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2018 PBR FL Underclass Games: Two-Way Player Breakdown

Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

Saturday June 23rd at Henley Field in Lakeland, FL, the top underclass high school prospects ranging from the 2020-2022 classes participated in the 2018 Florida Underclass Games which is one of the premier scouting event for the 2018 summer season. With a talented roster on hand, players participated in a pro-style workout followed by two ten inning games.

Over the past two weeks, we have broken down each position through stats, report, video, and more. Positions were broken down by: outfielder, corner infielder, middle infielder, catcher, with pitcher only still to come, followed by top overall prospects and Future Games and Jr Future Games invitations. Today we take a look at the two-way players, starting with the top five and followed by the best of the rest. 

Zach DeVito RHP / 2B / Newsome, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 5-foot-10, 150 pounds on a lean, athletic frame. Continues to trend upward. Athletic infielder with some present hit tool. The swing has some steepness, but gets into the lower half and works out in front. Defensively, he works with the pre-pitch hop and shows solid lateral agility. Has made some big jumps on the mound and pounded the bottom of the zone with a two-seam at 83-85 mph and four seam at 85-88 mph, striking out the side during his inning on the mound. The delivery is athletic and repeatable, working from a 3/4 slot, there is a feel down in the zone. Overall, the continues to grow and mature and show a high ceiling. 

Dominic Scavone SS / RHP / The First Academy & TNXL Baseball, FL / 2021

Uncommitted. Stands 6-foot 170 pounds with medium sized athletic build, square shoulders. Two-way high level follow for 2021 class. Bat and arm strength are best tools. Above average bat speed for the age. Ball jumps off the bat and shows ability to drive the ball into both gaps. The swing has some strength and leverage in it. Projects to have some power. Above average arm in the infield, should stay on left side as his footwork is solid and comes through the ball well. On the mound, he throws from a high 3/4 slot with a simple repeatable delivery. Stays on his backside and lands on line which allows him to create some down hill plane. Fastball worked 81-83 mph with riding life. Showed an above average true hard slider at 74-76 mph. Also has a changeup with fade at 74 mph. Overall, High IQ player that plays under control. High follow

Landon Moran 1B / LHP / Lake Brantley, FL / 2022

Athletic, projectable frame standing at 6-foot, 165 pounds with long limbs. On line throws from the outfield with carry, with the arm playing as plus for his class. Offensively, he is able to use the long limbs as leverage while staying compact. He has an advance approach and showed during the game. He consistently took quality at-bats and was on time, simple and drove the ball to left for a RBI single. As impressive as he was offensively, he was equally impressive on the mound.  Mechanically, he gets to the inverse W, but the athleticism gets him to extension. The arm is quick, and clean, the fastball working 78-81 mph. Showed potential with both 63-64 mph curveball and 74-75 mph changeup. Overall, the ceiling is extremely high and the all around tools are present. He will have a chance to be a top two way player in his class. 

Bryce Braxton 3B / RHP / Pasco, FL / 2021

Strong bodied two-way standing at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Impressed all around where he showed above average actions for his age, feel for the game. Offensively, he shows strength in his swing, driving the ball with authority. Ball jumps off the bat and shows power to the pull side. Homered over the left field wall during game play. Registered an 84 mph exit velocity in the cage. From third he fields the ball under control and out in front with some range, displaying an above average arm and accuracy on his throws across the diamond. Threw one inning on the mound where he retired three batters in a row. Quick arm and features exclusively a fastball at 81-83 mph that showed cut. Braxton shows above average tools for his age and will be a strong follow for his class going forward and he continues to mature.


Peter Petracco 3B / RHP / Melbourne, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Currently stands at 6-foot-2, 180 pounds with lean frame and strong lower half. Defensively, moves well with good hands and topped at 76 mph, but clearly has more there. Offensively, there is strength in the lower half. He uses a leg kick load and looks to aggressively pull the baseball. There is some stiffness and rotation in the upper half that cuts him off at time, but when he works to extension there is gap to gap power and an exit velocity of 88 mph. On the mound, he has a compact, simple and repeatable delivery. Shows solid leg drive and has a compact arm action working to a high 3/4 release. The fastball had some heavy tilt and worked from 84-86 mph. The curveball had some depth at 71-74 mph and showed a changeup at 75-76 mph. Overall, an intriguing two-way talent with present strength and tools. 


Now we take a look at the best of the rest in no particular order:



Matt Komaroski 1B / LHP / Episcopal School of Jacksonville, FL / 2020

Lanky, 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Offensively, he has a wide base and simple toe-tap load. He works level and out in front with an exit velocity of 79 mph. Defensively, he shows athletic action and hands work well out in front, showing above average defensive ability. On the mound, he worked from the stretch only. He separates early and lands in line. The fastball ranged from 70-72 mph and the had a fading changeup at 67-68 mph. 




Nathan Espinal SS / RHP / Jupiter Christian, FL / 2020

5-foot-10, 145 pounds he has some twitchy athleticism. Ran a 7.32 60 yard dash. Defensively, he has a quick first step and funnels ball into the body, working under control. Offensively, stands upright and has a short stride. There is present bat speed and had a hard flyout in the game, but could benefit from a stronger front side. On the mound, he has a short, quick arm. The fastball worked 80-81 mph and got quality extension. Showed a curveball at 65-66 and a changeup at 74-75 mph.  




Dillon Haines LHP / OF / Ponte Vedra, FL / 2021

5-foot-6, 145 pounds. Ran a 7.58 60 yard dash. Offensively, he has quality separation, the foot down on time and works aggressively to the ball. Natural whip in the swing, present bat speed with exit velocity of 81 mph. Showed athleticism and a quick first step to the ball in the outfield. On the mound, gathers well, stays closed down the mound, lands in line and the arm works freely from a 3/4 slot. Fastball ranged from 77-80 mph with more to come with maturity. Showed feel of 62-63 mph curveball and 67-68 mph changeup. Overall, there is feel and will be intriguing to see how he matures and the body develops with really solid present tools. 




Wesley Luttfring RHP / OF / Apopka, FL / 2020

Lean, athletic frame standing at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds. Offensively, he starts with weight on the backside. A simple leg lift trigger, the swing stays compact. Stayed on the barrel consistently from gap to gap in BP. Translated into gameplay where he drove a ball deep into the left-center field gap. Defensively, he showed accurate throws with carry to home from the outfield. On the mound he worked 78-80 mph with a compact high 3/4 arm action. Also showed a 69-70 mph curveball. There is present physicality and stood out with the bat as he put together quality at-bats, staying on the barrel. 




Trey Burd SS / RHP / Providence , FL / 2021

5-foot-11, 145 pounds, there is still a lot of room to fill out the frame as he matures. Had a line drive single through the SS/3B hole during game play. Offensively, he works with rhythm and looks more comfortable with the leg kick load. He is getting a longer stride to better balance and adding more separation. This gives him the ability to clear the back side and generate more bat speed. There is upside offensively as the swing with continue to improve with added strength.Defensively, he has a good first step and works he ball back into his body. The hands work and shows sound defensive actions. On the mound, he has an unconventional windup and worked 67-70 mph with the fastball and 59-60 mph with the curveball. 




Joel Haskin 2B / RHP / Real Life Christian Academy, FL / 2020

Uncommitted, he stands at 5-foot-10 180 pounds. Offensively, he starts with his hands at his ear, stand tall and works open to close. Quiet and simple, there can be some rotational tendencies, but when he works to the middle of the field he showed consistent, hard contact. The hands show the ability to work freely and have some present whip in the bat.  Defensively, he works under control. Hands are sound and is a sound defender with a second base profile. On the mound, he works from the third to first base side of the rubber. He has a full arm swing and fastball ranged from 78-81 mph with the curveball at 66-68 and changeup at 70-72 mph.




Brett Schoessler RHP / OF / Steinbrenner , FL / 2021

Stands at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds, he ran a 7.68 60 yard dash. Offensively, he has a simple setup. His feet stay stationary as he loads with his hands and shoulders. He can cut himself off at times and would like to see more from the lower half, but the path is level through the zone and showed a line drive approach. Defensively, he topped out at 74 mph from t e outfield. On the mound, he is stretch only with a full, over the top arm swing. Fastball worked 75-77 with the changeup at 70-71 and 64-66 mph. 




Noah Sullivan 3B / RHP / Dr. Phillips, FL / 2021

A stocky, but still projectable 6-foot, 175 pound. The frame has some physicality, but can see growing a few inches and being very physical as he matures. Defensively, everything is sound mechanically and the hands work. Will continue to improve as the athleticism and strength improves with maturity. Overall, profiles well at third base. Offensively, the bat projects as well. He stands tell, with a presence and confidence. The setup to load is simple and translates to a compact swing with the hands working  free and easy. He stayed gap to gap and on the barrell. Present exit velocity of 83 mph and can see maturing into a corner infielder with power and hit potential. On the mound he is also simple in the delivery. It is compact and lands in line. He has a clean, full arm swing and works from a high 3.4 slot. The fastball has some life at 80-81 mph and can see making a couple big jumps. Also, showed a curveball at 69-70 mph. Overall, a confidence presence on the field with present offensive tools and upside all around. 




Dustin Low SS / RHP / Palm Harbor University, FL / 2020

Stands at 5-foot-11, 150 pounds. Offensively, he has a small leg kick and starts with a high back elbow. The high elbow gets the path steep at times, but shows bat to ball skills. Fires the back side well and creates present bat speed. Defensively, he has present athleticism that plays well defensively. Light on his feet, he works with rhythm to and through the ball with confidence. On the mound he has an athletic, quick arm and throws from a 3/4 slot. Could improve leg drive, but fastball worked 80-82 mph. Showed a changeup at 74-75 mph, but best offspeed pitch was a curveball at 65-67 mph with he showed feel to spin. 




Colby Slaughter C / RHP / Lake Highland Preparatory, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Two way player with a strong stocky build. Showed the ability to drive the ball with a compact swing to both gaps during bp. Good feel for the barrel. 2.15 pop time behind the plate with an average arm and quick transfer. On the mound, fastball was 79-81 peaking at 81 mph. Showed a true out pitch with his slider that was tough on the hitters. The pitch was 72 mph with late sweeping action. Good student 4.2 GPA




Ian Brown RHP / 3B / Berkeley Prep, FL / 2020

Uncommitted. Wiry,athletic frame with room for added strength. Very repeatable delivery on the mound with a loose arm that works well. Shows present arm speed that produced a fastball that was 80-81 in this look with late a armside life. Showed potential upside of a above average curveball with tight spin at 66-67. He struggled to locate breaking ball in this look but had good 10-5 shape when he got on top and out in front. Given the current armspeed and the clean arm action he should continue to see jumps in velocity as he continues to physically mature. Good upside offensively, he works upright, open to close in the stance. There is some steepness, but the hands work out in front and had and exit velocity of 82 mph. Defensively, works from the ground up and showed some lateral agility. Topped out at 73 mph. 



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