremely fast bat speed. Last summer as a grade 10 in the PBL he hit .313 with a respectable .853 OPS in 152 plate-appearances. However, he struck out far too many times, which could be due to a lack of experience in the league at a young age or could be due to his urgent looking leg kick that ends up making his swing very timing dependant. Regardless, his average EV was second on the day with some potential draft picks and numerous D1 commits in attendance.

Kyle Hepburn C / OF / Steveston London, BC / 2021

North Delta Blue Jays – 2021 Uncommitted

Top EV- 101.2

Ave EV- 93.8

HHB LA- 3°

Ave LA- 5°

Hepburn came from nowhere this year, and it has been reported by his coaches that through commitment to a diet, a strict workout plan and help from an athletic trainer, he has gained 50lbs since September without losing speed. We will have more to report on Hepburn but all that needs to be said right now is that this kid barrels everything, and with his newfound strength and size he could be a monster in his grade 11 year. If he can raise his average hard-hit ball launch angle a couple degrees, he could put on an extra base hit show after playing extremely well in his last year of the JrPBL last season, batting .383 in 133 At-Bats and stealing 25 bases.

Luciano Letteri 2B / N/A, BC / 2020

Coquitlam Reds – 2020 Uncommitted

Top EV- 100.6

Ave EV- 92

HHB LA- 20°

Ave LA- 22°

For whatever reason, people look over Letteri when the conversation of PBL bangers comes up. It seems that at this IP showcase he finally said enough. He let his bat talk and popped 100.6 100.5, 100.2 and 99.5 mph, boasting a 92 mph average EV. He was the fastest player at the BC selects camp, moves around the infield well and has electric movements around the infield. His arm strength would probably play best as a second basemen over shortstop, but his speed could make him a dangerous defender in the outfield in the future as a utility man. His bat is quick, easy, and powerful. Watch out for Letteri this summer, because his average HHB LA at 20° with a 92mph average EV stands to play dangerously.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Vicarte Domingo – UBC Thunder 2020, Connors State CC commit – Top EV- 99.8
  • Matthew Suarez – UBC Thunder 2020, Uncommitted – Top EV- 97.4
  • Samson Back – Langley Blaze 2020, Uncommitted – Top EV- 97.3