Jackson Pace




San Benito (HS) • CA
6-5 • 210LBS • R/R
Travel Team: Alpha Prime


2022 National

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2022 State

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Scout Ball - USC commit; stuff was crisp at 88-90, lots of movement on the arm side with life in bottom of zone, flashed sink, lively change-up (80-81), slider presented more as a cutter than a traditional two-plane slider.


CCS Playoff game - USC commit; Went 5 IP, 0 R, 4 H, 2 BB, 6 K as team won 2-0. FB sat 88-89 up to 91 mph (radar app flashed a 94), 2200-2300+ spin, mixed in 81 mph SL with 2450+ spin and also flashed CHG to allow FB to play up.


Vs Palo Alto: USC commit. Pace was my breakout 2022 last year and after dazzling at the NorCal Preseason All-State did the same in his three inning outing giving up no hits, and no runs while striking out 6. The XL long and lanky frame has continued to add strength without taking away from his athletic actions on the hill; projection will have the velocity jumping more over the remaining years. During this outing Pace pitched with fire and attacking attitude and with his stuff, hitters are not going to have fun AB’s against him. The loose arm is fast out front and able to create premium velocity when needing it. FB 86-88 T91 live actions with the ability to have the ball cut, run, ride and sink as he needs showing he can command both sides of the plate and pitch through the zone. CHG 77-80 with running sink off a 2-seam look; didn’t use it a lot but was able to pull the string when needing it. SLD 72-75 tight and hard break showing small actions and flashes of tilt; when he gets the tilt it’s a next level pitch right now. When a runner was on (2 BB’s), Pace held them well with multiple types of picks and the ability to change his timing. All things considered, Pace continues to show some of the largest upside I’ve seen in the ‘22 class.


NorCal Preseason All-State: Pace was one of the breakouts from the CCS Focus during 2019 and the progress he’s made in a short time suggests the ceiling could be as high as any for the 2022 class. At 6-4, 205, the long frame has some strength, but he’s far from being fully developed. Pace has tightened the mechanics allowing him to be more stable with the front hip and athletic using his high front knee to allow the loose and easy 3/4 arm to work quickly out of the glove and through the slot; the lower half is where a lot of minor changes can be seen showing much better stability and direction down the hill. With his length and the consistent release point for all his pitches, hitters are going to have a tough time discerning pitches and staying on them. FB 87-89 MPH was rarely straight having ride up through the arm side and hard run into RHH’s hands. The Change (79-81 MPH) tunnels off the FB extremely well with harder 2-seam sink that will be tough for lefties to get to. The SLD (79-80 MPH) also tunnels well off the FB with late darting cut away from righties. With his frame and stuff, sitting in the low 90’s isn’t a far stretch and by the time the 2022 draft comes along, Pace could be one of the best arms in the state.


Area Code Underclass Tryout - Uncommitted - My first look at him, wide frame, loose arm, tall and long, quick arm, high-3/4 slot, likely not his best as he looked to be guiding the fastball, was one of last pitchers to take mound on a long tryout day, only one fastball recorded above 84 mph, curveball rolling action 70-72 mph


Summer Scout - XL lanky and long frame with lean build. Went three innings giving up two hits and striking out 4. Length out of the glove to 3/4 release with loose, live arm jumping on hitters. Saw Pace a lot in the spring and continues to be one of my favorite 22 pitchers in the area. When he syncs up the arm path with his lower half, pitches explode of hitters where they’re regularly late on it. FB 82-85 T87 with late run and cut off the barrel and ability to get angle to the glove side; impressive for his size. SLD 70-76 flashes plus potential with short late bite at the plate with the pitch having tilt; needs to continue to work on getting finger through the ball instead of under it as that flattens out the pitch. CHG 77 bottomed on one showing with flash of third pitch. Frame and pitches project very high ceiling and results continue to back that up.


Vs Monterey - Uncommitted. XL frame with length in limbs and wide shoulders; very projectable build with lean muscle building. Pitched beyond his years coming into a league matchup with the bases loaded and being calm and controlled on the hill. Hands stay at the waist through side step and leg lift keeping ball hidden before showing depth out of the glove with high front arm. Controlled front side stays locked as he rides his back hip down the mound; times where he pushes off the toe early losing his connection with the rubber. Quick, loose and easy arm from M-3/4 slot showing late arm speed and extension out in front; when he gets his fingers through the ball it jumps on hitters at the plate. Control was good during the outing with one walk and a HBP on FB that ran away from him; will have times where the arm doesn’t get out of the glove falling out of sync with his motion and causing the arm to be late to release point. Hitters have uncomfortable AB’s against him with lots of weak ground balls and late contact. FB 83-85 T88 MPH with pitch that is rarely straight; heavy down through the zone and life up through the zone showing bits of run arm-side having actions occur late. SLD 70-75 MPH showing short cutter-like actions with tight spin and flashing tilt. Fingers work through the ball out in extension with times where he gets around the ball instead of pulling through it; flashed one for a K that was late with quick tilt showing what the pitch could be in the near future. Feel for the pitch was much better in this outing. CHG 76-77 MPH with some bottom under RHH’s hands; flashed better feel in outing and can continue to improve to be a solid 3rd pitch. 3IP 2H, 0R, 3K outing for one of my fastest rising 2022 pitchers.


At Palma - Uncommitted. XL frame that is long and lean with length in the limbs; very projectable build that can make big jumps over the next few years. Hands start at the chin going down to the waist with simple side step staying there on average knee lift. Back leg bends early sinking into back hip as he works down the hill using his long legs to extend down the hill finishing on strong front leg. Arm is long, loose and quick working cleanly with extension out front showing a M3/4 release. Times where the arm is late getting out of the glove and not in sink with lower half causing control issues; an area he can continue to improve upon as he matures. FB 80-84 T85 MPH rarely straight out of the hand with arm side run and heavy sink through the zone. SLD 69-71 MPH at it’s best being short and tight; still gaining feel for the pitch but I liked how he gets his fingers through the pitch out in extension allowing the pitch to move late at the plate. Control was up and down with two walks, two strikeouts and as he cleans up the mechanics this should be more consistent. Also showed a great “Balk-Move” to get a good base runner after he walked him to start his inning. Very high follow for the 2022 class.

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