Prep Baseball Report

NorCal Fall Ball Coverage

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout

Cañada College, Redwood City, CA - Fall Ball is a great time for players to continue to focus on improving themselves through added reps before the Spring season. I got a chance to see a group of players from the 2020-2022 classes take on Cañada College on Saturday and here is a notebook on some of the players who stood out. 


2020 1B Jack Moss (Cherry Creek, CO) - Arizona State Commit
XL frame with length in the strong frame showing a squared up build and agility in the frame. Moss carried over his strong hitting from the Area Code Games regularly squaring up pitches throughout the two games going 3-for-6 with a 2B, 3B, 1B and BB. Tall stance keeping high hands tight to the body with a high back elbow; the compact and quick bat works slightly upwards through the zone showing strength in his wrists and hands and driving the backside through on contact. The late barrel speed is very impressive and allows for the ball to jump off the bat working all parts of the field; 2B into RCF and 3B down the LF line. Moss moves well at first base showing decent range with presence around the bag; liked how well he uses the frame to help infielders and his ability to make plays at the position. 

2020 OF/LHP Carl Johnson (St. Mary’s)
Medium frame with a high waist and compact, lean muscle build; very athletic build and actions on the field. Showed some two-way abilities with a strong arm that can fit multiple spots. At the plate works with a high hands setup utilizing a hand pump to get momentum in the swing; quick bat that is long in the zone through a balanced swing getting the back hip going. In the OF he shows solid range making plays from RF during the game; the arm fits the corner profile with compact, quick actions. Arm strength translates to the mound where he worked two scoreless innings. Hands stay at chest with slow, waist-high leg lift; allows compact M-3/4 release to work cleanly out of the glove and out in front flashing some whippy actions. Uses the hips well and has firm front leg upon landing down the hill. FB 79-83 T84 moving to both sides of the plate with arm side run and cut to the glove side. SLD 71-73 in 2-to-8 shape with tight spin; cross-plate actions flashing depth. Attacked hitters and got some weak contact during the outing while striking out 2. 

2020 C Hayden Driggs (Clovis West) - St. Mary’s Commit
Full medium frame with thicker strength in the lower half; quick feet and athletic actions behind the dish. Catching tools are present with space for bat to make some jumps. At the plate works with low hands and open stance staying behind the baseball with shorter stride. Barrel has some length flashing the ability to adjust his hands to pitches on either side of the plate. Catching skills were really solid making plays with his blocking and utilizing his arm catching a runner at 2nd base (2.09 Pop, 1.96-2.10 inbetween). The feet were quick and athletic allowing for the quick release to play up the arm strength and accuracy to keep it on the bag. Behind the dish he showed flexibility and worked hard absorbing pitches and keeping the ball close to him. 


2021 SS Jabin Trosky (Carmel) - Oregon State Commit
One of the Top 2021 middle infielders in Northern California. Long and lean, wiry frame with width in the shoulders; still some space to keep adding strength to the frame. Actions in the middle of the infield to be a plus defender at multiple positions. High hand set up with slight crouch at the plate during both right and left hand swing. Athletic swing with fluid actions showing flat path through the zone having direct hands. Picked up two hits and two walks while also stealing two bases during the games (4.47-4.63 H-1st, 4.5T). The stolen bases were both easy for him as he’s got disruptive actions and instincts looking to be on the move and showing first step quickness. Defensively he shows plus range with easy athletic actions; the glove works independently and he consistently puts himself in a good spot reading the ball off the bat well. 

2021 RHP/INF Matthew Halbach (Archbishop Mitty)
Halbach started the first game before showing off his bat skills during the second. Long and lean frame with a high waist showing projectable space for more growth and squared shoulders; length in the limbs as well matches the athletic actions. Worked three innings striking out three and walking two, giving up three hits and two runs. Pitching mainly from the stretch, the shallow arm swing stays tight to the body getting to a H-3/4 release point with an athletic leg lift; stayed inline well down the hill allowing for extension over the front leg. FB 78-82 showing life up through the zone and using a two-seam variety working armside; comes out of his hand well with more velocity available. CHG 75-77 with armside run; pitch flashed feel using in all counts and showing one with late bottom. CB 71-73 with 12/5 shape showing hard break at the plate; flashed a few with late snap through the zone being a swing and miss type of pitch. At the plate he works from tall posture with high hands, high back elbow and uses a foot lift. The barrel works upwards through the zone staying behind the baseball well and showing barrel speed through the zone. Regularly squared the ball up including a 2B to LCF and a 3B over the LF head (4.79-4.89T). Overall athletic build and the space to keep improving. A 2021 to follow. 

2021 OF/LHP Joshua Algarin (The King’s Academy)
Long medium frame with lanky, athletic build. Athleticism shows up in OF and on the mound. In the OF, Algarin works behind the baseball well showing the ability to adjust on the move and showing advanced range in CF. The arm is loose and can get the ball in quickly, knowing when to put more on throws. At the plate Algarin works from an even hands set up with an open stance and slight lift during the load. The bat is quick and compact working with extension and making hard contact out in front of the plate. Doubled into RCF showing the strength from his frame. On the hill Algarin went two scoreless innings striking out two and walking one. Hands stay at the waist during a tucked knee lift showing length out of the glove getting to H-3/4 release point; shorter stride down the hill with firm front leg. FB 78-82 showing life at the plate; release point was inconsistent, but able to battle with the pitch. CB 62-66 with 1/7 shape showing loose actions and length through it’s fluid break. Chance for jumps as he continues to strengthen and mature. 


2022 C/OF Jack Brothers (Monte Vista Christian)
Long, medium frame showing high waist and lean muscle build. Athletic, young backstop with solid fundamentals and a chance to make some jumps. Behind the plate showed a strong arm with quick release; the footwork can continue to be cleaned up to lower his pop times and improve accuracy (2.16-2.26 Pop). The agility behind the plate showed up as well with strong blocking and lateral actions while also flashing some glove skills. At the plate worked with a high hands set up showing flared elbows using a high front foot lift and place; full swing through the zone with upward actions. Swing showed top hand strength when on time with the pitch and ability to create lift through contact. Athletic player that will improve with added strength. 

2022 OF/LHP Jaron Nevarez (San Ramon Valley)
Nevarez continues to show his two-way skills starting the first game in the OF before pitching the first two of the second game. Medium, lanky frame with high waist and lean strength build. At the plate works with an open stance, high hands and bat waggle before a big knee tuck. Barrel works on quick, upwards path; when he stays behind the ball has the ability to square it up and drive it. Picked up two walks showing his patience at the plate as well. In OF can go get the ball and arm is compact and quick with average strength. On the hill worked two scoreless innings striking out 1 and walking 1. Hands stay wide through high front knee breaking over knee and showing compact 3/4 release point; easy, controlled effort with ability to repeat his delivery. FB 73-75 T77 spotting on both sides of the plate and showed good angle. SLD 61-64 with short, quick actions and 1/8 shape; best one flashed more tilt on it. CHG 66-71 keeps strong arm actions with ability to sink through the bottom of the zone. One of the best 2022 players in the area.


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