Prep Baseball Report

Junior Sunbelt Classic Tryout Corners Analysis

By John Cackowski
State Director 

The Junior Sunbelt Classic Tryout took place Sunday May 3rd at ThunderRidge High School.  75 players from the 2016 and 2017 classes were on display at this event.  Prep Baseball Report Colorado will bring you analysis by position of the players who participated in the showcase.  We kicked off our tryout analysis with the catchers. Next up is the corners.

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Players are listed in alphabetical order

Top Corner Infield Prospects:

Austin Alarid, Rocky Mountain, 2016, LHP/1B
6-foot-0, 200 pound left-handed hitting 1B/ LHP.  In the field, he uses short arm action to reach a top velocity of 80 MPH. Decent feet and hands allow him to get into his throwing position quickly and he delivers an accurate ball. Moves well for size.  At the plate, uses a balanced set up with slight inward knee turn for load and timing.  Short hands to the ball with good extension out front at contact.  92 MPH exit velocity off the tee which was top time at the tryout.  High one handed finish. Really attacks the ball.  On the mound, compact in line delivery with over the top arm action.  Fastball increased to 84-85 since we saw him in March, and touched 86 twice.  Good command of the outside part of the plate with a 70-73 CB and 72-73 CH.  Ran a 8.06 60 time.

Jake Eissler, ThunderRidge 2016, 3B/RHP
6-foot-2, 210-pound right-handed hitting RHP/3B.  Strong, solid prospect that registered a 7.21 60 time. At the plate, the right-handed hitter produces solid contact. He uses a smooth load, short stride, and explosive lower half.  90 MPH exit velocity, top 3 at the tryout.  Shows good pull power and good control to the opposite field gap. Not much movement in swing. Lets hands do the work. Did not pitch at the tryout. From third moves towards ball well, fields out in front. Had highest position velocity at the tryout at 93 mph which could be one of the top corner velos in the country. 

AJ Fell, Regis Jesuit, 2016, 1B/RHP
6-foot-1, 210-pound, right-handed hitting 1B/RHP.  At the plate hits from a slightly open crouched stance.  Short stride for timing and good lower leg explosion through the ball.  Had a 84 MPH exit velocity, but at last event in March registered an 88.  Displayed decent feet and hands in the filed, throws from a high ¾ arm slot with an 80 MPH positional velocity across the field.  On the mound, slight sink and drive mechanics with an in-line delivery.  Same arm action as in the field delivers a 82-83 MPH fastball with little movement which was increased from 81 mph in March event.  67-68 MPH CB and 74-75 MPH CH round out his pitches.  Ran a 8.36 60 time.

Cade Crader, Grandview, 2016 1B/3B/RHP
6-foot-3, 2015 pounds. Imposing presence at plate. Slight uphill swing that produces pull power. Strong upper and lower body. Get's good extension then has a one hand finish that produced 88 mph exit velocity off the tee. Nice big target at first base. Throws from a short 3/4 arm slot across the diamond at 77 mph. Moves well with good feet around the bag at 1B. Ran a 7.6 60 time. Intrigued with power potential.

Evan Mares, ThunderRidge, 2016, 3B/RHP
5-foot-10, 235-pound, right-handed hitting 3B/RHP.  At the plate starts from a wide  balanced stance and slight toe tap for timing. He barreled the baseball frequently with a bat exit velocity of 84 MPH.  Lower body rotates through the zone, weight transfer was better since last time we saw him in Marc even.  Defensively, threw 77 MPH across the field, and had good range to the back hand side.  Ran a 8.28  home to first. 

Joseph Mondragon, Eaton, 2016, 1B/3B
Solid, prospect that registered a 6.88 60 time which was 3rd fastest at the tryout. In the field, he shows above average hands and footwork was better in tryout then last event in March.  He reached a top velocity of 76 MPH across the infield, up from 71 in March. At the plate, the left-handed hitter he uses a slightly open stance with a short stride. He take a short path to the ball and shows some pop in his bat.  Slight uphill swing path creates a ball with good carry.  Registered a 84 mph exit velocity, but we had him at 87 MPH exit velocity in March off the tee.  Gap to gap power. 

Zane Phelps, Bayfield, 2016, 3B
6-foot-3, 195 pound right-handed hitting 3B. In the field Phelps shows above average footwork and hands with good actions and good fundamentals with good accuracy throwing 79 mph. At the plate he has a tall athletic stance with minimal load and short stride. Path is short and to the ball with a level swing and one-handed extension. Has good bat speed producing 89 mph exit velo off the tee with gap to gap power. If stance widens slightly could have even more power. Can't ignore athletic presence. Raw player to follow. Ran a 7.2 60 time.

John Sorensen, Rocky Mountain, 2017, 3B/SS
6-foot, 185 pounds. Bats left and throws right. Shows explosive bat speed for age that produced 92 mph exit velo of tee which was tied for best velo at the tryout. Has a leg kick that gets down early. Very slight load and level swing with good extension through the ball that produces line drive power. Lower half has good weight transfer. In the field shows good actions and ability to go forehand and back hand. Threw 78 mph across the diamond. Ran a 7.66 60 time. 2017 prospect to follow.


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