Central Florida Play Hard Showcase: Pitching Analysis

By Rob Sidwell
Florida Scouting Director

Orlando, FL—The Central Florida Play Hard Showcase at South Orange Sports Complex on Dec. 12 saw some good, young talent on the mound from the local area and across the state. Today’s pitching analysis is led by 2018 RHP Andrew Aultman (Graceville HS, FL), who had the top fastball velocity at 89 mph with a very athletic, projectable body. He's a high ceiling kid. 2018 RHP Joey Stancombe (Lake Gibson HS, FL) followed up with the best breaking ball in the camp.

The following are reports on all pitchers from the showcase.

Luis Andujar, OF/RHP, Brooks DeBartolo HS, FL (2017)
5-foot-11, 150 pound two-way player with a lean, athletic and projectable body. Loose arm at a low-3/4 slot. Lands a bit open, but stays in line. Fastball was 74-76 mph with big tailing action. Curveball was 58-59 mph with a big, sweeping and slurvy break. Occasionally gets under it. Good feel for the changeup at 62-63 mph with same fastball life to it.

Andrew Aultman, RHP, Graceville HS, FL (2018)
6-foot-2, 175 pounds, with a tall, lean, athletic and projectable body and a strong, athletic lower half. He showed a loose, live arm at a high-3/4 slot. His fastball was 86-89 mph with late life and downhill tilt. The curveball was 73-76 mph with a short, tight and slurvy break. It occasionally would break two planes and almost looks more like a slider. It was tighter with a bit more depth than I had seen in the past. The changeup is still a work-in-progress. It has the same life as his fastball at 77-78 mph. He would occasionally just hang onto it a bit too long. Overall, Aultman’s velocity has made a little jump and will continue to do so as he physically matures. The breaking ball has improved tremendously. If he puts together a consistent spring, he won’t last long on the recruiting market. He is a definite Division I prospect and in time will be a major league draft.

Cameron Cooper, 3B/RHP, Bloomingdale HS, FL (2018)
Cooper stands at 6 feet, 180 pounds with a young, thick frame. Loose, easy arm at a 3/4 slot. Short stride. In line. Fluid delivery with some deception. Fastball was 77-78 mph with some tailing action. Curveball was 61-62 mph with good rotation and 3/4 break. Showed good arm speed with the changeup at 64-66 mph. Will throw harder with physical maturity.

Tomas Cruz, RHP, Timber Creek HS, FL (2017)
6-foot-1, 215-pound righty with a big, thick and strong body. Loose arm at a high 3/4 slot. Fluid delivery. Lands in line. Occasionally pulls off line. Fastball is 79-80 mph with arm-side life. Curveball is a big, loopy downer at 61-62 mph. Showed good arm speed with the changeup at 67-68 mph. Threw a lot of strikes.

Justin Diaz, RHP/3B, Stoneman Douglas HS, FL (2019)
5-foot-8, 155-pound two-way player with a blocky, young frame with a wide back. Loose arm at a 3/4 slot that occasionally drops to a low-3/4 slot. Hides ball in back. Short arm in back. Lands across body. Tough angle against right-handed hitters. Upright finish. Has deception in delivery. Fastball is sneaky quick at 74-76 mph with late life. Curveball is a short slurve at 64-66 mph. Changeup cuts and sinks at 64-66 mph. Threw a lot of strikes.

Harrison Ickes, RHP, Lake Howell HS, FL (2019)
5-foot-11, 170-pound righty with a loose, quick arm at a 3/4 arm slot. Hides ball in back. Lands across the body. Crossfire type delivery. Tough angle against right-handed hitters. Release point was a bit inconsistent out front. Fastball was 78-80 mph with arm-side run and cutting action. Curveball was a 3/4 breaker with tight rotation and was a bit more crisp with more depth at 66-67 mph. Breaking ball continues to improve. Changeup had good arm speed with the same fastball life at 69-71 mph. Threw strikes. Good young arm.

Dylan Ramirez, LHP/OF, Cornerstone Charter, FL (2017)
5-foot-9, 135-pound southpaw with a loose, lean and athletic body with a medium-sized frame. Long, loose and whippy arm at a 3/4 slot. Big take away in back. Lands across the body. Occasionally gets under the ball. Fastball has cut action at 74-77 mph. Curveball is a big, loopy 3/4 breaker with good rotation at 61-63 mph. Changeup is more like a BP fastball right now at 70-71 mph with same fastball life. He may eventually go to a slider due to the natural cut on his fastball. 

Joey Stancombe, C/3B/RHP, Lake Gibson HS, FL (2018)
5-foot-11, 180-pound utility player with a blocky, strong and young body. Loose, quick arm at a high-3/4 arm slot. Deep in back and hides ball. Lands in line with a high front side. Fastball was 76-78 mph after throwing from the catcher and infield positions. Curveball was downer with some depth. Good rotation. Changeup was a work-in-progress at 69-70 mph. Will improve with reps.

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