Prep Baseball Report

Central Florida Open Breakdown

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

Bradenton, FL- The Central Florida Open at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL took place Saturday December 3rd. This event consisted of a 60 yard dash, batting practice, infield/outfield and exit velocities for position players and a bullpen for pitchers. Below we take a look at the breakdown of each player in alphabetical order. 

Brant Brown, RHP, Venice Senior HS, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-4, 175-pound right handed pitcher has an extremely projectable frame that you look for in a young pitcher. He showed a clean and quick ¾ arm action that resulted in an easy 80-84 mph fastball with some late arm side run. He works down the mound quickly and gets good extension, resulting in a two-plane slider that worked from 68-70 mph. He also showed a changeup at 73-74 mph. He is projectable and the arm works and should make a jump in velocity. Once he makes that jump he will have a chance to be a quality arm at the next level.

Trace Burchard, C/2B, Labelle HS, FL. (2020)
The 5-foot-7, 138-pound C/2B gets the most out of his small frame with quick actions and high energy.  The right handed hitter started with high hands which loaded down to a desired hitting position showing good bat speed with an easy uphill swing path.  The lower half mixed between a toe tap and a dive throughout batting practice creating minimal timing issues.  Defensively, he had showed first step quickness that will play in the middle infield but his hands showed firmness from lack of moving feet to position to field a proper hop.  Behind the plate his strong forearms proved beneficial in his sound receiving.  His pop times will improve with footwork current at 1.95 - 2.08.  As he continues to grow and become bigger and strong, he has a potential to be very solid all around.

Kevin Conway, C/INF/RHP, Charlotte HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-11, 185-pound C/INF/RHP showed multiple interesting tools. Offensively, the right handed hitter showed a balanced and strong lower half that generates some above average pull power for his class. Although he tends to pull off the ball at times, he still finds the barrel consistently and when he stays closed and gets extension the ball jumps off of the barrel. Defensively, he shows average range and hands with somewhat choppy footwork. There is some athleticism, but will need to continue to improve the footwork. Behind the plate, he shows a strong arm and quick transfer with pop times ranging from 2.06-2.2 with potential to shave off time with improved footwork. On the mound, the right handed pitcher throws from a high ¾ slot with a clean and easy arm action. Although he has a short stride and does not get much extension, the fastball still ranged from 79-81 with more to come. He also showed a tight 66-67 mph slider and a 69-70 mph splitter. There are a lot of present tools that if they continue to develop will make him interesting to watch.

Ramon Cordero, C/1B, Venice Senior HS, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-1, 190-pound C/1B showed a pull side approach from the right hand side. He tends to come out of his legs at times with an uphill path through the zone. He showed some bat speed which generated an exit velocity of 89 mph. Defensively, his hands work well behind the plate. There is some stiffness in his hips, but the footwork and transfer works well with pop times ranging from 2.05-2.15. He could benefit from some additional flexibility, but has some present tools and potential.

Austin Galda, C/RHP, Hernando HS, FL. (2019)
The 6-foot, 155-pound switch hitting C/RHP showed a feel for the barrel from the right side with some bat speed. He has some length in the swing, but that should improve as he fills out and gets stronger. From the left side, he also showed a feel for the barrel with a level path hitting off of a weak front leg.  Defensively, he showed some stiffness in his setu behind the plate, tending to be set up somewhat high. He showed pop times that ranged from 2.27-2.33. On the mound, he stays i n line down the mound and uses a short arm action with the fastball that ranged from 74-76 mph. He also showed a slider with decent shape at 67-68 and a changeup ranging 70-71 mph.

Jackson Grabsky, 2B, Hagerty HS, FL. (2020)
The 5-foot-11, 145-pound 2B/RHP showed a lot of potential the with bat from the right hand side. He uses a big leg kick trigger and gets good use out of the lower half generating above average bat speed for his class. He showed some pull pop with the potential for more as he continues to fill out. Defensively, the feet work well with rhythm to and through the ball. His hands also work well when they are out in front, but lets the ball get under him and has the glove out a little late at times. He threw from a lot slot and topped out at 74 mph. Overall there is a lot of potential on both sides of the ball as he continues to grow and fill out his projectable frame.

Jayson Haufler, 3B/RHP, Lecanto HS, FL. (2017)
The 5-foot-11, 185-pound 3B/RHP showed a strong lower half during batting practice. He starts with his hands set high and creates a steep path through the zone. When he levels out and is on plane he creates solid gap-to-gap power. In the field, he showed fundamentally sound footwork and glove action.. He also showed an average arm, topping out at 80 mph across the infield. On the mound he shows a clean, high ¾ arm action with some heaviness to the fastball that ranged 82-83 mph. He also showed a tight slider that ranged from 75-76 and a changeup ranging from 70-71 mph with good depth.

August Haymaker, SS/2B, Dr. Phillips HS, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-1, 165-pound middle infielder carries an athletic frame with broad shoulders, good forearms, and high hips.  At the plate the right handed hitter displayed a balanced stance with low hands.  The bat path was smooth and direct to the ball showcasing backspin line drives around the field.  Defensively, Haymaker’s athleticism showcased a quick first step and athleticism around the ball.  Arm action lacks the fluidness you desire but the arm is strong and the ball carries well across the field. He has plenty of upside and is only going to get better.

Harrison Ickes, RHP/OF, Lake Howell HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-11, 175-pound RHP/OF threw from mostly the stretch. He has a slightly cross-fire delivery with a short arm action with a fastball that ranged from 78-80 mph. He also showed an average slider that ranged from 66-67 and a firm changeup at 75-76 mph. Offensively, the right handed hitter has an arm bar load, but still manages to stay level through the zone. He tends to pull off and had an exit velocity of 84 mph. From the outfield, he showed average actions and a good arm topping out at 84 mph.

Cade Koerick, 3B/OF, North Port HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-11, 165-pound super utility player worked out at every position on the day. From the outfield, he shows some somewhat stiff action with an average, accurate arm topping out at 76 mph. In the infield, he showed a good first step and worked under control to and through the ball while topping out at 78 mph across the infield. Behind the plate he shows some athleticism, with good footwork and transfer resulting in pop times ranging from 2.19-2.25. On the mound, the right handed pitcher has a deliberate delivery that is a bit labored. With a short arm action the fastball ranged from 71-72 and the curveball ranged from 66-67 and a changeup at 68 mph. He could benefit from better use of the lower half and a more fluid motion. At the plate, the right handed hitter starts with a narrow, open stance. He shows a good load, creating quality separation and generates some bat speed with pull side power potential. Overall, he showed versatility and athleticism and will be interesting to see how he develops at multiple positions.

Jake Little, RHP/3B, Berkeley Prep, FL. (2020)
The big 6-foot-1, 205-pound RHP/3B shows some strength from the right side. The path can become a little too uphill at time and is led by his shoulders at time. When he stays closed and through the ball he shows some gap-to-gap power. In the field, he shows average hands with a long arm action, topping out at 79 mph. On the mound, he has a clean ¾ arm action with the ball coming out of the hand well with the fastball ranging from 76-77 mph. He tended to get under a 60-61 mph slider and shows some depth on the changeup at 70-71 mph. He is a big, strong, young player who will continue to improve as he continues to improve athleticism.

Aaron Martins, C/OF, Charlotte HS, FL. (2019)
Florida Gulf Coast recruit, the physical 6-foot-1 and 195-pound C/OF shows a strong and projectable toolset. Offensively, the right handed hitter shows a level and quick swing through the zone. Although he does not clear his hips, he still generates bat speed and once he learns how to clear his hips there should be power potential. From the outfield, he shows his athleticism and strong arm, topping out at 89 mph. He also showed a strong arm behind the plate, coupled with a quick and clean transfer resulted in pop times ranging from 2.0-.2.2. He is physical with a lot of tools and as he continues to get game reps and improve on flexibility and consistency he will have a chance to be a high end player.  

Yazael Nunez, SS/2B, Lennard HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-1, 155-pound SS/2B hit with a high back elbow from the right side.The swing has some length and is shouldered through the zone. He showed some feel for the barrel and some quick twitch. Defensively there is some choppiness in the footwork and he presents his glove very early. He shows some quick twitch and an above average arm for his class, topping out at 85 mph. He shows some athleticism and as he continues to grow and get a little more rhythm in his actions he will continue to improve.

Bryce Padgett, RHP/OF, Gaither HS, FL. (2019)
The 6-foot-6, 180-pound right handed pitcher has a large, thin frame with plenty of room to continue to fill out. He has a deliberate delivery and uses a drop and drive lower half that generates a fastball that ranged from 75-76 mph. He could benefit from staying taller on his backside to use his height to create a tougher downward plane on hitters. He also tends to lead with his elbow, thus not getting full use out of his arm. He also showed a curveball that ranged from 61-62 mph and a cutter at 70 mph. There is a lot of room to fill out and as he learns to use his large frame and can clean up a few things he will have a chance to good arm as his body develops and he continues to get stronger.

Brodarick Pearce, C/1B, Chiles HS, FL. (2019)
The 6-foot-1, 175-pound C/1B hits from the right side with a small leg kick trigger. He tends to not get much use out of his lower half and has some steepness in the swing. Although, he showed the ability to find the barrel, hitting line drives from gap to gap. Defensively, he catches from a high set up. He showed the ability to move well behind the plate with average hands, but would benefit from some additional flexibility. His pop times ranged from 2.35-2.42 with a quick transfer. There is some potential with a good frame, feel for the barrel and good hands behind the plate as he continues to improve with more game reps.

Dillon Sullivan, 3B/1B, Manatee HS, FL. (2018)
The 6-foot-1, 180-pound 3B/1B hits from a wide base from the right side. With a leg kick trigger, he gets good use out of the lower half and generates some bat speed which made for an exit velocity of 89 mph. Although there is some length n the swing, as he continues to clear his hips that should shorten and will see more pull side power. Defensively, he shows good actions, working under control to the ball. The hands work well in front, but tends to take some time to release the ball. There are some present tools that are interesting to follow as he continues to develop.

Matthew Sullivan, 1B/LHP, Manatee HS, FL. (2020)
The 5-foot-10, 170-pound 1B/LHP showed a feel for the barrel from the left side with a slightly uphill path. Although the swing is a bit shouldered and has some length at times, he shows good hand-eye and will become more consistently short with more at-bats. Defensively, he showed average hands and feet and an above average ability to pick the ball at first. On the mound, the left handed pitcher opens his hips early and loses his lower half. He has a clean high ¾ arm action, but the fastball worked flat at 70-72 mph. He tended to get around the curveball at 60-61 and showed a changeup at 64-65 mph. He shows some tools and will have a lot of upside as he continues to play and improve his athleticism,

Ryan Taylor, OF/2B, Merritt Island HS, FL. (2019)
The 5-foot-7, 140-pound OF/2B hit from the right side with no load and quick hands through the zone. Although he tends to not get extension through the ball and cuts himself off, when he does get extension he showed a line drive approach. In the outfield he showed quick twitch actions with aggressiveness through the ball and an average arm topping out at 75 mph. In the infield he tended to field the ball underneath his body, while showing somewhat choppy footwork.