East Florida Select- Day 1 Scout Blog

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Day One of the East Florida Select saw some rain, lightning and plenty of good players throughout the day. Today we take a look back at a few standout form day one of four at West Palm beach. 

Mason Blocker 2B / OF / Western, FL / 2024

Young, wiry, lean frame. Works with a simple, repeatable delivery and arm works well. Working mostly 78-79 and showing a feel to spin. Upside with maturity/strength.Would go 2.2 innings allowing one run on one hit and strike out four. 


Paris Johnson OF / RHP / Home School, FL / 2023

Physical, strong frame. Uses every bit as this goes half way up the net in left. Well above average strength and bat speed. Swing is compact and was on time and on the barrel in all of his at-bats.  



Andrew Johnston C / 3B / Silverthorn CI, ON / 2023

 Spring Training Showcase standout turned a fastball around for a no doubt home run. Very physical, uses strength well with above average bat speed. 



Dylan Chana OF / 3B / Wesley Chapel, FL / 2023

Lanky, lean frame with some quick twitch ability. Shows a mature approach with a couple walks. Also recognizes pitches well and keeps the weight back with a simple swing and quiet load. Strong swing with some bat speed as well. 


Ayden Elixson 1B / LHP / Union County, FL / 2023

A State Games standout, he looks to have slightly filled out a very long, lean and projectable frame. Some length in the swing, but has gotten more compact using added strength well. Left handed hitter who creates leverage from the left side.  


Jackson Lambert OF / OF / St. Lucie West Centennial, FL / 2023

Lambert possesses an imposing frame with some strength packed in. Uses the long, big arms and creates leverage in the swing. Raw bat speed and obvious pop off the barrel. Lined a 2B to the right field wall in gameplay. 


CJ Thornton 3B / RHP / Osceola , FL / 2022

Solid all around day for Thornton. Shows feel and pitchability on the mound with an athletic arm. FB was firm to the top and bottom of the zone. Showed a short, sharp SL and coupled it with a 12/6 CB with depth. Also barreled multiple balls in game with 2 hits. 


Abraham Lowrence OF / 1B / IBAHS, PR / 2021

Long frame with strength in the arms and hands. Gets his hands extended and barrels up pitches on each part of the plate. Creates separation early and sees the ball deep. 


Ethan Gill LHP / 1B / J. R. Arnold , FL / 2023

Low effort delivery with an over the top release from left side. Strong balance point with a rhythmic delivery and transfers weight well. Stays on line to the plate and throws a 3-pitch mix in any count. Plus shape and depth to the breaking ball with a fading change up that kept hitters out front. FB: 72-75CB: 62-66CH: 68-70


Marc Hersh C / 3B / Bishop McLauglin, FL / 2023

Hersh led the day offensively, with a tournament high four hits.  Of the four hits, three were doubles for the Midland Swam


Jacob Payne C / 1B / Mosley, FL / 2023

Payne possesses a thick, durable frame with a strong base. Coils the core and keeps the hands tight through the turn. Advanced barrel control as he stays on the barrel.