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Fresno Preseason ID: Corner INF Reports

PBR California

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FRESNO, CALIF. - As an open event, this was conducted as a straight traditional showcase, though due to space contraints of the indoor facility, players ran a 30 yard dash (with 10 yard split), BP round (with Blast Motion sensors and TrackMan), defensive workouts, and pitchers ending the day on the mound throwing 15-20 pitch sessions.

Here are the reports of those who showcased as 3B and 1B, including video. Click on a player's name for access to his full profile.


Jack West, Clovis North (CA), 2025; CA Rank #111
Positional Profile
: 1B
: 6-3, 195-pounds; 4.05 30-yard, 24.5” max jump height; Long body with lean strength in legs and still some lankiness in broad upper body, has more strength and size gains ahead.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 98.1 mph, hand speed max – 24.8 mph, bat speed max – 71.6 mph; Feet set evenly just outside shoulder width, tall stance, hands start just above shoulder height, reverse stride after medium knee lift out to smooth stride, quiet load of hands straight back, fires with ease, flatter path, one hand release significantly out front as he crashes into physical contact. Ability to create impact level barrel contact and future power production.
Defensively: 1B – 82 mph; Former catcher with arm strength making nice transition to 1B, works to get low and play low through the ball, slight hop into prep as he sets his feet wide, gains ground to ball while showing smooth feet that get in position to make easy accurate feeds, sizeable target with wingspan and feel for setting up for 3-6-3, showed arm angle versatility.

Trey Morris, Washington Union (CA), 2025, CA Rank #3
Positional Profile
: LHP/1B
: 6-1, 200-pounds; 4.32 30-yard, 18.9” max jump height; Country-strong-ish body type, broad and sturdy, sizeable through thighs, frame to hold continued size and strength gains.
Offensively: LH. EV max – 95.4 mph, hand speed max – 22.8 mph, bat speed max – 74.0 mph (72.2 avg); Relaxed and confident look, off plate deep in box, open stance with feet just outside shoulders w/hands above shoulder, barrel resting flat before moving up into barrel tilt with slight waggle, high knee lift out to longer stride that tends to be closed at contact, crashes into physical contact, two hand full whippy finish around the back, ability to generate barrel speed is significant, power and damage looks to be intent and focus of the approach. Tools suggest he can produce it.
Defensively: 1B – Did not participate in fielding portion.

Dominic Alvarado, Central Valley Christian (CA), 2024
Positional Profile
: 3B/1B
: 6-0, 190-pounds; 4.13 30-yard, 23.9” max jump height; Broad body type, strength in lower half, frame to continue to add and hold size and strength.
Offensively: LH. EV max – 89.2 mph, hand speed max – 21.8 mph, bat speed max – 67.1 mph; Presents as hitter-ish in set-up, feet even just outside shoulder width with toes pinched and back knee engaged early, hands just above shoulder with early barrel tilt and high back elbow, sinks into backside early, rhythmic mechanics with some continuous movement, small load from with slight lowering of hands into slot, medium knee lift out to stride, there is physicality in the swing, flatter plane with consistent contact out front, full two hand finish, able to spray gap to gap, tends to roll energy outside stride foot. Would not be surprised to see power production in his future.
Defensively: 3B – 78 mph; Slight hop move into prep, calm somewhat cautious actions to ball, created clean angles to get off throws in-line to target on the various plays, comfortable to the backhand and forehand when he could keep in continuous motion vs the ball right at him. Profiles at infield corner where it will be all about how the bat plays.

Jackson Halverson, CK McClatchy (CA), 2024
Positional Profile
: 6-3, 185-pounds; 4.54 30-yard, 21.2” max jump height; Lean strength well-proportioned throughout a broad sizeable frame.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 90.2 mph, hand speed max – 20.5 mph, bat speed max – 67.6 mph; Feet just outside shoulders, slightly open set-up, balanced, medium knee lift out to heavier landing stride, loads straight back from a higher hand set, gets to depth of load just before triggering swing, stays upright through the swing, has strength and bat speed to create impact contact particularly to pull side, finish varied between two hand finish and top hand release.
Defensively: 1B mph – 83; Raw arm strength stands out at the position, showed feel for backhand while setting feet to get off feeds to 2nd base, calm actions, moved around with awareness of where he is in relation to the bag.

Gavin Hooper, Colfax (CA), 2024
Positional Profile
: 3B/1B
: 5-10, 200-pounds; 4.15 30-yard, 22.5” max jump height; Broad frame capable of holding powerful strength, fuller build.
Offensively: RH. EV max – 87.3 mph, hand speed max – 20.4 mph, bat speed max – 64 mph; Feet even in set-up outside shoulder width, hands held just above shoulder near center of body in pre-pitch set, early transition into back hip, small hand load straight back, small lift of lead foot before out to small stride, puts nose on ball well, swings with intent, quiet with hints of power in the swing mechanics, flatter with ability to make physical contact out front, some return to his backside as he finishes the swing.
Defensively: 3B – 78 mph; Early prep with hands set near waist, presents as focused with ability to read ball quickly, clean mechanics, feet are fairly light and footwork was clean and skilled to get ball out quickly.


South Bay Preseason ID
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