Zachary Justice
Zachary Justice
Zachary Justice
Zachary Justice
Zachary Justice




Summit (HS) • OR
6-1 • 203LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Trosky National 2023


2023 National

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2023 State

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Body: 5-foot-10, 170-pounds. Lean and strong, wide shoulders, good frame to continue to fill out
Hit: RHH. Balanced somewhat erect slightly open set-up, medium knee lift/tuck to aggressive stride length, hands work in good coordination w/lower body, gets power from the ground up through his hips, works inside and through contact well as he gets behind the pitch and stays behind it, top hand finish provides ability to get to and punish mistakes on the inner half, competitive ABs resulted in two hard hit balls (6-3, F8) where he was just off w/timing &/or swing finish. Obviously all players were working through timing rust. Chance to develop into one of the top offensive talents at the position in his class.

Power: 90 mph EV off tee
Arm: Catcher velo - 78 mph - Throws generally on-line, quick easy release, some tailing action that can lead MIF slightly into the runner, tools to be above average C/T player at the position.
Defense: 1.94-2.07 Pop-times - Explodes out of crouch well to get throws off, good body control, blocked well, strong soft receiving hands, good set-up positions for various locations and pitches. Certainly comes to play with a no-nonsense and very professional approach. Quiet confidence and workmanlike presence to match significant tools. Soft strong hands, relaxed technique, polished for his grad year.
Run: 7.87 60-yard


PBR N CA Top Prospect Game - Medium body type at 5-foot-10 160-pounds, growing young frame showing some strength and space to keep projecting; agility in short bursts especially behind the plate. Defense is advanced for age and showed it with his pitch calling, receiving and blocking skills; throws were consistently accurate and projects to be a very strong arm (75 mph; 2.04-2.12 Pop). Compact barrel gets to contact point out in front of plate showing ability to lift ball to the pullside (83 mph exit velo off tee); more strength coming to lead to more extra base hits. Lined a shot at the SS in game before picking up a 1B to LF. Developing better footspeed is an area for improvement.


Has been a clear defensive standout for Trosky National. Moves well side to side, blocks well, steals strikes and sticks pitches. Fires out of the chute, directional footwork, above-average arm strength with pop times that ranged between 2.12-2.20.


PBR CA STATE GAMES - Long, medium frame with current strength and space to keep adding. Very impressive young catcher flashing tools above his age. Behind the plate showed very strong catching skills with lateral agility and the ability to block; understands pitch sequencing and was able to work with multiple pitchers. Arm has a quick release keeping ball on the bag (2.09-2.22 Pop). Very high hands with bat pulling down using quick foot lift as weight transfers back; direct hands with compact swing before finishing high over back shoulder. Bat works best when getting on plane early looking to drive into the gap. A 2023 to follow.


PBR Bay Area Open - Very athletic build with advanced strength for his size; hands and feet were both big so some more growth in frame possible (8.19 60yd). Tall stance with very high hands having bat against his back with high wide elbows; rocker into back foot having barrel pulled down and starting back hip to fire. Compact swing with eyes behind the barrel; barrel has slight upward actions through contact while staying level in the zone. Hits over a firm front leg with full body two-handed finish; shows a good transfer of the weight as he stays on the baseball. Worked in the middle of the field showing some lift to the gaps (74 EV); actions were strong with ability to keep improving as he matures and grows. Loose hips behind the plate with ability to rock from side to side to gather momentum on throws to second base; arm is strong and accurate keeping the ball on the bag with very clean transfers (2.01-2.07 Pop, 73 MPH). Very flexible behind the plate working under the baseball with a firm glove hand; catching skills are advanced for age. Performed very well throughout the day with a positive attitude; stayed to catch final bullpens and last guy to leave with consistent effort throughout the day. Top Catcher at the event with a very bright future. 


PBR Bay Area Open - Pitching: Good looking rising freshman pitching prospect; lean 5-foot-9, 150-pound body type with hints of natural present strength and likely quite away from physical maturity. Somewhat quick paced delivery and maintained body control throughout. Shallow backside arm action like that of a catcher who pitches (which is him). Short knee lift gets to just about hip high, calm stride down the slope, clears front hip early and stride slightly open, though does land with foot strike in leveraged position. Keeps center of gravity and stays behind the ball well. Quick and aggressive arm stroke, high 3/4 slot. Some late life on the 75-76 mph fastball (T78) and down the road there could be above average life. Change-up feel is good and he threw it with feel and confidence. The finish on the change-up was good and provided late action (66-68 mph). Some slight back-up action on 11/5 curveball (61-65 mph) and can do a better job getting his fingers to the front at release, but the makings of a usable breaking ball are present. Good out of slide step, good looking young pitcher/athlete.

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