4A State Championship Preview and Prediction

Justin Burgess
Florida Area Scout

The 3A state championship will be followed by the 4A state championship tonight at 7:30. Unlike the 3A matchup where there is a powerful offense going up against a great pitching staff and a couple of star players on each team, this game will feature two well-balanced teams that only have slight advantages on each other in certain statistical categories. Bishop Verot came into the state tournament with a team ERA of 1.76 and only 25 total errors committed as a team. Trinity Christian is coming into the game with a 0.97 ERA but 50 errors committed as a team. Offensively, they are very similar with Bishop Verot hitting .279 as a team with three home runs and Trinity Christian hitting .266 with 10 home runs, so where Trinity Christian lacks in average, compared to Bishop Verot, they make up in power.

This game looks like it will come down to defense and who executes with runners in scoring position. Also, the power factor may be limited in this game since it is being played on a professional size field. Ultimately, this should be a very close game but because Bishop Verot is experienced in this state tournament and doesn’t commit as many errors, they will likely win the state championship by a score of 5-3.

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