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CA State Games: Day 2

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout


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Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA - Day Two closed out the inaugural California State Games with two more games allowing us final looks at the Upperclass (2020/2021) and Underclass (2022/2023) players from all around the State. Below is the notebook on the players that stood out over the last two days:

Team SoCal Upperclass Players:

2020 RHP Eric Barajas (Eleanor Roosevelt) - Barajas pitched an excellent three innings holding his velocity and showing the build and pitches to be an effective piece on the hill for the next level. His three inning outing was perfect as he struck out five and showed three very strong pitches. Staying tall with controlled effort down the hill, the compact H-3/4 arm consistently pounded the zone showing quickness from the arm out front. FB 84-86 moving the pitch to all quadrants and showing run arm-side with a two-seamer. SLD 74-77 was a wipeout swing-and-miss pitch being late and tight at the plate with 12/4 shape and tilt for those punchouts. CHG 80-81 hard through the bottom of the zone. At 6-2, 175, the frame has space for added strength which could play up the already strong repertoire. 

2021 SS/RHP Sebastian Pollo Flores (Cajon) - We mentioned Flores yesterday and he stayed hot again on Day Two with two more loud hits including a 3B to RCF and 2B over the left fielder’s head. Flores’s bat stays in the zone consistently against all types of pitches with late barrel speed able to whip through the zone. Pitching the final two innings after going one yesterday with stuff holding velocity; his ability to drop down and run the fastball arm-side was impressive as the pitch was firm being a nightmare for LHH’s. 

2021 OF/RHP Braeden Ross (Christian) - Ross’s frame immediately jumps out at 6-3, 180 with the space to keep adding to it and the lofty bat to hit in the middle of a lineup. After squaring the ball up twice yesterday (one 2B into RF), Ross showed the ability to hit again today with a solid single to RF. From a tall and quiet stance, the barrel works on an upward path staying balanced through contact. In the OF Ross has strong first step actions and a longer arm action able to put throws to the bags. 

2021 SS/OF Drew Porter (Mater Dei) - Porter showed the bat can punish mistakes with a 3B into RCF yesterday following that up today showing the quick bat again with another hard contact into RCF, this time for a 2B. Porter’s controlled load keeps him in a strong hitting position allowing the barrel to make hard contact out in front. The lower slot throws stay online and he flashed some quick first reactions in the field.

Team NorCal Upperclass Players:

2021 SS/RHP Elvin Delic (Cosumnes Oaks) - Delic had a strong weekend finding some barrels on the first day before breaking out in a big way on Day Two. He started his day staying on a pitch off the plate and driving it down the RF line; easy athleticism with great speed making it to 3rd standing even after running into the 1st baseman on his turn (4.62T). Delic’s second AB saw him ambush a FB through the 6-hole for another hard contact. Delic plays defense with consistent effort as well showing great range and plenty of arm strength showing the versatility for the middle of the field spots; he was up to 84 on the mound in 1 inning on Day One. 

2021 3B/C Drake Bicknell (Jesuit) - Bicknell was another guy who had a good 1st day and was even better the 2nd day picking up multiple extra-base hits and showing positional versatility. At the dish, the quick, whippy bat gets through the zone with loose hands and balance as he drives the back hip. Started the day with a triple over the CF head that took off and continued to carry (5.11T) before staying locked on a breaking ball and driving it into the LCF gap for a double and his second RBI. The arm has a strong release showing good range at 2nd/3rd; behind the plate the skills are very intriguing with the arm strength playing up and the lateral quickness to keep improving (2.15 pop putting it on the base). 

2021 OF JC Ng (Menlo School) - We mentioned Ng yesterday after picking up three hits and he stayed hot finding the barrel twice again on Day Two with a single to show for it through the right side. Ng made a great play from the OF on a ball down the RF line getting around the baseball and throwing out a good runner trying to advance to 2nd base ending a threat and the inning. The accuracy in the arm makes it play up and was consistently on display this weekend. 

2020 LHP Christian Enriquez (Summit) - Enriquez got the start in the game today showing a three pitch mix with an idea of how to pitch as he set up hitters and moved the ball around the zone for two strong innings, striking out 1 and pitching around 3 hits. On the mound, the ball slings from mid-slot coming out of his shoulder with deception. FB 81-84 T85 showed run using the pitch on both sides of the plate and getting in to jam hitters. CHG 72-76 with bottom and run arm-side; knew when to go to the pitch keeping hitters off the FB. SLD 67-73 with 1-to-8 shape having small, tight break and flashing more tilt for the swing-and-miss. The frame has strength in the lower half and used his legs well.

Team SoCal Underclass Players:

2022 RHP/OF Aaron Cazares (Norco) - Cazares showed a strong frame with three projectable pitches from a compact H-3/4 release. Cazares worked through two strong innings getting around 4 hits and striking out two. FB 80-82 had arm side sink and run improving the location as he pitched with it. CHG 73-76 was very heavy with sink occuring at the plate and through the zone; showed advanced feel for the pitch and could go to it whenever he needed a strike. CB 67-69 in 11/5 shape showing short, tight actions with late sweep through the zone. 

2023 OF/RHP Owen Egan (Yucaipa) - We mentioned Egan’s bat yesterday, but it was his two strong innings on the hill that bring him back to the notebook today. With a fluid and athletic delivery, Egan allows his compact and quick H-3/4 arm to get through easily having the FB jump out of his hand. FB 82-84 T85 with live at the plate showing cut and swings through pitches at the top of the zone. CB 68-70 with tight 11/6-to-11/5 shape showing short action through the zone; times where he wraps the pitch limiting its action. As an incoming freshman, Egan has a bright future either on the hill or at the plate. 

2022 C/3B Andrew Pyle (La Mirada) - Pyle had another strong day with his catching skills standing out again. His blocking ability and glove hand are both very strong and you can tell he has a passion for catching sacrificing himself to not let balls get by him; the arm is strong and as he matures will continue to improve (2.09 Pop in between). At the plate he continues to show a quick bat driving a double into LCF before stealing 3rd base. 

2022 C/RHP Karson Bowen (Orange Lutheran) - Bowen is showing he’s one of the top players in the 2022 class finding the barrel again today with two well struck balls. His 1st Ab led to a deep flyout before getting another hit (3rd of the weekend) with a solid single to LF. Bowen’s catch and throw skills were good again today after working on the hill and behind the plate yesterday (2.13-2.19 Pop). His glove is quiet behind the plate and his reactions allow him to backhand balls with ease. 

Team NorCal Underclass Players:

2022 SS Jack Metcho (Rodriguez) - Metcho shows the athletic ability and glove work to be a strong middle infielder in the near future. The glove was on display multiple times during Day Two. The first play saw Metcho go up the middle from 2nd throwing a strike across his body. During the second play he went up the middle again this time from SS, glove-flipping the ball to second to start a double-play turn. At the plate the quiet, high-hands stance give him the space to get the barrel right to the baseball; singled in the infield getting out of the box well (4.72). With more strength, Metcho is the type of player that projects to make big jumps over the next couple seasons.

2022 LHP Ruben Rivera (San Ramon Valley) - Rivera worked a strong three innings showing a frame that can add more strength which will improve his solid three-pitch combination. The athletic delivery gets extension down the hill and allows his long, full swing to work quickly to it’s H-3/4 release. FB 76-78 cutting and fading the ball out of the middle. CB 66-69 with 1/7 shape showing feel for the pitch and getting the break to occur at the plate. CHG 68-71 really sells it well with the ability to turn it over and have it bottom through the zone.The control was spotty during the outing (3 BB), but also had times where it was pinpoint (3Ks) especially in tight situations with runners in scoring position. 

2022 OF Jaron Nevarez (San Ramon Valley) - Nevarez was on the list yesterday after picking up two hits and pitching well, following it up during Day Two with his defensive actions and the ability to use his legs to get out of the box. Nevarez picked up his third infield hit before lining a shot at the second baseman and walking later in the day. In RF Nevarez showed off the arm strength coming up throwing on a ball to the RF line throwing out a runner at 3rd base; the throw showed carry and life getting to the bag with enough time for the 3rd baseman to put the tag down. 

2023 C Zachary Justice (Bishop O’Dowd) - Justice has had a strong weekend showing strong catching skills and an understanding of how to set up hitters. The glove hand consistently manipulates the ball and his blocking improved as he felt more comfortable with the pitchers. His arm strength is there, and as he matures will continue to improve (2.09-2.15 Pop). The bat is compact and direct flashing solid bat-to-ball skills all weekend and getting a hit today with a clean single through the 6-hole. Just entering his freshman season, Justice will be one to follow. 

2022 OF Devin Riley (Vanden) - Riley flashed some athletic actions during yesterday’s game without the results to show for it, but came out on Day Two with more energy responding well. Started his day crushing a breaking ball one hopping the fence in RCF for a double that should have been a triple if not for a slip halfway to 3rd. Keeping the hands tight through quick turns, Riley was on pitches more consistently during the game and showing his speed getting down the line on a 3U play. The athleticism plays in CF with quick first step actions and the reads to track down balls into gaps. 

2022 RHP/3B Jackson Hollingshaus (Washington) - Hollingshaus has some intriguing tools going two innings on Day One and finding some barrels during both days. On Day One the FB got up to 84 and was rarely straight dancing through the zone and complementing it with a compact slider. The barrel is quick into the zone from a tall, even hand set up getting extension on contact squaring up some deep flyouts in Day One; Day Two saw similar ability to square it up with a shot the pitcher caught before a triple into CF showing the athletic ability to go 1st-3rd easily (4.85T). His defense at 3rd showed fair range and the arm strength to make throws from the hot corner.


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