Prep Baseball Report

Summer Scout Notes: 2021/2022 Standouts

Ryan Ozella
N. California Area Scout


College of Marin, CA - I got over to College of Marin and I got a four-game look at a group of 2021 and 2022 players. I'd seen a group of these players from PBR events and during the Spring season, but a few new names joined my lists after my viewing on Friday. Here’s a notebook on the players who stood out.

2021 Players:

2021 1B Dylan Hartmann (Pleasant Grove)
Physical build with wide shoulders and high waist showing some strength. Controlled, easy swings from the left side with aggressive streak showing late bat speed and some pop. Game 1 saw him pick up a hard single and an F7 where he just got under the pitch. Swing works on an upwards path with quickness around the back arm; some future pop there as well. During the second game was on base four times with two-HBP and two hits. Singled to RF on an 86-MPH FB before getting a hitters bounce over the first baseman's glove for a 2B into RF  Also showed a soft glove at first with some athleticism to stretch out and pick the ball; athleticism also shows up in running style with ability to turn it up when needed with easy stride.

2021 C Anson Aroz (Placer)
Very athletic and lean frame with projection. Aroz showed his tools over the two games with plus catching skills and a quick bat that can produce easy loud contact. Catching skills showed ability to keep glove hand under the baseball and firmness in receiving; was regularly on the bag between innings (2.0-2.04) with a quick, compact arm. His hustle and athleticism was also on display coming to grab a throw home and showing a quick flick throw to 2nd to catch a runner while on the run. From the left hand side, the switch hitter showed a simple compact swing showing ability to get his quick hands through the zone with strength; singled past the 3rd baseman in game one and did the same from the right side in game two. The controlled easy gather allows him to get to a strong hitting position regularly and the athleticism allows him to put quality swings on the baseball.

2021 1B/LHP Blake Burke (De La Salle)
Large, physical frame with wide strong build. Bat works on quick upward path staying behind the baseball well and showing off above-average bat speed. Game 1 saw Burke double over the LF head showing the late bat speed on a pitch away. His 2nd AB saw him smoke a ball into RCF that the wind knocked down but caused issues for the RF turning into a standup triple. Game 2 saw Burke show off his arm strength on the mound running the FB up to 87 MPH and showing a sweepy CB at 66-70 MPH. He picked up his 3rd hit of the day lacing a ball into LF off a LHP but pulled up getting to first and grabbing his side and leaving the game. I’m hoping the injury wasn’t serious because his swing is one of the best around for the 2021 class.

2021 LHP Mason Oakley (Clayton Valley Charter)
Long strong frame with length in limbs. 2nd viewing this summer and the stuff continues to flash plus potential. From a stretch only look, long arm gets to high 3/4 release cleanly with high front knee; delivery creates steep angle to the plate when in time and very tough AB’s for hitters. This outing showed the potential and the work he has to reach it. First inning was fantastic as hips stayed in line and pitches exploded at the plate (K, 2 weak GBs); second inning he started to open the hips early and the arm was late to sync creating issue getting the ball into the zone (2 BB, 3 H). FB 83-85 T86 with run and life up through the zone; also showed angle to the arm side. CB flashes plus potential with deep late 1/7 shape from tight spin (74-75); also flashed some sweep on the pitch when needing a new shape.

2021 INF/C Aidan Berger (Palo Alto)
Medium frame showing strength in upper half and starting to have frame firm up. During game 1 showed loose wrists with some late bat speed from the left side of the plate. Squared ball up throughout the game slicing a 2B past the LF and two deep flyouts to CF (4.65-5.14T). During game 2 squared the ball up again right at the first baseman for a FC before being rewarded for good AB’s with a dribbler that he legged out (4.64 H-1st). Defense at SS was good with the ability to make plays in his range with good footwork and enough arm strength for the position; did rush a throw leading to an error. Flashed some catching skills as well with lateral agility and the arm strength working better there.

2021 INF Carson Seeman (Placer)
Medium, strong frame with even proportions, showed well during the day. Game 1 saw him with two loud contact hits with a 2B into RCF and a single through the 6-hole. Compact, quick bat with flat barrel through the zone makes hard contact showing a strong approach at the plate looking for FB up and attacking when he gets it. Also showed his ability to read and get good jumps stealing 3rd after the double. Game 2 saw him pick up a 3rd hit on the day with a solid single through the 4-hole.

2021 1B/OF Brewster Mott (Vacaville)
Projectable frame with high waist and physicality in the wide upper half. Game 1 saw him pick up three hard singles showing a compact swing with some lift through the zone; controlled swing with balance and purpose showing a quick trigger. Showed some barrel control with first two singles through 6 hole before hard line drive into RCF during 3rd AB. In game 2 he showed the strength in his hands and wrists with a tough pitch and drove it into RF for a F9. Range fits at 1st or in corner OF with bat being carrying tool for him.

2021 INF Drake Bicknell (Jesuit)
Medium frame with some strength projects well with some future growth. During game 1 showed good actions at 3rd base and some athleticism making a play on the run with a top ball putting the throw on the money. 3rd AB doubled down the LF line showing a quick bat with strength through the zone; ball jumped for an easy stand up double. During game 2 put together three solid AB’s with two walks and a single through the 6-hole. Range in infield is fair probably fitting best at 3B, 2B or possibly Catcher where his agile body and quick feet could work well.

2022 Players:

2022 OF Raoul Fabian (California)
Athletic build with projectable frame. Showed a compact swing with feel for the barrel collecting two hits during the first game with a clean 1B into RCF and another solid one into RF adding a BB for good measure. Moves well in OF as well with some easy actions being able to track down the ball in the middle of the OF. During his second game he started by turning around an 85-MPH FB into the middle of the field before a triple into RF. The swing is regularly balanced looking to stay to the middle of the field, consistently on time no matter the velocity or pitches.

2022 RHP Jackson Pace (San Benito)
XL lanky and long frame with lean build. Went three innings giving up two hits and striking out 4. Length out of the glove to 3/4 release with loose, live arm jumping on hitters. Saw Pace a lot in the spring and continues to be one of my favorite 22 pitchers in the area. When he syncs up the arm path with his lower half, pitches explode of hitters where they’re regularly late on it. FB 82-85 T87 with late run and cut off the barrel and ability to get angle to the glove side; impressive for his size. SLD 70-76 flashes plus potential with short late bite at the plate with the pitch having tilt; needs to continue to work on getting finger through the ball instead of under it as that flattens out the pitch. CHG 77 bottomed on one showing with flash of third pitch. Frame and pitches project very high ceiling and results continue to back that up.

2022 LHP Nic Bronzini (California)
Large, physical frame with muscular physique showing in wide shoulders and tight waist. Compact arm moves very quickly to H-3/4 release after up/down action with hands over high front side; athletic delivery where he uses his strong hips well to gather and create extension. When timed up the ball can explode from his hand as he focused heavily on attacking hitters with the FB over his 3 innings giving up 1 hit and striking out 6. FB 83-86 T87 with angle and tail to the arm side showing life up through the zone. CB 59-65 with short pushy actions creating a loose slurvy shape; 3rd inning showed a little bit more feel with pitch having more 1/7 shape and some depth. CHG 79 showed some early feel starting off a hitter with small bottom. Showed control of the FB powering it past hitters for 5 of the 6 Ks; if he learns to throw the offspeed with similar armspeed to the FB it’s going to be a very impressive pitcher.

2022 LHP/OF Jaron Nevarez (San Ramon Valley)
Compact athletic frame with proportional strength. Started the 3rd game and went 4 scoreless innings giving up 2 singles and striking out 5. Showed a strong three pitch mix from a compact H-3/4 release; the delivery is athletic and repeatable with a clean arm path and plus tempo. Attacked the inner half of the plate and showed feel of both off-speed pitches. FB 80-83 T85 with run up through the arm side and life at the plate; ability to move the pitch to all quadrants. CHG 70-74 showed late bottom flashing above average when allowing the pitch to work; times where he will choke it and overthrow. SLD 66-73 with excellent feel and ability to manipulate the shape depending on the count. Pitch can change between a slider with late sweeping tilt under the hands of RHH’s to a more 1/7 shaped short curve-ball. Also showed his athletic swing picking up a solid single to LF late in the game before getting caught trying to steal second base.

2022 INF Cade Campbell (Tokay)
Long frame with lean build and athleticism. Showed the athleticism with a jump to take away a hit at 2nd base and showed solid footwork there all day; showed off his arm as well with a quick turn to complete a double play with a loose and compact arm that can stay in the middle of the field. Quick, compact barrel with level swing after knee tuck staying balanced through contact. Game 1 saw him pick up two hits with a double into LCF that was hard off the barrel before another hard contact into RF for a single. Also went two innings on the hill showing running FB (77-82 MPH) and long, deep CB (67-71) with 12/6 shape.

2022 OF/RHP Caden Thompson (Woodcreek)
Showed quick turns with good hand speed from a simple set up with low hands. Athletic out of the box with some bounce in his step. Pitched the final 3 innings in game 1 showing three pitches. Compact arm keeping hands tight to the body before 3/4 release. FB 81-84 T85 with arm-side run on both sides of the plate and some sink when going glove side. CHG 75 with flashes of feel and some bottom glove side. CB 66-69 short downer with small action. Control would come and go, but he was able to make enough pitches to roll through his innings with only one hard hit ball.

2022 1B Anthony Martinez (De La Salle)
Large, physical build with strength in the frame and high waist. Swing is compact from the left side with strong posture and ability to utilize the lower half well; smooth swing with late bat speed being level through the zone. On base three times in 2nd game with two power ground balls through the 6-hole and a HBP. Physical frame showing as a heavy runner, but the bat speed is solid. Will have to learn how to get a bit more lift on the swing and allow his frame and lower half to get the ball into the air more for some future pop.


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