White Rock Tritons Scout Day: Quick Hits

Braden Persian
Mainland Director, PBR BC

On Monday, June 5th, the PBR British Columbia staff hosted the White Rock Tritons Scout Day at South Surrey Athletic Park in Surrey, British Columbia. This event featured 22 prospects from the Tritons program in the 2024 - 2026 classes and allowed our staff an opportunity to get an in-depth look at the players in attendance.

Today, we continue to break down everything we saw and collected at the event with 'Quick Hits,' which provides scouting notes and video on five standouts.

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Walker Kokotailo RHP / OF / Elgin Park, BC / 2025


Kokotailo had a good showing leading the Tritons in every
category. Kokotailo has a large frame and long limbs standing at 6’3” 185 lbs. Kokotailo uses his frame throughout his delivery, driving down the mound and getting solid extension at release. Kokotailo fills the zone with a FB at 86-87 MPH with an effortless and repeatable delivery. Kokotailo flipped in a SL in his bullpen that sat 73-74 MPH. Defensively Kokotailo showed clean footwork on the OF highlighted by his arm which got up to 86 MPH. At the dish Kokotailo has a short, but jerky swing leading to pull side contact and power. Kokotailo does a good job getting his hands to the ball allowing him to drive line drives to the pull side at up to 99 MPH. Kokotailo rounded out the day showing off his athleticism with a 6.55 second 60 yard dash. Kokotailo is a young player with multiple tools worth watching as he refines his talents.

Ryan Connell 1B / RHP / Earl Marriott, BC / 2025

Connell is a well rounded two-way player, working 4 pitches on the mound while being a solid offensive player. Connell flashed a FB at 80-82 MPH with arm side run, a  CB at 70-72 which stayed down in the zone in late movement, a SL at 65-66, and arguably his best pitch a SPL at 72-73 with good late tumbling action. Connell filled the zone with all 4 pitches throughout his pen. At the plate Connell has a compact swing and good barrel control allowing him to drive the ball to all fields with pop. Connell had a max exit velocity of 91. Connell is young player with serious potential to keep eyes on.

Kadyn Armitage SS / OF / Grandview Heights Secondary, BC / 2026

Armitage was the best infielder on the day. Armitage displayed smooth footwork paired with good range and a strong arm, getting to ground balls in the gap and firing it across the diamond at 82 MPH. Armitage took the mound and flashed 3 pitches all for strikes. Armitage had his FB up to 80 MPH, a Ch that sat 72-73 MPH and a CB that dropped in late at 63-64 MPH. Armitage didn’t stop there, he showed a well refined swing, using the whole field. Armitage had. Balls coming off the bat at 86 MPH. Armitage is an exciting up and coming player.

Marcus Janovsky RHP / Semiahmoo Secondary, BC / 2024

Janovsky is an intriguing arm, he mixes multiple pitches from multiple arm slots. Janovsky throws his FB from a high 3/4 slot and a low side arm slot, each having good arm side run with velos ranging from 76-82 MPH. Janovsky spun a CB at 71-72, a CH at 73-75, and a SL at 69-70. Janovsky has the ability to change arm slot and velocity throughout an AB keeping hitters off balance, and messing with timing. Keep eyes on Janovsky as he gains velo and logs more innings this season

Anderson Tordiffe RHP / OF / Clayton Heights, BC / 2024

Tordiffe had a solid showing on the mound, throwing 4 pitches for strikes. Tordiffe had his FB working 79-81 MPH with arm side run, a CH at 74-75 MPH with late downward movement, a CB sitting 67-68 MPH and a SL at 68-70 MPH. Tordiffe does a good job using his lower half to get down the mound. Tordiffe has a 3/4 arm slot which leads to arm side movement and most of his pitches. Tordiffe will benefit from size and strength to increase his numbers as he gets older. Tordiffe is an interesting player to watch over the next 2 years.


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