Prep Baseball Report

2018 FL All-State Games: Catcher Breakdown

Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

Saturday, July 28th at Alex Rodriguez Park at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL, the top high school prospects ranging from the 2019-2022 classes participated in the 2018 Florida All-State Games. The 2018 Florida All-State Games featured draft talent, numerous Division 1 recruits, and some of the top uncommitted underclassman in the state.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will break down each and every player, position by position. Today, we break down each of the catchers from the event:

Christian Pregent C / 1B / Father Lopez, FL / 2019

Stetson recruit, the 6-foot-2, 200 pound catcher has continued to fill out and add strength. The defensive skillset continues to show above average to plus. He has a strong and accurate arm, with pop times in the 1.85-1.95 range, they were consistently on the bag. He is flexible with strong wrists and shoulders that make him an above average receiver. Overall, he has the toolset to be an above average to plus defensive catcher. Offensively, he uses the strong lower half well to stay balanced throughout the swing. There is present bat speed and pull side power. Overall, was one of the top players on the day. 

Sebastian (Bazz) Jimenez C / Coral Reef, FL / 2020

Florida International recruit, stands at 6-foot-3,182 pounds, has continued to fill out a long, lean and projectable frame. Defensively, the big frame has some stiffness, but overall presents a quality target, is a good receiver and has pop times that range in 2.07-2.1 range. As he continues to fill out and become more flexible, he has the actions to be an above average defender. Offensively, he has long levers, but stays compact through the zone. More power continues to come and will continue to improve with added strength. Has feel to hit and translated to a single in the game and a 90 mph exit velocity. Present tools and frame give him a high ceiling in the future. 

David Ramos C / 1B / Cypress Bay High School, FL / 2021

Uncommitted, 6-foot-2, 205 pound catcher, he has a physical frame that will have strength throughout as he continues to mature. Defensively, he had pop times that ranged from 2.26-2.3 that will continue to improve as the arm gains strength and he becomes a little cleaner and more consistent with the catch and transfer. In the game, he shows advanced feel for his age, he is vocal and active behind the plate Offensively, he has a big leg kick and use his present strength well. He will continue to see more power as he matures and becomes more consistently compact through the zone. He generated an exit velocity of 92 mph and has real power potential. Overall, there are a lot of tools to follow and has a lot of potential. 

Christopher McKenna C / RHP / Marjory Stoneman Douglas, FL / 2021

Uncommitted, 6-foot, 155 pound cacher was one of the younger catchers in attendance. Defensively, he moves well behind the plate and showed a quick transfer to release with pop times ranging in the 2.04-2.14 range. Offensively, he has a simple and repeatable swing. He sinks into his backside and is level through the zone, producing consistent line drive. Swing translates to game play where he had a single. Overall offensive and defensive upside.

Kalvin Alexander C / OF / McKeel Academy of Technology , FL / 2019

St Johns River State College recruit, the athletic 6-foot-1, 195 pound C/OF has a lot of present athleticism. A stocky, strong lower half, he has some quick twitch and had a home to first time of 4.32. Defensively, there is some stiffness the hands works and can see the athleticism, but will need to improve flexibility and feel to receive. He has a pop time ranging from 2.04-2.14 and has defensive potential. He really stands out offensively though. Standing tall, he trusts his quick hands while still using the strong lower half. He has loose wrists and generates above average bat speed and power. He generated an exit velocity of 95 mph, with consistent hard contact. Overall, the bat really plays and shows above average power potential. 

Gino Bellantoni C / OF / Boca Raton Christian, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, 6-foot, 175 pound left handed hitting catcher. Defensively, he showed a lot of athletic defensive action in the game. Blocking balls to glove and hand side and overall flexibility and athleticism. Pop times ranged from 2.14-2.27. Offensively, the left handed hitter starts open and uses his strong lower half well. There can be a lot of moving parts at times and could benefit from some simplification, as the hands work and has some barrel feel which translated to a single during the game. 

Jorge Corona C / OF / Miami Killian Senior, FL / 2019

Polk State College recruit, standing at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds he has a broad shouldered, strength throughout his frame. Showed plus defensive actions with a plus arm, pop times ranging from 1.85-1.95 and topping out at 82 mph. Has flexibility, feel to receive and block and overall above average defensive actions. Offensively, he uses the strong lower alf well, clearing the back side and stays simple and compact through the zone. Generated an exit velocity of 93 mph and has present hit and power potential. Corona will be a draft follow going to Polk State JC.

Roberto Moya C / 1B / Monsignor Pace, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, the 6-foot, 200 pound C/OF has a extremely physical frame with strength throughout. Defensively, behind the plate he has some stiffness, but has strength in the wrists and shoulders. To stick behind the plate he will need to add some flexibility, but the hands work and has actions that can play behind the plate at the next level  Pop times ranged form 2.07-2.2. Offensively, he has some of the most pure raw power in the class. He uses the present strength extremely efficiently, firing the backside and clearing it well, he has extremely quick hands and all while staying compact through the zone. This culminated in the days best, 102 mph exit velocity. Overall, the bat plays. He has a chance to be an above average hitter with plus power. He shows enough athleticism in the outfield and the power plays well enough to play a corner outfield position if he does not stay behind the plate. The hit and power combo will make him a high follow and one of the top available bats in the 2020 class.