Prep Baseball Report

Updated 2019 Rankings

John Cackowski

State Director 

In the winter of 2015 PBR Colorado released our first ever 2019 rankings which consisted of 40 players. In the past two years Prep Baseball Report Colorado has had the opportunity to cover amateur baseball like no other organization has ever been able to do before in the state of Colorado. Between scouting numerous games last spring and summer, and having a great opportunity to see more 2019 grads at the Underclass Invitational last spring and the Top Prospect Games this summer. we were able to move our 2019 ranking list to 125 players.  Our next big 2019 rankings update will be posted after our Preseason All-State in February.


Riley Cornelio SS / RHP / Pine Creek , CO / 2019

The Texas Christian commit still holds on to the top spot. Coming off a strong summer circuit, we recently saw Cornelio at the Atkinson Memorial Tournament throwing 88-89, and struck out 5 of 6 hitters. 6-foot-2, 160 pounds. Bats and throws right. Athletic, wiry, and elastic. Advanced high school hitter at the plate. Has narrow open stance and aggressive stride towards ball that produces a 90 mph exit velocity off a tee. What is scary is his thin frame could easily add 30 more pounds to push his already 90+ fastball up to mid to upper 90's range. To see recent video of pitching in August click here






Justin Boyd SS / OF / Legend , CO / 2019

Staying at No. 2 is Boyd. Committed to Oregon State. 6-foot, 170 pounds. Bats and throws right. Looks the part, and backs it up.  Has a cool, confident aura without being cocky. At the plate he is balanced with a simple, fluent load of the hands and little/no stride. Bat speed is quick, and he laced line drives in his BP round. 89 mph exit velocity. Has the arm strength to stick at short, and the glove is advanced for his age. Bounces around with athletic quickness and makes plays to both sides with throws from all angles.  Ran a 4.28 home to first. 






Parker Gregory RHP / OF / Pine Creek , CO / 2019

Staying at No. 3 is Gregory. 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Bats left throws right. Arm works free and easy and has quick hand speed. Pounded fastballs down in the zone and they jump at the plate. Steps across his body which leads to some natural cut at times. More velocity to come. Changeup works well. 11/5 slurve is a tight, out pitch with multi-plane break. Sharp at times and has a chance to be a swing and miss pitch. Was up to 86 mph, and you could expect him 88-89 by August. Threw entirely out of the stretch. 





Sam Ireland 1B / RHP / Mountain Vista , CO / 2019

Moving up to 4 is Ireland impressed at our recent Top Prospect Games. 6-foot-3, 195 pounds. Bats and throws right. Ireland has a high ceiling on the mound. Motion is fluid and smooth. Kinda lulls you to sleep. Comes from different arm angles, is quick and usually at a 3/4 arm slot. Fastball was highest we have had him. Lived 83-85 touching 86 twice. Slider is a plus pitch with tight spin and late depth at 69-71 mph. Advanced hitter who barreled balls all weekend, crushed base hit off 86 mph fastball. Open stance, good approach. Upper and lower half work fluid. Gap to gap power. 94 mph exit velo. Looks like he has a few more inches to grow as well. To see video click here and click here








Bryce Matthews OF / 1B / Chaparral, CO / 2019

In at No. 5 is Arkansas commit Brcye Matthews. 6-foot-4, 185 pounds. Bats left, throws right. Tall, athletic frame with long levers. Physical Big bat speed that produced 92 mph exit velocity. Hands work well, but has a tendency to be bottom hand dominant. Swung with wood in live round and ball really carries with gap to gap power right now and an uphill path. Quick hands work to the ball and then get out of the zone just as quick. Looks easy for him. Solid numbers on the day. 92 mph exit velo, 4.22 home to first. Threw 78 mph from OF. Has confidence and swagger. 


Other risers in the 2019 rankings are RHP Eric McKnight out of Heritage moving from 24 to 9, 2B Geno Macias of Regis Jesuit moves from 20 to 12, C Hank Bard out of Legend moved into the top 15. C Nolan Ackerman of Chaparral moving from 37 to 22. 

To see the entire list Click Here

Here is a sneak peak at the Top 15


1 Riley Cornelio CO Pine Creek 2019 SS Texas Christian
2 Justin Boyd CO Legend 2019 SS Oregon State
3 Parker Gregory CO Pine Creek 2019 RHP  
4 Sam Ireland CO Mountain Vista 2019 1B  
5 Bryce Matthews CO Chaparral 2019 OF Arkansas
6 Clayton Burke CO Mountain Vista 2019 RHP Oregon
7 Mitchell Morales CO Broomfield 2019 LHP  
8 Derek Shaver CO Grand Junction 2019 SS Wichita State
9 Eric McKnight CO Heritage 2019 1B  
10 Grant Magill CO Mountain Vista 2019 C  
11 Nate Vondy CO Mountain View High School 2019 RHP  
12 Geno Macias CO Regis Jesuit 2019 2B Air Force
13 Hank Bard CO Legend 2019 C Kentucky
14 Calvin Hunt CO Ralston Valley 2019 RHP  
15 Iain Isdale CO Chaparral 2019 LHP