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All-State Games Player Analysis- Top 10 and Best of the Rest

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The All-State Games took place at the University of Miami on July 27th and has quickly become an event that features many of the top players from around the state. This year was no different, with the statistical numbers off the charts (View Here), the players were impressive the entire day. Players took part in a pro-style workout followed by a game. Today we look at the player evaluations led by the Top Ten, followed by the best of the rest.

Top 10 

Matthew Prevesk OF / LHP / Apopka, FL / 2021

Florida recruit. Long-limbed, athletic 6-foot-2, 185 pound frame. Above average runner, 6.85 60-yard dash. Displayed athleticism and quickness in his movements and bat. Plenty of raw power from the left side. Quick and whippy through the zone with good lag in the barrel. Great bat path and good on the inside half. 95 mph exit velocity. Defensively, he has a strong accurate arm at 86 mph with carry, and showed it on two impressive attempts to throw runners out at third, one being successful. On the mound, sat 84-85 with a low effort, quick arm. Impressive pitchability out of a really offensive player, with a good late-breaking slider at 74, the ability to cut the fastball or make it run when he wants, and good command of both sides of the plate.  


Alex Ulloa SS / 2B / ESB Academy, FL / 2021

Miami commit. 7.16 60-yard dash. Super twitchy in the hands and feet. His quick hands and plus bat speed produced an impressive round of BP where he launched multiple backspinned balls off the scoreboard. Gets into a great hitting position with the hands and lower half. Uses leg kick and gets weight forward well with extension. Above average range and glove at SS. Hands are elite on defense and the arm is a consistent 84 mph. Can play a bit sped up at times, but is more because of the live-bodied athleticism and quick twitch. Offensive profile really projects well and has a chance to be an impact player at the next level.  


Carsten Finnvold LHP / OF / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2021

Lean 6-foot, 155 pounds. Sat 84-85, touching 86 mph. Has an advanced feel for three pitches. The 72 mph fading changeup is his bread and butter. He can throw it in any count and it gets swings and misses outside of the zone. The slider is also a well above average pitch with some sharp bite. He throws it at 69-70, and the pitch will only become better as he throws it harder. Pitchability really stood out in his dominant 2 innings striking out every batter he faced.  


Clayton Hodges OF / RHP / Episcopal School of Jax , FL / 2021

Athletic in his movements throughout and impressed with a simple swing and quiet approach. 7.16 60-yard dash. Hands were quick and connected. Really quiet and simple in his load and lower half. Displayed good strike zone awareness and feel in the box. Well above average defender with athleticism and arm strength notching 87 mph. 


Marek Houston SS / 2B / Venice, FL / 2022

Lean, athletic 6-foot, 161 pound frame. Impressed with advanced barrel awareness and athletic movements on both sides of the ball with a projectable body. Starts low, above average hands displayed with great forward extension on sharp double into the opposite field gap. Calm confident approach to BP, more intent in the game. Lower half is advanced. Defensively, he showed a quick release with above average hands. Good arm that will continue to improve.  


Jack Cebert RHP / Calvary Christian , FL / 2021

Stetson recruit. Athletic body at 6-foot-2, 177 pounds. Worked 83-85, touching 86 with some cut action at times. Stayed out of the middle of the plate while peppering the corners with above average command. Secondary stuff was above average with good depth on the 68 mph breaking ball, and feel for 72-76 mph changeup. Displayed similar arm speed on the changeup. Worked with feel and rhythm on the mound. 


Jonathan Ramallo OF / RHP / Miami Sunset Senior, FL / 2020

Strong, physical 6-foot, 200 pound build. Two-way player with potential on the mound and positionally. Sat 85-86, touching 88. Has a quick arm and the ball jumps out of the hand with arm side run at times. Pitches with good energy and athleticism. 71-73 mph breaker with good depth and spin. Gets around the ball really well at times, and it creates a good cut on his fastball when he does. Quick hands offensively with backside drive. Stays behind the ball well, backspin line drives carry. Well above average 97 exit velocity. Elite, quick arm in the outfield with low, on target throws topping at 94 mph.  


Malik Young SS / 3B / Bishop Kenny, FL / 2020

Winthrop recruit. Lean build at 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. 7.12 60-yard dash. Quick, athletic movements with above average hands at SS. Good defender, displayed good range and a quick transfer/release. Short and compact swing with extension. Present quickness is there. Sticks to gap to gap approach that plays well with his solid bat to ball skills. Well above average athlete. 


Sebastian Burgos 2B / SS / Osceola, FL / 2021

Stands 5-foot-7, 152 pounds. Compact, quick barrel and a strong defensive ceiling. Present quickness in hands on offense and defense. Calm leg left for rhythm. Can get through the ball a little more at times. Above average defender with smooth glove actions. Has a quick release with the lower half working. Slightly above average arm at 82 across the infield. 


Matthew Morelli OF / SS / Venice, FL / 2021

Well above average left-handed bat. Showed pull side power in BP and the ability to keep the hands back and drive the offspeed pitch during the game. Good lift in the swing path. Hands are quiet to start and gets weight forward with good extension. Defensively, the feet and hands work together well with an average arm in the outfield and infield. Will most likely stick in the outfield moving forward. 



Best of the Rest (Alphabetical Order)

Edgar Almonte RHP / International , PR / 2021

Medium build at 6-foot, 170 pounds. Sat 83-84 mph with heavy arm side run and sinking action. His well above average breaking ball had an 11-5 shape and came in at 69 mph. Showed flashes of the breaking ball being a plus pitch with tight, big break. Smooth, easy, repeatable delivery. Present command and feel for both pitches.


Vicente Amaya Jr. OF / 3B / Chaminade, FL / 2021

Solid athletic frame at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Showed some solid offensive potential with bat to ball skills and some pull side pop. Kept hands inside well and got to high and inside pitch for a double down the line. Barrel enters the zone early and stays in late. Can let the ball get deeper at times, but has good forward extension through contact. Arm speed got up to 76 mph in the outfield.


Richie Belcher OF / 3B / Riverdale, FL / 2021

Stands 6-foot-2, 170 pounds. Present strength in the frame with an 83 mph arm velocity in the outfield and a 93 mph exit velocity. Displayed above average bat speed in an easy, loose swing. Can get long at times. High finish. Some pull side power with the projectable frame is intriguing. 


Christian Boyles SS / RHP / Riverdale, FL / 2020

Lean, projectable 6-foot, 160 pound frame with above average present athleticism. 7.04 60-yard dash. Loose hands in the infield with an average to above average arm strength at 79 across the infield. The arm is quick with some carry and is in the same range on the mound. Fastball sat 77-79 with some arm side run. Front side stayed closed and the arm was clean. High 3/4 slot. Some good feel for 62-64 mph breaking ball with good depth. 88 mph exit velocity suggests potential in the bat. He also displayed a sound approach and a good, level bat path. 


JP Callens OF / 1B / North Broward Preparatory, FL / 2022

Stands 6-foot-1, 195 pounds. 7.54 60-yard dash. Starts slightly open in the box. Hands are inside the baseball with good lower half drive. Stays the ball well. Had an exit velocity of 84 mph. Slightly above arm at 82 that has room to get looser and longer. Moves smoothly, has a chance to be a solid corner outfielder at the next level. 


Kevin Coyne OF / 3B / American Heritage Boca/Delray, FL / 2021

 Athletic with room to fill out at 6-foot, 166 pounds. Advanced offensive approach and swing path. Turns the barrel well to get in a good position to launch. Present loose hands and gap to gap pop. Late at times. Defensively, actions are solid in the outfield with an average arm that produced a velocity of 79 mph. 


Kevin Crews C / 1B / St. John Neumann, FL / 2020

Big-bodied backstop at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds. Solid defensively with a power bat. Strong base and loose hands offensively with above average bat speed. Showed good level barrel path on a hard single to the opposite field. High ball hitter with some present barrel awareness. 90 mph exit velocity. Popped 1.95-2.1 with an above average arm. He moves well laterally on some impressive blocks. Hands were above average. 


Dean Guzman C / OF / Pembroke Pines Charter, FL / 2022

Good athlete with present bat to ball skills. He’s quiet in his approach and the hands play loosely with quickness. Moves well offensively and defensively. Great body control and footwork on throws to bases with a slightly above average arm that produced 2.00-2.14 pop times. There is a lot of present all-around athleticism and a high ceiling for the future. 


Julian Hernandez C / Keys Gate, FL / 2023

Athletic frame that looks bigger than 5-foot-8, 150 pounds listed. Has the potential to be an elite defensive backstop that can do more than enough with the bat. The feet work really well with the body and the quick, above average arm. Consistent 2.0-2.1 pop times. Can get long at times with the bat, but has an advanced understanding of the strike zone and quick, strong hands. 


Darian Holmes RHP / Venice, FL / 2021

Medium 6-foot, 190 pound build. Fastball with splitter action came in at 71-72. Breaker with 12-6 shape was 64-65. Has good leverage in the delivery with average arm speed. Gets some arm side run.  Leans back into delivery and comes straight over the top with a clean, short arm. 


Ryan Kohn 1B / RHP / Spanish River, FL / 2020

 Big 6-foot-4, 226 pound frame. Above average defender with some raw power. 75 mph arm velocity at 1B. Smooth hands and defensive actions. Moved athletically for his size. 87 mph exit velocity. Some tweaks could tap more into the raw power, has a chance to be a power bat at the next level


Sam Lennon RHP / Jesuit, FL / 2020

Good projectable frame at 6-foot-4, 180 pounds. 2-seam fastball sat 82-84 with good arm side run and diving action. Sinks into lower half well with a good hip pinch. 75 mph changeup, can improve secondary stuff. He works quick at medium effort. Hides the ball with a short, clean arm action. Average command. 


Edgar Manzueta 3B / C / International , PR / 2022

Medium build at 6-foot, 185 pounds. Hand speed stood out on both sides of the ball. A lot of intent and quickness in the hands on offense that produced well above average bat speed and an 88 mph exit velocity. Moved well defensively. Popped consistently in the 2.1-2.15 range with well above average arm strength and catch and throw abilities. Has the chance to stick behind the plate, but arm and release can get long at times.


Eliezer Mora De Leon OF / International , PR / 2022

Really projectable, long 6-foot-3, 190 pound frame. Offensive ceiling stands out. Loose and easy in BP, with more intent and lower half in-game. When he was on time, everything was connected and the ball jumped off the barrel. Serious pop is in there, he just has to tap into it. Solid arm in the outfield registering 83 mph. Upside galore with this long-bodied prospect from the Dominican Republic. 


Brandon Paez 2B / RHP / Miami Christian School, FL / 2021

Strong 5-foot-10, 170 pound frame. Even stance with rhythm in the hands. Solid 87 mph exit velocity. Tough at bats and hard to strikeout using contact-first, simple approach. Above average, quick hands at SS. Feet can improve, but he moves athletically. Arm is short and smooth at 78 mph. 


Jordan Palacios 1B / OF / Elite Squad Academy, FL / 2021

 Big 6-foot-1, 240 pound body. Had one of the better BP rounds of the day. Impacted the baseball with present pull-side pop. Hands are whippy and showed the ability to get to the inside fastball. 91 exit velocity. Stayed inside and back to drive a changeup for a double. Defensively, he has an average arm with some carry to his throws.


Nicholas Romano SS / C / American Heritage, FL / 2021

Solid 6-foot-1, 185 pound build. Switch hitter with some barrel awareness. Barrel lags to allow him to backside balls to all fields with good bat speed. Stays compact with extension through contact. Defensively, the feet and hands will play at the next level. Arm is slightly above average and accurate. Looked smooth on play ranging to his left up the middle from SS position. 


Daniel Rosinski C / OF / Countryside, FL / 2020

Defensive catcher with some pop in the bat. Stands a solid 6-foot, 195 pounds. Quick transfer and hands behind the plate. Short, fluid arm at 79 down to second base. Clean throw from knees with plenty of arm. Quality blocker. Offensively, he has good present bat speed. Uses a toe tap load. There’s some pull side pop, as he registered a 91 mph exit velocity.


David Rossow RHP / 3B / Cardinal Gibbons, FL / 2021

Long 6-foot-3, 170 pound frame. 3/4 slot produces an 82-83 mph fastball with some heavy arm side run. Pronates well to get the run. He tunnels the late-breaking slider well at 72 mph. With a slight velocity jump that looks to be in the tank, he has a chance to be an effective reliever at the next level with the movement and arm slot on the fastball/slider combination. 


Jack Speights 2B / OF / Calvary Christian, FL / 2020

Big frame at 6-foot, 210 pounds. Aggressive through the zone with pull side pop. A lot of intent in lower half. Projects defensively to 1B/OF with average feet and hands and an above average arm. High effort attack with current gap to gap pop that has the potential to turn into well above average power. Young for class and offensive profile has power potenial with more to come as he matures. 


Jordan Stofko C / 3B / Newsome, FL / 2022

Stands 5-foot-5, 170 pounds. Displayed good strike zone awareness and flashes of fast twitch movements on offense. Good barrel path with some present strength. Defensively, transfer actions were solid with a below average arm. Showed some potential for quickness in the hands behind the plate.



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