Prospects to Know: 2021 Outfielders

Mike Anderson
PBR Colorado

With Summer fast approaching and the uncertainty of club schedules, recruiting opportunities and travel, the PBR Colorado Staff is focused highlighting this talented group of 2021’s.  PROSPECTS TO KNOW intends to create effortless lists of Colorado’s top players to follow in this promising class.  

Our 2020 Class currently has 104 players committed to playing collegiate baseball.  At this time, Colorado has 9 announced commitments in this 2021 class.  (Cale Lansville, RHP, ThunderRidge, LSU), (Ryan Ure, LHP, Eaton, Oklahoma State) (Greysen Carter, RHP, Fairview, Vanderbilt), (Alec Willis, RHP, Regis Jesuit, Minnesota), (Landon Boyd, C, Legend, Oklahoma), (Adam Moser, OF, Fairview, Oklahoma), (Radek Birkholz, RHP/SS, Valor Christian, Notre Dame),   (Logan Carlisle, RHP, Chatfield , Air Force), JD Jones, C, Fairview, Miami).   

Stay tuned to our PROSPECTS TO KNOW as Prep Baseball Report continues to be the No. 1 resource for amateur baseball in Colorado. Our boots-on-the-ground scouting staff, daily coverage, and multimedia platforms are designed for the benefit and promotion of our players.  This 2021 Class will incur some very unique recruiting challenges.  PBR Colorado is ready for your challenges.  Today, lets focus on the 2021 Outfielders. 


Joel Anderson OF / 3B / Rocky Mountain , CO / 2021

Positional Profile: OF/3B
Body: 5’9”   195
Run: 7.51
Hit: RHH  50/50 Spread out Stance.  Sway and rock to load to back side.  High leg kick to stride with front side driving the momentum.  Load of hand start level to barrel high with slight arm bar Path levels early and has extension through the zone.  Long to Long with contact outside to in. Pull side tendencies with one hand follow through. Exit Velo 87. Aggressive and confident    Power:  Good Strength and exit velo indicate potential for power.  Would benefit with continued development of balance and rear side acceleration   
Arm:  OF Velo:  83 Easy backside arc and follow through.   Arm strength will continue to develop
Defense: Athletic approach to ball with great hand/eye and feel for groundballs   Great Catch to Release with good OF footwork


Tyson Pallatt OF / RHP / Lakewood high school, CO / 2021

Uncommitted. 5-foot-10, 165 pounds. Bats and throws right. Compact swing from balanced stance with slight crouch. Head is quiet. Quick hands. Line drive hitter. Does not have as much lift in swing as last time we saw him. Bat path is in hitting zone longer with better extension through the baseball with bottom hand finish. Exit velo for this event was 82, but we have had at 86 mph before. Looks to be trying to make some adjustments at plate to be more complete hitter. Ran a simulated dry-swing home to first at 4.26. We have had him at 6.86 in the 60 in past events. From the outfield arm was 78 mph. Colorado players have not been able to get outside, so arm is still warming up. We have had him at 85 mph from OF last summer. 


Nolan Johnson OF / 2B / University, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: OF/MIF    
Body: 5’10”  160   
Run: 6.69
Hit: RHH  Upright stance with simple and easy stride to load.  50/50 weight distribution at launch. Balanced and consistent with lower half.  Hands start high and arm angles are maintained. Path is downward and creates good “to it, through it”  in zone. Very good extension on follow through. Finish is high and always balanced. Middle of field approach and had solid barrel contact in showcase BP.  Just scratching the surface of skill development...speed makes Nolan a must follow. Exit Velo: 82
Power: Line Drive potential with every ball potential with speed.  Doubles!!
Arm: OF Velo 71   Quick catch to release motion
Defense:  Foot work in OF solid.  Good transition to throwing and very good Hand/Eye CF Type!

Connor Cooney OF / LHP / Holy Family, CO / 2021

Positional Profile:  OF/LHP
Body: 5’11”  155  
Run: 6.7  60
Hit: LHH  Shoulder width upright stance, long quiet stride to slightly closed launch position. Easy rhythm with hands. Path is direct with hands above ball. Plus bat speed with Line Drive habits.  Good feel for all fields and zones. Demonstrated great timing and barrel to ball. Exit Velo 92
Power:  Leadoff type hitter that can hit for AVG  and turn 1B’s into 2B’s. Speed. 
Arm: OF Velo 83  High ¾ Left handed with slight tail on ball   Quick shortened arc on the backside
 Defense: Aggressive approach and cut the distance on ground balls. Athleticism. Great catch to release and finish. Will make a great Lead Off/CF. 


Griffin Huiatt OF / Mountain Vista , CO / 2021




Seth Beals 3B / RHP / Rocky Mountain, CO / 2021

Positional Profile: 3B/RHP
Body: 5’10”  185
Run: 7.24
Hit: RHH  50/50 Weight distribution in stance.  Sway to rear side and minimal leg lift and slide to stride, slight coil. Stride remains open.   Momentum driven front side. Hands/Arm angles maintained and minimal upper body coil. Aggressive rotation and linear movement to ball  Exit Velo: 90 Path has upward lift and one handed finish. Demonstrated good barrel contact in event BP!
Power: Can benefit with refined swing development. Lots of Potential to develop
Arm: OF Velo: 84   Really good feel for quick Catch/Release   
Defense: OF; Good footwork and momentum through ball.  Good Actions to ball
INF: Really good overall skill set as OF/INF  Versatile! Threw well from different arm angles and redirected footwork with momentum.