2020 FL Preseason All-State Spotlight: Jake Gelof

Rocco Iervasi
Florida Director of Operations/Area Scout

Preseason All-State has quickly become the top Preseason event in the state of Florida. Last year’s event consisted of over 50 committed players and 2 players who were selected in the 2019 MLB Draft. This event is held for the top 2020s-2023s throughout the state to kick off the Prep Baseball Report's spring high school baseball coverage.

We will begin to spotlight many of the top players who will be in attendance at this year’s Preseason All-State. Today, we continue with SS Jake Gelof (IMG Academy). Gelof was a member of Team Mid-Atlantic at the 2018 PBR Future Games. The Virginia commit is currently ranked 39th in our Florida Class of 2020 rankings and 230th in our National Class of 2020 rankings.

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SS Jake Gelof

Jake Gelof

Class of 2020 / 3B

Player Information

  • Graduating Class: 2020
  • Primary Position: 3B
  • High School: IMG Academy
    State: FL
  • Summer Team: Canes National 17
  • Height: 6-1
    Weight: 205lbs
  • Bat/Throw: R/R


Max FB
86 - 90
77 - 79
79 - 81
INF Velo
OF Velo
Exit Velo

Scouting Report


Athletic frame with room to add strength to at 6-foot-1, 172-pounds. Ran a 6.95 60-yard dash. Hits from a slight open set up with weight slightly forward and hands in a strong position at shoulder level. Medium level kick with short weight shift back to hitting position. Short swing path to the bal with some extension. Shows quickness and strength in swing. Power is present to pull side, hit multiple ball out during BP during the week. Exit Velocity of 97 mph. Sound actions in the infield. Clean footwork, not much wasted movement. Clean exchange with shorter arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Arm has life in it, was up to 92 mph across the diamond. On the mound, has a controlled, short, build up style delivery. Gets high leg kick into a hip load and a near drop n drive style lower half. Very good backside involvement in delivery through release and finish. Free arm action with some whip to it. Creates fast arm speed. Fastball has slight run to the pitch up to 89 mph. Breaking ball has 11/5 shape to the pitch with later action. Chance to be a swing and miss pitch at 79 mph. Changeup has later fade and dive to the pitch at 81 mph.


Long, lanky, athletic body type. Projectable 6-foot-1, 172 pound frame. Hits from an athletic, balanced, slightly open stance. Smooth back load with a leg kick. Explosive lower half movements and quick hands. Explosive bat speed with an exit velo up to 95 mph. Stays on and behind the ball with an uphill swing path. Gap-to-gap type hitter with present pull-side power. Attacks the ball and plays through it in the outfield. Fluid footwork and clean exchange. Long loose arm actions throwing from a high three-quarters arm slot at 94 mph. Good life on throws. Active feet and fluid actions in the infield. Plays through the ball with soft hands and a quick, clean exchange. Up to 92 mph across the diamond from shortstop. Ran a 4.22 home-to-first. Side step wind-up into an athletic balance point. Down to out lower half and clean separation. Pitches with uphill shoulders from a high three-quarters arm slot. Quick arm speed and loose, whippy arm actions. Lands square and finishes falling off towards the first base side. Fastball sat 86-87 mph and topped out at 88 mph with some run. Breaking ball had 12/6 shape and sharp break at 73-74 mph. Changeup was 81 mph with late sink.


Projectable athletic frame at 6-foot, 172-pounds. Ran a 7.13 60-yard dash. Hits from a narrow, slightly open set up. Quicker load with leg kick to hitting position. Short, level swing path at the plate with quick hands and some bat speed. Showed nice balance and rhythm during his BP session. 89 mph exit velo. Clean actions from the shortstop position with a quick exchange to release Shows arm strength across the diamond at 85 mph. ---- On the mound, Gelof looks poised to emerge as a higher prospect with his ease of effort and potential. Has a quick compact delivery with a high leg kick generating his momentum and getting into his lower half with an exaggerated hip load. Able to get nice backside involvement  combined with a free arm action throwing from a high three quarter slot. Maintains nice posture throughout delivery and has fast arm speed while pitching with light effort. Fastball is straight, can be heavy with slight sink up to 85 mph on the event day, sitting 82-84. Breaking ball had shorter action with 10/4 shape and later bite on the pitch. Was inconsistent at times, but shows potential for swing and miss ability on the pitch. One to follow and monitor in the 2020 class.


Athletic and projectable 6-foot, 172-pound frame. hits from a slightly open set up at the plate. Gets involved leg kick in load with high hands. Direct path at the plate with some extension through contact and freed hands up with his rhythm. Active feet in the infield with clean hands and exchange is sound. throws from a three-quarter slot with some carry across the diamond and quicker release. ---- Stretch only pitching. High leg kick into exaggerated hip load working down and out downhill. Loose, clean arm action throwing from a high three-quarter slot. Nice lower half involvement and gets backside drive through. Spins slightly at times to the first base side on finish. Fastball has slight cut action at times on the pitch gets some sinking action moreso with a velocity up to 84 mph. Breaking ball is a short action, later break pitch with 11/5 shape, goes more 10/4 when tighter. Change up shows fade to the pitch. Interesting prospect in the 2020 class. 


Athletic, projectable frame at 6-foot, 160-pounds. Ran a 4.22 home to first. Hits from a taller, slightly open set up with hands at shoulder level. Smooth load with leg kick to hitting position. Leg kick gets him out of balance at times. Shorter swing path with bat speed and some extension through contact. Slight uphill finish with extension. Good lower half. Exit velocity of 83 mph. Smooth, clean actions in the infield. No wasted movements to generate arm strength. Good feet. Shorter arm action. Infield velo of 82. Works through ball well in outfield. Loosens up arm action to allow for velo. Throws have good carry. Good footwork. Outfield velo of 84 and more in tank. Great foundations in the player and one to keep an eye on throughout his career.




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