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Preseason All-State - Preview

Josh Reynolds
Colorado State Director

On Sunday, February 26th, PBR Colorado will host the Preseason All-State event at The Farm Sports in Colorado Springs. The Preseason All-State, with 140+ players on the roster, will give this talented group a chance to showcase their gains during the off-season before the season starts in March. Like all of our showcases, this event will allow our staff to check in on players from all areas of the state. 


Click here for the entire event roster.



Sunday, February 26th

+ Check-in Times:

  • Infielders & Outfielders (Who are Not Also Pitching): 8:30 AM
  • Two-Way Players (Position Players who also Pitch) & Catchers: 11:45 AM
  • Pitcher Only: 3:45 PM

*Players are encouraged to bring water/Gatorade and a snack

Registered Infielders, Outfielders, and/or Catchers

  • Running Times (laser-timed 60-yard dash)
  • Vizual Edge (vision testing)
  • Offensive Evaluations
    • Mechanical evaluation
    • Live batting practice
    • TrackMan ball flight analysis
    • Blast Motion swing analysis
  • Defensive Evaluations
  • Arm strength
  • Agility/range
  • Positional analysis/profile

Registered Pitchers & Catchers

  • Pitching Evaluations
    • 15-20 pitch bullpen (fastball and secondary pitches from both windup and stretch)
    • Mechanical evaluation
    • ProPlayAI’s ‘PitchAI’ biomechanical analysis
    • TrackMan pitch velocity, movement, spin analysis
  • Catcher Evaluations (while receiving bullpen)
    • Receiving/pitch presentation
    • Blocking/mobility



Event Technology:

Click here to learn more about our tech partners that have enhanced our player's showcase experience. Partners like TrackMan, Blast Motion, and Swift have helped our in-event evaluation process and the compilation of our post-event scouting reports – and they're also a tool for our players to learn more about their measured and collected data that they can apply to improve upon their game.



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