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SoCal ProCase Spotlight: RHP Tyler Bremner

Jack Shannon
San Diego Area Scout


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San Juan Capistrano, Calif - The 2021 San Diego section provided MLB scouts with a trio of draft prospect shortstops to follow closely in Marcelo Mayer, Carson Williams and Ali Camarillo and early signs are pointing to those same scouts following a trio of 2022 San Diego section right-handers in Eric Van Valkenberg, Finn McIlroy and Tyler Bremner during the 2022 season. 

Tyler Bremner of Scripps Ranch HS, has been on the scene for quite some time now, as an early commitment to UCSB and member of the 2019 PBR San Diego Fab Five Freshman. Between an impressive showing where he struck out 2 of 5 batters faced, one on a 91 mph fastball and the other with a sweeping swing and miss slider, and TrackMan data showing hop to his fastball, the gut feeling is Bremner has the makeup to succeed at the pro level. 

The Report

Body: 6-3, 160 pounds. Prototypical division one and prospective pro prospect pitchers build, long and lanky with room for more. Bremner has shown significant growth since his first PBR report in April 2019 “6-0, 140 pounds - presents a slim and lanky profile with lots of room for growth and maturity”. Bremner is maturing and growing at a projectable pace with wiry strength and lots of upside. 

Delivery: Bremner showed a confident and smooth overall delivery and has taken the next step mechanically by utilizing his lower half more. Bremner registered a fastball extension of 6.5 (high stride, 79th percentile), slider extension of 5.9 (slightly below, 35th percentile) and changeup extension of 6.3 (slightly above, 64th percentile). The key here is the fastball extension, Bremner’s lower half stride is extending at an above-average rate helping play up his perceived fastball velocity. His arm is naturally quick out in front, showing natural arm speed and projectable gains. Delivery mechanisms to the eye seem low effort overall projecting well for starter projectability and health stamina on the mound. The back side follow through is limited, more explosion off the rubber could help overall and help his delivery flow that much more. 

FB: Bremner’s live at-bat session provided fourteen fastballs, averaging 89.7 mph and topping at 91.2 mph, with an average spin rate of 2288 (2019 MLB average: 2266) and a maximum spin rate of 2397. Induced vertical break of 16.5 (significant ride, 79th percentile) and horizontal break 15.1 (extreme run, 93rd percentile) show a fastball with the highly desired run/ride or “hop” that seems to be the quickest path for young pitchers to the major leagues. Bremner’s fastball in 2019 was 82-85 mph and two years later 89-91, with above-average TrackMan analytics it is clear that Bremner is on a path to success with more to come. 

SL: Bremner’s live at-bat session provided 8 sliders, clearly his go-to secondary offering, throwing the pitch in any count and with confidence. Executed all 8 of his sliders away to right-handed hitters, breaking consistently to his desired location and with 8:30 tilt giving it more of sluvery action. Averaging 73.8 mph and topping at 74.5 mph, with an average spin rate of 2373 (2019 MLB average: 2414) and a maximum spin rate of 2424. Slider development has continued since his 2019 showing with more velocity and more break, another positive sign in his projectability. 

CH: Bremner showed one change-up at 79.4 mph with 2070 spin rate. The velocity differential from his fastball is desirable along with the spin rate making this a must develop pitch. Third pitch to Bremner’s repertoire is a must to remain a starter at the next level. His current pitchability and natural arm speed put him in a keen position to do so. 

Summary: Bremner showed that he has the stuff and projectability needed to be a future pro. The hop to his fastball, two-year gains and overall ease to his game opened some eyes and put him in line to make an appearance on 2022 draft boards. UCSB has a great track record with pitchers like Bremner whom have above-average TrackMan data, putting him in a good position to make serious improvement on the Gaucho pitching staff and join the ranks of numerous Gaucho draftees. 




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