Class of 2021 Preview Outfield Analysis

PBR Colorado Staff

The Prep Baseball Report’s Class of 2021 Preview Event took place Sunday May 6th at Dakota Ridge High School. Prospects from the 2021 class came together in a pro-style workout to strut their stuff in front of the PBR scouting staff.

Following is a look at top performances in a number of measurable categories. Click Here for a statistical breakdown of this event.

We began our look at this event with the outfield position, today we look at the catcher position from the Class of 2021 Preview.

Adam Moser OF / 2B / Fairview , CO / 2021

6-foot-0, 178-pound right hand hitting OF/2B who ran a 6.84 60. Simple set up at the plate, square and balanced.  Long stride to get his weight moving forward. Hands whip through the zone and swing path is uphill.  Several balls hit deep into the gap during the live round. Exit velocity was 87 mph.  In the field he glides to the ball and cuts down the angle with his speed.  Arm is over the top and accurate at 79 mph. Player to watch.




Nate Mondragon RHP / OF / Lutheran, CO / 2021

5-foot-7, 160-pound switch hitting OF/RHP who ran a 7.75 60. Switch hitter at the plate, from the right side he uses a double toe tap for timing.  Pull side hitter with good extension out front.  Exit velocity was 68 mph.  From the left side he uses a big leg trigger to launch his swing.  Swing path is uphill and rotates on his back side.  Exit velocity was 69 mph. Athletic in the field, showed good instincts and delivers from a high ¾ arm slot.  Arm was 72 mph from the outfield.  On the mound he uses a big rocker step to start the motion.  Lands on a stiff front side and delivers from a ¾ arm slot.  Fastball was 68 mph with slight run.  He added a 58-60 mph curve with sweeping break.




Brandon Handy C / RHP / Grandview HS, CO / 2021

5-foot-10, 140-pound right hand hitting OF/RHP who ran a 7.66 60. At the plate he stands slightly open with a long stride to come square.  Lower half is solid through the zone creating good pull side power.  Swing is long with extension out front.  Exit velocity was 80 mph.  In the field he comes through the ball and stays square on his delivery.  Arm is accurate to the bag.  Arm velocity was 66 mph. On the mound he gets to balanced and falls to the plate.  Will benefit from a strong lower leg drive.  Delivery is from a high ¾ arm slot.  Fastball was 70 mph with good location in and out.  He added a 59-61 mph Curve with sweeping 11/5 break and a 62-63 mph Change to finish his session.




Nick Song OF / RHP / Grandview , CO / 2021

5-foot-11, 185-pound right hand hitting OF/RHP who ran a 7.48 60.  Strong hitter at the plate, open stance, big leg kick trigger, solid balance. Short loose path, hands create bat speed, projectable traits at the plate. 95 mph exit velocity from the tee. Defensively he shows good instincts and comes hard through the baseball.  Arm is accurate to the bag and played at 72 mph. On the mound he stands tall and gets balanced.  Strong lower leg drive to the plate and stays in-line on his delivery.  Arm speed stays consistent on all three pitches.  Delivery is from an over the top arm slot.  Fastball was 75 mph with command down in the zone.  He added a 64-65 mph Curve with tight spin and 11/5 break and finished with a 60-62 mph Change with late down movement.




Austin Weller LHP / OF / Discovery Canyon, CO / 2021

5-foot-8, 125-pound left hand hitting OF/LHP who ran an 8.10 60. Stand tall at the plate with a long stride on the pitch.  Stays on the back side during the swing and path is uphill.  Long out front at contact and on the finish.  Exit velocity was 73 mph.  In the field he uses long strides to cut down the angle on the ball.  Fields square and come through the ball.  Arm is high ¾ and 63 mph from the outfield.  Simple set up on the mound, gets balanced and falls to the plate.  Stays square on the landing and delivers from an over the top slot.  Fastball was 68 mph with some run.  Curve was 54-57 mph with sweeping break and he finished with a 64-65 mph change away in the zone.