Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez
Jaron Nevarez




San Ramon Valley (HS) • CA
5-10 • 175LBS • L/L
Travel Team: Alpha Prime 2022


2022 National

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2022 State

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Body: 5-10, 175-pounds. Medium athletic frame. Compact upper half. Filling out in his shoulders. Strength present throughout.
Hit: LHH. Relaxed open set up. Hands are back and active. Leg lift trigger that gets brought into backside. Gets hinged into the back hip and internally rotates as he starts his forward move. Whippy and handsy stroke with + bat speed (78 mph max, 73 mph average). More of a level path that creates some natural lift. More of a pullside approach in BP.
Power: 100 max exit velocity. Some pullside HR power is there. Had the farthest HR in BP for the event crushing one 400ft. Combination of +bat speed (73 mph average) and +rotational acceleration (23 gs average) give him a great power ceiling.
Arm: LH.  OF - 91 mph. Above average arm strength. Compact arm circle in the back that is quick to release. Present armside tail. Real nice carry. 6/6 accurate.
Defense: Controlled actions. Stutter steps to set up a clean rhythm when fielding. Clean at gloving the ball. Takes extra steps after fielding it to get as much as he can on the throw. Showed good first steps during game action and tracked down some difficult balls.
Run: 6.88 runner in the 60. 


Stands confident, trusts his abilities, and as he fills out all of his 5-foot-10 frame, with room to grow and get stronger, it’s pretty clear that he will compete at a high level at the next level of the game, first in college and then beyond.

60 yd: Ran a sub-7.0 in the 60 and came out of the starting line low and arms moving in unison to stride. Explosiveness from the beginning, through the finish line and beyond. His set up to run was aggressive, fluid, and his control of his body is a telling sign how he plays on the field.

OF Def: Never slowing his feet down and anticipating the ball coming off the bat, his first step to attack the ball is elite, his rhythm, timing of hops, plus a strong last step through the ball makes for accurate and strong throws. He keeps his line on delivery of the ball, head stays in the same position for stability, and the ball jumps out of his hand. Accuracy with arm strength will make him a plus outfielder.

Hitting: Left-handed hitter, stepped in the box with a solid pre-routine to get his mind focused. He has an athletic, balanced stance with a bat waggle for timing then it happens, leg lift slow and in control with timing to get the barrel out front and attack pitches. At foot drop his hands were ready to fire to the ball and really have the ability to hit to all fields with good angle attack and confidence balls jumped to all fields.

Summary: Confident player that seems to play with no fear. The sound of the bat and the speed at which he plays will be exciting to see him play and develop at the next level.


vs Granada HS - San Diego State commit; smaller frame with strength on athletic build, some early season timing struggles at the plate in this one but continues to show outstanding ability to recognize strikes and lay off borderline pitches, will not chase, ran 4.36 on well-struck ball misplayed by 2nd baseman, easy quick stroke, short to it, will jump some pitches produce power in spots but it's a high level of hitability to all fields that stands out.


Body5-9, 175-pounds. Lean, strong and athletic compact frame. Width in shoulders and some present strength
Hit: LHH. Balanced setup keeping hands at back shoulder with high back elbow; smooth and fluid load hinging into back leg and controlling posture forward. Front leg lift/tuck allows him to create momentum before firming up and allowing him to get into the frontside. Whippy hands; barrel can really get through the zone and put damage into the baseball. Showed pullside power and easy gap carry. Barrel feel pushes plus showing ability in gameplay to foul off good pitches and extend ABs. 24.4 gs Rotational Acceleration Max, 81.7 Bat Speed Max, 101.35 Max Exit Velocity, 75% Hard Hit.
Power101.30 mph exit velocity.
ArmLH. OF - 91 mph. Compact and quick arm. Easy carry on throws and ability to keep firm on the bag.
Defense: Attacks ball in OF while controlling the body through it. Will take the extra hop to make sure he's entirely behind it on throws.
Run6.96 runner in the 60.     

Delivery: Hands stay at chest with high front knee and slight rock into back hip. Front leg is firm in the ground and allows for extension down the hill. Repeatable actions.
Arm Action: LH. Compact 3/4. Quick arm with clean actions out of the glove. Repeated it well.
FBT88, 83-88 mph. Controlled pitch in the zone to multiple locations including the ability to go up/down. Can manipulate velocity as needed to give hitters different looks.
CB: 70-72 mph. Small overhand breaker with short depth. Ability to spot in the zone and through the zone.
KN: 67-70 mph. Small dance in it, best one showed some depth in its break. Acted like a Change-Up.


Positional Profile: OF/LHP - #239 National Rank; #28 in CA
Body: 5-9, 165-pounds. Compact athletic build, visible strength in lower half.
Hit: LHH. Tall, slightly open, quiet hands, knee lift tuck to get over backside, smooth and balanced throughout swing. Pure hitter, swing is adjustable to to all zones, mature swing and approach, whistles barrel with life through zone, has ability to drive the ball from line to line; 26.1 max rotational acceleration (22.34 avg), 68% on plane efficiency, 52.9% LDs, 58.8% hard hit.
Power: 97 mph exit velocity in live BP via TrackMan. 24.4 max hand speed (22.65 avg), 74.9 max bat speed (71.57 avg).
Arm: LH. OF - 89 mph. Loose fast arm, ball jumps out of hand, some tailing action takes away some carry on throws.
Defense: Aggressively charges, confident in glove skills, sets up body to get off powerful throws, tools to play abv avg defense at all three OF positions.
Run: 7.13 runner in the 60.


FALL BALL - Nevarez continues to show his two-way skills starting the first game in the OF before pitching the first two of the second game. Medium, lanky frame with high waist and lean strength build. At the plate works with an open stance, high hands and bat waggle before a big knee tuck. Barrel works on quick, upwards path; when he stays behind the ball has the ability to square it up and drive it. Picked up two walks showing his patience at the plate as well. In OF can go get the ball and arm is compact and quick with average strength. On the hill worked two scoreless innings striking out 1 and walking 1. Hands stay wide through high front knee breaking over knee and showing compact 3/4 release point; easy, controlled effort with ability to repeat his delivery. FB 73-75 T77 spotting on both sides of the plate and showed good angle. SLD 61-64 with short, quick actions and 1/8 shape; best one flashed more tilt on it. CHG 66-71 keeps strong arm actions with ability to sink through the bottom of the zone. One of the best 2022 players in the area.


PBR CA STATE GAMES - Medium, firm muscle frame with some current strength throughout; high waist with length in the arms. Two-way player who has the skills to make it that way at the next level. At the plate keeps hands at the back shoulder with opened stance having wiggle of the bat and big front leg kick. Aggressive bat works quickly through the zone with firm wrists and ability to make hard contact from upward path; timing was off during games but still picked up hits because of his athletic ability, getting out of the box at full speed (4.3 H-1st). Shows strong range in OF able to make throws and showing the ability to cover range. On the hill shows ability to manipulate the baseball over three innings striking out 7 giving up 1 BB and 1 hit. Hands stay at the chin wide away from the body with athletic front knee getting high; can control his hips and gets extension down the hill. Compact 3/4 arm is clean and fluid with limited effort. FB 77-81 using in every possible spot with ball rarely straight and ability to work velocity up and down as needed. SLD 66-71 showing late actions at the plate with small tilt and ability to break under barrel to the backfoot. CHG 62-70 working two varieties; straight change with arm side run and bottom before also showing knuckle ball that acts like a Splitter with late drop. One of the better two-way players in the 2022 class.


Summer Scout - Compact athletic frame with proportional strength. Started the 3rd game and went 4 scoreless innings giving up 2 singles and striking out 5. Showed a strong three pitch mix from a compact H-3/4 release; the delivery is athletic and repeatable with a clean arm path and plus tempo. Attacked the inner half of the plate and showed feel of both off-speed pitches. FB 80-83 T85 with run up through the arm side and life at the plate; ability to move the pitch to all quadrants. CHG 70-74 showed late bottom flashing above average when allowing the pitch to work; times where he will choke it and overthrow. SLD 66-73 with excellent feel and ability to manipulate the shape depending on the count. Pitch can change between a slider with late sweeping tilt under the hands of RHH’s to a more 1/7 shaped short curve-ball. Also showed his athletic swing picking up a solid single to LF late in the game before getting caught trying to steal second base.


PBR N CA Preseason All-State - Medium frame with high waist and length in legs; proportional strength throughout with more growth in frame expected as he matures. Quick feet with loose hips allows him to move quickly (7.19 60-yd). Tall, narrow, slightly opened stance with high hands and high back elbow; controlled knee tuck allows him to gather and stay behind the baseball as hands work down with slight back. Swing works in sequence with slight uphill path allowing him to get quick bat through the zone with ease showing present gap power; aggressive hacks with full extension in swing and strong use of lower half (90 exit velo). Loose and controlled athleticism in outfield with strong ability to work behind and through the baseball; compact, quick arm showing life and ability to put ball on the bag with carry (83 MPH). A highly ranked 2022 with future 2-way potential that continues to impress in showings.


NCTB Fall Classic - Medium frame with length in limbs showing tight waist and budding strength throughout; solid frame that projects more growth in near future. Offensively works from open slightly crouched stance utilizing foot lift for timing; times where back foot lifts to readjust body before starting front leg lift. Wide hands stay high before loading down and back into shoulder; bat has some late whip through the zone with ability to spray ball through oppo side of the field or stay closed and drive ball into pull gap. Athletic runner getting out of the box quickly with quick feet getting down line (4.32 H-1st). Defensively showed ability to play OF and 1B with athletic body being able to make plays in each spot. Arm is above average from both spots and really shines on the mound. Hands start at the chest wide and hold there while high front knee works; hands drop and separate on high front knee showing ability to sink into back leg down the hill. Mid 3/4 release from a very quick and compact arm; very projectable arm that works cleanly and quickly for young player. FB 80-82 T83 with late arm side run. Real ability to control/manipulate pitch and move up/down and in/out; backdoor actions off the plate back over for strikes. FB really jumps on hitters making them uncomfortable especially when locating as well as he does. SLD 67-72 with short, lateral tight spin; times where he can get around pitch making it more sweepy in both positive/negative way. Ability to have feel for the pitch and use to start hitters or put them away. CHG 71 with arm side run off the FB; limited usage in outing but pitch showed very well during warmups.


PBR N CA Underclass Games - 5-foot-9, 160-pounds, athletically put together, appropriate strength given his age, moved on the field with confidence and baseball type actions, looked to be a legitimate two-way player at this stage of his development and should continue to compete as a position player and pitcher. During batting practice displayed a tall set-up and open stance, short swing, has makings of some pull-side pop. Stayed back on change-up well in game competition for a solid single. Defensively the ball came out of his hand quite well up to 79 mph. Fielded the ball cleanly and set up well to get rid of throws. Size may eventually move him to the outfield where his arm would play well. On the mound he did a lot of good things. High-3/4 slot, athletic delivery, shallow backside arm action before getting to a bit of a goalpost takeaway, quiet head throughout delivery. Worked with a slower tempo. Fastball control was good, has a little bit of run but mostly straight. Best pitch was curveball which at times had good spin and action, while other times was loose, basically indicating some inconsistencies in his release point. Used that pitch well in a backdoor manner to right-hand hitters. Struck out 3 of 4 batters he faced. Good 2022 follow for sure.


NCTB underclass tourney - Medium frame with long limbs and high waist; fit and athletic build with lean muscle currently and frame to handle growth and added strength in near future. Utilizes athleticism on the mound with high front leg and repeatable delivery by keeping hands close to chin; compact and quick arm from 3/4-release has ball jump on hitter. FB 78-80 with ability to have more life going through top of the zone; spotted ball to all quadrants and keeps hitters off balance with late life and deception of delivery. CHG 70-71 with late dive down through the zone; feel for pitch and ability to break off similar path of FB. SLD 66-68 with tight lateral tilt; developing pitch that has potential for consistent swing/miss type stuff. During testing showed up with 84 MPH throws from OF and 83 MPH throws from 1B; really athletic player who attacked baseball and uses full body for success. During BP showed line-drive stroke with ability to drive into gaps; 83 Exit Velo. Ran a 7.23 60-yd dash; athleticism plays up when in the OF tracking balls down.

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