FL Unsigned Senior Games: Infielder Breakdown

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director
The Unsigned Senior Games took place at Henley Field in Lakeland, FL on August 26th. Players took part in a pro-style workout and a game. This event last year had 29 participants commit to schools and this years talent was equally impressive. Today we take a look at the the breakdown of the infielders in attendance.


Logan Alaniz 2B / OF / Lake Minneola, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 165 pound middle infielder and outfielder has some present strength and athleticism with room to continue to fill out. In the outfield he comes through the ball well and gets rid of the baseball quickly. His throws were accurate and on line, topping out at 77 mph. In the infield he showed sound defensive actions, topping out at 80 mph. Offensively, during batting practice he beings slightly open with a toe tap load. He stays balanced in the lower half, is level through the zone. He consistently drove line drive from gap to gap in batting practice. In the game he showed the same approach, driving a double the other way into the left-center field gap.



Blake Anderson 1B / Tate, FL / 2018

Anderson is a big strong first baseman. He has a short stride and is an average defender,but the bat is what really makes him a standout. He is upright and doesn’t get a lot of use from the lower half, but he always manages to find the barrel. He hits over the front foot, and shows present pull side power. He consistently finds the barrel and that translate to the game as well where he  hit three ball hard including two singles and an RBI. There could be more balance in the lower half and athleticism, but he has consistently shown the ability to hit.  


Rob Arakel 3B / RHP / Inspiration Academy, FL / 2018

Arakel is a solid two way player and seemed to be even larger than his 6’2 200lb listing. He ran a 7.53 60. On the mound the righty pounded the strike zone with a fastball/changeup combo. The fastball sat 82-83 topping 85 mph and showed late life down in the zone. His changeup was was 68 mph and showed above depth and proved to be an out pitch for him. Offensively, he showed to have good hands with a line drive approach. Defensively he showed solid arm strength with 83 mph infield velocity and average footwork which should allow him to stick at third. 


Preston Colp 1B / RHP / Palm Beach Gardens, FL / 2018

Colp, a big bodied power hitting first baseman ran a 7.78 60 at this event. At first base, showed soft hands and solid footwork around the bag. Showed the ability to consistently pick balls in the dirt. At the plate is where Colp showed the best. During batting practice, he consistently barreled ball with plenty of strength and leverage in the swing. He produced a 93 mph exit velocity and his bat alone is what should carry him moving forward.  


George Diaz 3B / RHP / Miami Sunset Senior, FL / 2018

Diaz a two way player ran a 8.2 60 yard dash. At third base he shows sound defensive actions and topped out at 73 mph. At the plate he hits from an open stance looking to pull. He starts upright and gets to a balanced base. There is some present pull loft, but could benefit from more use of the lower half. On the mound, used a couple different windup variations to disrupt the hitters timing. His fastball was 74-76 mph and worked down in the zone. He also mixed in a 68 mph breaking ball that had a slurvy shape. 


Ryan Drumheller SS / OF / Alonso, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 160-pounder, played an above average second base during game action making multiple tough plays to his left and right. The defensive actions he showed on the day should play a the next level. Offensively, he hits from a slightly open stance and has a simple setup. He shows a level path through the zone, can get rotational at times, but will improve as he continues to add strength.  


Pedro Figueroa 1B / 3B / Osceola, FL / 2018

6-foot-3, 200 pound first baseman. He works well around the bag at first base, picking numerous bad throws during fielding drills. At the plate he looks to lift and pull. The right-handed hitter has a simple setup and swing. There is now load with the hands and could see big benefits from some added separation. There is present pull power and the bat could continue to improve with the added separation.Interesting player if things click at the plate 


Daniel Flaquer 1B / RHP / Reagan Doral, FL / 2018

6-foot, 165 pound Flaquer plays the game hard. He's on the stiffer side fielding at 1B, needs work on being softer with his glove. Offensively, there is some stiffness in  the load, the path is level, but somewhat rotational, producing an exit velocity of 68 mph. On the mound he worked quick and stayed around the zone with a fastball-splitter combination. The fastball sat 74-76 mph while the splitter had some tumble at 64 mph. 


Ryan Greene 3B / 2B / Tate, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 165 pound third baseman showed he could make every play at third base along with a solid average arm. His throws to first base registered 81 mph. At the plate he hits from the left side with an open preliminary stance before landing square at impact. He tends to have a weaker front side, but the hands work well out in front. Showed the ability to be short and level through the zone and translated to a single in the game.  


Justin Hughes 2B / SS / South Fort Myers, FL / 2018

5-foot-9, 156 pound infielder that may not be flashy, but will make the routine plays consistently. He has continued to be in the right place at the right time defensively. At the plate, the left handed hitter has a strong lower half. He can get around the ball at times, but the hands are loose and when they are short through the zone, generate hard contact. Has a feel for the barrel and is a solid all-around player.  


Andre James 3B / 2B / Sarasota, FL / 2018

The 6-foot-1, 185-pound third baseman has some prent physicalness. Defensively, he moves laterally well. The hands work and consistently fields the ball out in front with soft hands. Shows plenty of arm, topping out at 87 mph, to stay on the left side of the field. Offensively, he gets to a wide base and has some stiffness in his shoulders. The path is level and when he gets extended through the ball he has present gap-to-gap power. The present strength works for him and he hit a double during the game.  


Joseph Johnson SS / 2B / Merritt Island, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 175 pound middle infielder. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a toe tap load. There is some length and could hit from a stronger front side, but there is some looseness and the path is level through the zone. The swing translated to the game with a single. Defenvely, he shows sound defensive actions. Works under control, but could benefit from added rhythm through the ball.  


Alejandro Macario 3B / SS / Archbishop McCarthy, FL / 2018

The 6-foot, 195-pound third baseman is physical and athletic. He shows above average defensive actions. The hands and feet work in sync, working to and through the ball with rhythm and under control. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a medium leg kick trigger. He can get weak on the front side, causing him to get long at times. When the front side is strong, he uses his present strength well and shows gap-to-gap power. In game he showed a feel for the barrel, with two hard hit ball with one being a line drive single. 


Luis Machado 1B / 3B / Miami Christian, FL / 2018

Luis Machado Miami Christian 2018 1B R/R 5-10 200

5-foot-10, 200 pound first baseman. The right handed hitter has a strong, thick frame. The lower half is balanced with a slightly uphill path through the zone. Produced an exit velocity of 73 mph off of the tee. Defensively, the feet work well around the bag. Topped out at 61 mph across the infield. 


Gabe Montagna 3B / C / Alonso, FL / 2018

6-foot-1, 175 pound third baseman. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a simple load, stride and separation. He could hit front a stronger front ide, but the path is level through the zone. Produced an exit velocity of 83 mph. Defensively, he works under control with the hands and feet working together. Topped out at 79 mph across the infield.  


Raymond Pereira 3B / 2B / Deltona, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 190 pound third baseman has a strong thick frame. Offensively, he has a big leg kick trigger. He has an uphill path, can get long at times, has a feel for the barrel and showed a little pull side power during batting practice. Swing translated to a the game with a double. His tee exit velocity was 86 mph. Defensively, could improve the first step quickness. The hands work and topped out at 76 mph.  


Jake Remus SS / RHP / Osceola Fundamental, FL / 2018

Two-way player with a lot of room for added muscle and strength. At shortstop he showed the arm and glove work to play in the middle of field. During game action he made several good plays as shortstop. His arm strength during workout was 83 mph across the infield. Offensively, he has a leg kick trigger and a short, level swing through the zone. Had a double down the left field line and a stolen base in the game. On the mound, pitched from a high 3/4 short arm action. He pounded the strike zone while getting quick outs with a 80-81 mph fastball. He also flashed a true 12/6 curveball with decent bite. 


Jackson Roberts 2B / SS / University (Orange City), FL / 2018

5-foot-7, 150 pound middle infielder that profiles as a second baseman. Defensively, he was under control fielding ground balls, with solid actions, footwork and hands. Offensively, he has a small leg kick trigger and short quick swing. The hands work well out in front and has a fee for the barrel. The quick hands that transferred into a 87 mph exit velocity. Also showed patience at the plate in game action. 


Jack Rodriguez 1B / 3B / Jefferson, FL / 2018

6-foot-1, 195 pound right handed hitting first baseman. Offensively, he uses his big, strong frame to generate present power. Although he can get rotational at times, he has a level path through the zone.  He has a short stride and the swing translated to a hard hit single and double in the game. Defensively, he moves well at first. The hands work well out in front of his body and shows above average footwork around the bag.  


Jaden Smith SS / 2B / Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, FL / 2018

5-foot-5, 155 pound middle infielder. Offensively, the right handed hitter has some quick twitch action with a short simple swing. The path is short to the ball and the hands work with quickness out in front. Shows a feel for the barrel with line drives from gap-to-gap in batting practice. Defensively, the athleticism translates well. A quick first step and works under control with rhythm to and through the ball. Could benefit from a shorter arm action, but the hands work well.  


Spencer Stegemann SS / 2B / Estero, FL / 2018

5-foot-10, 150 pound middle infielder. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a lean athletic frame. He has pre-swing rhythm and uses a leg kick as a trigger. He can get rotational through the zone, but has a balanced lower half and a level path through the zone. Also had a single during the game. Defensively, he is athletic with the hands and feet working well together and an infield velocity of 79 mph.  


Josh Strickland Jr SS / 2B / Countryside, FL / 2018

The stocky, strong 6-foot, 170 pound infielder showed athletic actions in the infield. He moves well and this translated to the game making a nice ranging play. The hands work and creates quality angles to cover ground and tends to be in the right place at the right time. Offensively, he has a wide base with a minimal load. There is present bat speed, and although has some steepness, he found the barrel often with line drives from gap-to-gap.  


Zack Swift 3B / 1B / Lake Brantley, FL / 2018

The 6-foot-2, 205 pound first baseman has a big strong frame. Offensively, the right handed hitter has a leg kick trigger and has a strong, balanced lower half. Aggressive through the zone, with a slight uphill path and a some present pull side power. Defensively, he moves well at first base. The hands work and shows above average footwork around the bag.  


Kevin Szafran SS / 2B / Riverview (Sarasota), FL / 2018

The 5-foot-11, 175-pound infielder showed athletic actions at short. He has a quick first step and easy lateral range with soft hands and quality transfer. Offensively, the switch hitter showed a simple setup from the left side. He stays connected from upper to lower half. Uses his lower half well and even with a simple approach, he creates quality rhythm to keep him on time. With a slight uphill path, he has quality bat to ball skill with pull side power. From the right side, he is still simple and a bit more upright. A small stride, he still has quality rhythm. He is a bit more aggressive and somewhat longer, but has present pull power. Overall, very intriguing, potential offensive middle infielder.  


Zane Tarrance 2B / SS / Sickles, FL / 2018

The middle infielder showed 7.35 speed in the 60. In fielding drills Tarrance showed good footwork with soft hands. He looked athletic and comfortable fielding any type of ground ball hit to him, his arm strength was 68 which leads be to believe he profiles better at 2B. At the plate he has a no stride very simple swing. His exit velocity was 67 mph. 


Salvatore Zaremba 2B / SS / South Broward, FL / 2018

5-foot-7, 170 pound infielder showed the ability to have an above average hit tool at the next level. He took an outer half fastball for a hard hit opposite field single in the game. His arms are short which helps his swing stay compact and repeatable. Defensively, he works under control and the hands work well, topping out at 78 mph.  


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