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Florida Fall Championships: Day 1 & 2 Scout Blog

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The Florida Fall Championships are being held Friday, September 20 through Sunday, September 22 at Twin Lakes Park in Sarasota, Florida and IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. The tournament is separated into two divisions the upper-class division being 2020/2021 and the under-class being 2022/2023. Each day we will come out with a Scout Blog, highlighting the players that stood out to our PBR Florida Scouts. Today, we will release our Day 1 & Day 2 Scout Blog.


Day 1

Florida Burn 2021 Horvath

Michael Morley 2B / Braden River, FL / 2021

The uncommitted 2nd baseman plays with a high motor and is a quick twitch athlete. He has the build of a MIF and gets the most out of his body. With good control Mosley’s feet move well in the infield and is sure handed with the glove. Bulldog at the plate as he will choke up and widen out if need be. He flashed barrel potential with quick and consistent contact.




DP Prime

Jeff Figueroa RHP / N/A, FL / 2020

Figueroa projects to be a position player with a lean muscular build and live arm. He was on the mound on the first day and showed off the arm as he ran the fastball up to 88 mph with arm side run. He consistently induced weak contact and was around the zone enough to get into a rhythm. Figueroa also displayed that athleticism at the plate with quick hands and a balanced swing as it plays on a daily basis.




Florida Burn Beisner

Reegan Jackowiak 3B / Venice, FL / 2020

At 6-foot-2 185 pounds the body plays on the mound and Jackowiak uses the long limbs to his advantage as he displays a drop and drive delivery to maximize extension to the plate. He really reaches which can make his pitches sneak up on hitters. Low 80s fastball with a big looping breaking ball and spots up well.




Mets Scout Team

Ian Thornton 1B / OF / Real Life Christian Academy , FL / 2020

Thornton is a thick 6-foot-2 190 pounds and can get his body going in a hurry. The Lake Sumter State College commit has fast hands that he fires at the last moment, keeping his head and body still until he pulls the trigger culminating in a sweet left-handed swing. He has a plan when he gets in the box and competes.





Day 2

Florida Rebels

Aaron Deegan OF / 3B / Osceola, FL / 2021

Deegan has a stocky, filled out frame and will benefit from further growth and strength. The hands play at the plate as the lefty continuously shows the ability to handle the bat. With a simple approach, he takes what the pitcher gives and hits balls where they’re pitched. It’s no wonder why Deegan has stood out early and often.




IMG Academy White

Joseph Slattery SS / IMG Academy, FL / 2021

Another left handed hitter that is having himself a weekend is Slattery as you can sense how comfortable and confident he is at the plate. Slattery was jumping on first pitch fastballs wasting no time picking his pitch. With a violent, fast swing the ball sounds different coming off his bat as he flashed gap to gap ability with a triple to the right center gap in his first at bat. He has an upright stands and sets his hands high for his slot creating a clean bat path through the zone.




JSB Tigers

Reid Sondermeyer RHP / 3B / Barron Collier, FL / 2021

An uncommitted 2021 prospect, Sondermeyer looks completely filled out. With a big, durable frame at 6-foot-5 215 pounds he has wide legs and uses the backside well in his delivery. He also gets separation in the shoulders just before the front foot lands giving him torque on a long arm that already maximizes extension. Sondermeyer topped out at 81 mph with his fastball and countered it with a low 70s breaking ball with straight downhill action




Cooper Smith LHP / 1B / Community School of Naples, FL / 2021

Smith is an uncommitted 2021 lefty that has a mature mindset on the mound. He pounded the zone getting ahead early and often as he mixed speeds, keeping hitters off balanced and off the barrel. He ran the fastball to the upper 70s with a curveball he used ahead in the count that he could spot on either side of the plate. With confidence in his game and how he manages the game, Smith plays older than he is.




Southwest FL Monarchs

Hunter Bell RHP / RHP / Sunlake, FL / 2021

At 6-foot-5 215 pounds Bell is a workhorse on the mound. Has great feel for the fastball that sat in the low 80s and a 70-72 mph breaking ball that he kept down and under barrels. A smooth repeatable delivery keeps arm loose and live. Bell has the physical makeup and if he continues growth, it would be hard to overlook him.





Scout Updike C / Mount Dora, FL / 2021

Updike impressed with a live arm and quick release. The smooth mechanics in the delivery generate a lot of energy towards release as the ball jumps out of the hand. The up and down windup keeps him over the top with downhill action creating a tough angle on hitters. He touched 87 mph with the fastball and sat at 85-86 most of the day. He coupled it with a good low, 70s mph breaking ball that kept hitters off the fastball. The upside is there for Updike and it will be interesting to see how he progresses.




Florida Rebels

Cameron Collier RHP / OF / Northeast, FL / 2020

Collier is a South Florida commit who competes every pitch. Collier goes right after hitters with a low 80s fastball that topped out at 83 mph. The breaking ball was short and sharp and he threw it where he wanted, when he wanted. Collier got better as the game went on, getting into a rhythm and attacking the strike zone. If Collier can continue to compete like today, we could see his name pop up a lot more in the future.




Florida Burn 2021 Platinum

Aidan Corn 3B / Venice, FL / 2021

Uncommitted two-way player who has a stocky, athletic frame. Had a double to center and shows a compact, short swing. On the mound, he worked 82-85 mph and showed a feel for three pitches. Intriguing two-way player to follow. 




Jaxson Crump RHP / Sarasota, FL / 2021

Uncommitted. Tall lean frame with a loose arm. Low effort 82-84, while touching 85. Command got better as the game went on, as he started to get ahead early and use the 71-73 MPH 12-6 curveball to put away hitters. Uses a big, compact leg lift with a slight pause at the top. More velocity in the tank of the wiry frame and smooth arm.




Satchell Norman C / OF / Sarasota, FL / 2021

Florida State commit. Plus arm and transfer produced 1.85-1.94 pop times. Lightning quick hands are great in the transfer behind the plate and at the dish offensively. Right center approach is advanced and fosters tons of contact and barrels. Saw Norman during the summer play an above average 2B, but the tools really play behind the plate. Has been up to 91 on the mound in the past.





Florida Baseball Heaven

Jose Alaniz 3B / RHP / Lennard, FL / 2021

5-foot-10, 146 pounds. Compact, quick arm working mostly 77-81 mph. Showed a feel for a curveball at 67-71 mph with some depth. 




Pierce Glading / Kingdom Prep, FL / 2022

Uncommitted. Big projectable frame. Athletic kid and was nursing a knee injury he sustained in a football game. Pushed through and sat 81-83 T84 with heavy sink and run. Has a good downward plane that creates movement. Showed a 70-72 MPH sweeping breaking ball he threw about 20% of the time. Really like the frame, live arm, and competitiveness.





Bullets Baseball Sanders

Joey Jensen LHP / OF / Seffner Christian Academy , FL / 2021

Uncommitted. Sat 82-84 T86. Uses small but strong frame efficiently in creating torque. Gets into rear leg well. He worked with a high tempo and a low leg lift. Missed barrels with FB/CB combo. Curveball has a 1-7 shape and sat 69-71 with good depth and high spin. Pitchability and control guy with a sneaky quick fastball and well above average secondary stuff.





IMG Academy Blue

Kevin Karstetter SS / RHP / IMG Academy, FL / 2020

Florida Atlantic commit. Athletic, loud tools all around make him an intriguing 2020 draft prospect. Great, athletic frame. Easy bat speed and bat to ball stands out, and has the big power in the tank. Doesn’t get beat with fastballs. Big arm defensively, but he served as IMG’s designated hitter today.





Mac Horvath SS / RHP / IMG Academy , FL / 2020

North Carolina commit. Medium build and athletic with sneaky strength in the bat. Multiple extra base hits on the day. Barrel lays down nicely with back elbow staying connected. Got to high fastball by raising elbow slot and drove it to deep LF. Active feet, above average hands and a well above average arm on defense. Smooth, quick and good feet at the bag on multiple double play turns.





Florida Burn Beisner

Jack Speights 2B / OF / Calvary Christian, FL / 2020

Strong, athletic build. Had a day on both sides of the ball. Made every routine play at 2B and 3B and showed smooth quick hands and an accurate arm. Can play any infield spot above average. Offensively, uses a bat whip load that he times well. Loose, easy hands. Balanced and grounded in the box, stays behind the ball. Ripped a triple to left center field in which he showed off his sneaky speed.





Florida Dodgers Scout Team

Drew Homitz OF / Flemming Island, FL / 2021

Medium, lean frame. Nothing flashy, but solid and reliable in every aspect of the game. Barreled balls and found his way on base all day. Plate discipline and feel in the box really impressed. Quickness and athleticism in his movements and offensive approach.




Mets Scout Team

Gabriel Morin C / RHP / John Carroll Catholic High School, FL / 2021

Solid frame with a strong lower half. Displayed good barrel awareness and hand speed pulling his hands in and driving inside pitches. Uses progressive, rhythmic load. Although his hands don’t have much negative movement, they never stop moving, creating the rhythm to be on time and generate power consistently. He served as an EH today. 






Florida Dodgers Scout Team

Isaac Williams RHP / Flemming Island, FL / 2022

Physical, strong 6-foot-1, 190 pound right-hander. Went four innings, walked none and struck out eleven. Attacked hitters with an 85-88 mph fastball that shows late arm side action. Showed an occasional offspeed, but overall had a simple, compact delivery and quiet head with the ability to repeat. 





Nathan Webb C / RHP / Mandarin, FL / 2022

Athletic and strong frame at 5 foot 11, 180 pounds. Moves well laterally behind the plate has a catcher and has an above average arm. Good footwork and transfer on throws to 2nd with 2.1 pop times. Balanced approach at the plate and level bat path and is a line drive hitter. 




Southern Squeeze

Carson Sekula C / 3B / Riverdale High School, FL / 2022

A long, lean projectable 6-foot-1, 165 pounds. Present athleticism and translates offensively. Left-handed hitter, balanced with loose wrists and showed the ability to turn the barrel. 




Jared Davis SS / RHP / Dr Phillips, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, 5-foot-11, 165 pound shortstop. Moves athletically in the infield with clean quick glove transfers and an average arm. Offensively, works counts and gets on base often. Level swing with a line drive approach.




Midland Swarm Southeast

Augie Mojica 3B / OF / Wesley Chapel High School, FL / 2022

A long, lean wiry, 6-foot-1, 160 pound frame. Had a clean, arm swing, loose, live arm. Worked mostly 74-77 touched 79 mph. Attacked the zone and allowed one run on two hits while striking out five. 




Clearwater Warriors

Andres Cortes OF / 2B / Calvary Christian, FL / 2023

Athletic and strong frame with good approach at the plate and finds barrel. RBI single and some hard contact during the game. Moved well behind the plate as a catcher and pop times 2.1-2.2.




5 Star Jones

Samuel Hernandez C / 3B / Lakeland Senior, FL / 2022

Strong and athletic frame 5 foot 9, 180 pounds. Aggressive approach at the plate and found barrel all day, had multiple hits during the game. Level swing with good extension to be able to drive the baseball 




Stone Russell SS / 2B / IMG Academy, FL / 2023

Athletic and strong frame at 6 foot, 180 pounds. Super athletic and quality first at shortstop position with a strong arm. Has a tall setup at the plate with a big leg kick to create rhythm in the swing and has a strong lower half. Above average bat speed with 2 balls over 90 mph off the bat during the game.   




Florida Burn 2022 Platinum

Jason LePage LHP / Lemon Bay, FL / 2022

Athletic and lanky frame at 6 foot 1, 165 pounds. 10 strikeouts and no runs through 5 innings of work. Easy and smooth delivery which he repeats and commands all pitches for strikes, moves fastball in and out to keep batters off balanced. Fastball 76-77, curveball 65-66 with depth, changeup 67-68.




Eli Kapkowski C / Calvary Christian, FL / 2022

Athletic and strong frame at 6 foot 1175 pounds. Has balanced approach at the plate with a strong lower half and barreled up balls all game going 2-3. Has a short leg kick to create rhythm in the swing and level bat path and is a gap to gap hitter. 




Huston Wynne LHP / Venice, FL / 2022

The long, loose, lean and projectable left hander had a quick and clean arm. Compact arm action and feel to pitch. Allowed no hits in five innings and struck out three. 




Zachary Root 1B / LHP / Ft. Myers , FL / 2022

Florida commit, continued to stand out offensively. Leverage in the swing and stay on the barrel consitely. Above average bat speed and has a lot of room to grow and fill out. 





Coastal Prospects 2022

Ethan Wilford OF / RHP / Baker County, FL / 2022

Athletic and strong frame at 6 foot 1, 180 pounds. Smooth and easy delivery which he repeats and throws from the ¾ arm slot. Fastball sitting 80-81 and curveball 65-66 with depth. Commanded all pitches and worked low in the zone. 




Wyatt Crosby OF / RHP / Wellington, FL / 2019

Athletic frame at 5 foot 9, 150 pounds. Blocks and moves laterally well behind the plat as a catcher, has strong hands receiving and strong arm with throws to 2nd with pop times 2.15-2.2. Balanced setup at the plate with level bat path and line drive hitter.  




FBH Angels Underclass

Branson Ashley C / Mckeel Academy, FL / 2023

Strong and athletic frame at 5 foot 10, 185 pounds. Moves footwork well around 1st base and has above average range. Has a crouched setup at the plate with a short stride to create rhythm and has level bat path and is a gap to gap hitter.  




Coastal Prospects 2023

Cole Perkins RHP / 3B / Fernandina Beach High School, FL / 2023

Uncommitted 2023, slender 5-foot-7, 130 pound RHP. Quick, repeatable delivery, ¾ arm slot. Fills the zone with a three-pitch mix. 





Billy Girgis SS / 2B / Ridgeview High, FL / 2023

The twitchy leadoff hitter was on the barrel all day. He has a compact, level, line drive swing that produced four hits in two games. 




IMG Academy White

Gaku Takahashi OF / SS / IMG Academy, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, 5-foot-5, 141 pound frame. Quick leadoff hitter, level line drive swing with some pop. 4.18 Home to 1st. Multiple base stealer.





Juan Azar Cabrera RHP / SS / IMG Academy, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, athletic 5-foot-8, 148 pound frame. High ¾ arm slot with easy action. Fastball 75-77 mph with sink in a clean inning of work.




Florida Burn Orlosky

Luis Garrido SS / 2B / Palmetto, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, tall, athletic 5-foot-10, 155 pound frame. Level swing with quick hands to the baseball. Showed pull-side power on a triple down the third base line.




Jacob Morgan RHP / OF / Lake Placid, FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, tall 5-foot-11, 150 pound right hander. High ¾ arm slot with easy arm action. Low effort velocity on his fastball with late armside run.




Hit Factory 2022

Tony Calvo C / RHP / Tampa Catholic , FL / 2022

Uncommitted 2022, stocky 5-foot-11, 185 pound frame. High ¾ arm slot. Worked quickly to keep hitters out of rhythm. Fastball at 75-77, slider at 67, and a late breaking curveball 63-64. Threw all pitches consistently for strikes and got swings and misses. Threw complete game shutout against the Ostingers.




Michael Richards 3B / RHP / Tampa Catholic, FL / 2022

Stocky, strong frame. Compact, short swing. Was 2-3 with an RBI single. 




Ostingers 2023

Trenton Emerson OF / RHP / Strawberry Crest, FL / 2023

2023 Miami commit, advanced size for his age at 6-foot-2, 150 pounds. Keeps hands inside with a fast bat. Consistently hits the ball hard. Lots of upside.




Evan Dempsey OF / RHP / Newsome, FL / 2023

Uncommitted 2023, lanky 6-foot, 170 pound right hander. High ¾ arm slot with whippy arm action. Fastball sat 74-78 mph. Curveball at 61. Started to lose command as he went deeper into the game but held Hit Factory scoreless.





Adrian Rolon 3B / RHP / Riverview , FL / 2023

Long, lean, athletic frame. Live body, with a simple swing, quick hands and ball jumps off the barrel. Doubled to right and continues to stand out offensively. 




IMG Academy Blue

Peter Underwood OF / IMG Academy, FL / 2022

Athletic frame at 5 foot 7, 170 pounds. Quality first step in the outfield and has good range with average arm strength. Has a tall setup at the plate with a level bat path and line drive hitter. Found barrels all day in the games. 




Kade Langhorst RHP / IMG Academy, FL / 2023

Athletic and lanky frame at 6 foot, 148 pounds. Easy arm action from the ¾ arm slot and stays in line with the delivery to home. Sitting 79-80 with the fastball, curveball 64-65 with depth and changeup 71-72. Spin rate for the fastball has been 2200-2300.




Kaz Uehara LHP / IMG Academy, FL / 2024

A young left-hander, he is one of the only 2024s on the team. The son of former big leaguer Koji Uehara, he has an advanced feel to pitch for his age. Worked mostly 70-71 mph, but overall showed an advanced feel and would go three innings, allowed no runs or hits and strike out four. 




Nate Selmont OF / IMG Academy , FL / 2022

Stocky, strong and well put together. He looks the part in the uniform. Stood out offensively all day. Aggressive, with a simple, compact swing. Above average bat speed, has bat to ball skills and stayed on the barrel all day with power potential. 





Power 2023

Jackson Stephens C / Edgewater, FL / 2023

Uncommitted 2023, stocky 5-foot-11, 160 pound catcher. Above average arm on throws down to second. Gets the ball out quick. Offensively, has present hit tools with more to come as he ages.




Braden Holcomb 3B / OF / Foundation, FL / 2023

One of the most physical 2023s in attendance. He has present strength and maturity. Solid defender, but the offensive skillset is advanced and has a very high offensive ceiling. 




FTB Bullock 2023

Michael Brazer SS / Lennard, FL / 2023

Uncommitted 2023, athletic 6-foot, 160 pound shortstop. Fields his position well with an above average arm. Offensively, has a simple load and attacks the baseball with pop to all fields. Really like the upside.




Ocala Elite Baseball Club

Cristofer Walley LHP / Citrus, FL / 2023

Uncommitted 2023, stocky 5-foot-11, 195 pound frame. Left-handed pitcher with a ¾ arm slot sat 76-80 mph with some armside run.




FTB Bullock 2022

Connor Beare 3B / RHP / Lake Mary , FL / 2021

Uncommitted 2021, he is young for his class. He has a lean, athletic and projectable frame. Stood out offensively in game two where he tripled twice. Also would go four innings on the mound and strike out four.