Top 2018 Catcher Pop-Times


By John Cackowski
State Director

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We recently did a series on the top uncommitted pop-times, 60-times, arm velos, and exit velocities. Now we are doing a series on our Top 5 overall numbers for each class.

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Michael Felton, Mountain View HS 
Pop-Time: 1.90
5-foot-11, 180-pound right hand hitting catcher/outfielder.  At the plate he hits from a slightly open stance with with a leg kick. Hands load down and back and is on time. Swing is level through the zone. Improved exit velocity off a tee from 89 to 91 mph. Has gap to gap power.  Behind the plate he has quick feet and a quick release with a strong arm coming in at 77 mph. Pop-times were 1.9-2.00. He blocks well and has quiet hands when receiving. Athletic catcher who ran a 7.1 laser timed 60.

Noah Kuzma, Valor Christian
Pop-Time: 1.90
5-foot-11, 185-pound right hand hitting catcher/third base who ran a 4.33 home to first.  At the plate he starts balanced with a short stride.  Swing is long through the zone and he hits off a firm front side.  He had an 86 MHP exit velocity at this event.  Behind the plate he had a showcase bets 1.90 pop-time with a 79 MPH arm.  He does a nice job of staying straight through the plate and delivers an accurate ball to the base.  He moves well to block pitches and shows quiet hands when receiving.

Luke Leisenring, Ralston Valley, HS (Arizona State)
Pop-Time: 1.92
6-foot-3, 175 pounds. The Arizona State commit bats left and throws right. At the plate has an open stance with slight crouch. Hands are loose and ready to get out in front to be on time. Came up with a big 2-out, 2-run hard line drive single to right. Behind the plate looks effortless for a big catcher. Had a 1.92 pop-time in between innings off pitcher. To see video Click Here.

Ryan Hutchinson, Heritage
Pop-Time: 1.90
5-foot-11, 155-pound right hand hitting catcher/outfielder. Defensively was the best receiver at the event. Soft hands and steals strikes. Accurate on all throw downs with a 1.9-2.0 pop-time off a coach. Arm velocity behind the plate was 76 mph.  Makes catching look effortless. At the plate stands slightly opened and has a simple balanced stance with a short stride for timing. Short to the ball with good extension through the hitting zone.   He had a 81 MPH exit velocity and had line drive power up the middle through the infield. Catches with a lot of confidence. Ran a 7.60 laser timed 60.

Brock Bernall, Pomona HS
Pop-Time: 1.90
5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Bats and throws right. Wide balanced stance, toe tap approach. Level swing through zone for line drives. Fast hips to inside pitch. Good looking athlete. Bat spreed produced an 85 mph exit velocity off the tee. Bernall is an athletic catcher. Might project as an outfielder, and threw 81 mph from right. Can run a little. We have had Bernall at 7.06 60, and he ran a 7.1 laser timed 60 at this event. Behind the plate was. 1.9 to 2.0 pop time off the coach.