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Florida National Qualifier: Day 2 Scout Blog

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The Florida National Qualifier continued at IMG Academy with action all day from the Upperclass and Underclass Divisions. The tournament will last four days with a winner in each division determined on Monday. Today, we will take a look at our Scout Notes from Day 2 at the Florida National Qualifier. See who stood out to our PBR Florida Scouts.

Day 2 Scout Blog

Laheim Bell C / Vero Beach, FL / 2022

Bell possesses a thick, durable frame with strength throughout. Shows a controlled but powerful swing with multiple barrels including a homer in gameplay. Has some potential at the plate with a simple load and still head. 


Alexander Berinato RHP / 1B / Palm Harbor University, FL / 2022

Possesses a lean frame with some length in the lower half. Athletic actions with rhythm and tempo in the windup and strong balance point before he drives to the plate. Fairly clean and quick arm from a high ¾ slot with some arm side run on the FB and decent spin from the slider. 

FB: 84-86
SL: 75-76




Ryan Fry RHP / 3B / Wharton , FL / 2022

Command was a spotty today, FB had downhill run for swing/miss.  CB/SL maintained sharp break, was left elevated today. When on Fry got swing/miss on all 3 pitches.

FB: 87-90
CB: 74-75
SL: 77-78




Wil Gregory SS / 2B / Northeast, FL / 2024

Gregory uses an active load, creating rhythm and energy in the swing. Has a short, compact swing and the ball jumps off the bat when he squares it up. 


Caden Kok RHP / OF / Winter Haven, FL / 2022

6-foot-2, 185 pounds. 2020 participant in the Junior State Games last fall for #East. Kok has made a jump getting up to 89 mph at 2503 rpm. Spun CB very well getting swing/miss with sharp bite. 

FB: 87-89
CB: 78-79




Jack Martinez SS / OF / Jesuit, FL / 2022

Martinez has a subtle leg kick and keeps the upper body still. Some negative movement in the hands creates separation and he can stay on the back leg well. 


Logan O'Leary RHP / 3B / Inspiration Academy, FL / 2022

6-foot-4 225 pounds. O’Leary showed the ability to spin the breaking ball consistently and get swing/miss. FB flashed heavy life, up to 88 mph.

6 IP, 5 K’s, 4 H, 0 BB, 0 ER

FB: 85-88
SL: 74-78




Camren Perez SS / 3B / Vero Beach, FL / 2023

Has been on the barrel all weekend so far. Doubled in his first at-bat yesterday and so far today is 4-4 with 3 RBIs for the Florida Panthers 16u.  Athletic frame with a simple, level, line drive swing that projects well with added strength. 



Ethan Petry 3B / RHP / Cypress Creek, FL / 2022

6-foot-4 220 pounds. The South Carolina commit continues to flash the hit tool with present power. Very hard fly ball over the LF wall for a 2R HR. 



Ethan Phillips RHP / OF / Calvary Christian , FL / 2022

2020 Future Games participant for #TeamFL working a solid 4 pitch mix. Didn’t get much off speed on video, but true 12/6 CB, SL left/right action. Feel for CH.

FB: 85-88
CB: 68-70
SL: 73-76
CH: 76-77




Zachary Redner RHP / 1B / Strawberry Crest, FL / 2023

Render has made a nice jump on the mound. He’s filled out his frame and added some velo to the FB. Good feel for the CB as he landed it for strikes and threw it off the plate when needed. Shows an up tempo delivery exclusively from the stretch. Once he gets a bit more in the backside the velo should continue to tick upwards.

FB: 85-88
CB: 76-78




Blaine Rowland RHP / OF / Durant, FL / 2024

6-foot 180 pounds. Strength in the lower half, repeatable mechanics, maintaining velocity in the mid 80’s. Rowland competed in the zone with a FB/CB mix. Showed the ability to go inside and outside with FB. 

FB: 84-86
CB: 74-77




Noah Sheffield 2B / Tampa Prep, FL / 2024

Sheffield possesses the quick, twitchy hands and is able to track the ball a long way. Innate bat speed as he rarely gets beat even with higher velo. As the swing matures he should continue to trend up. 



Joseph Troupe II OF / 1B / n/A, FL / 2025

Troupe's hittability stands out, especially for his young age. Ability to drive gaps with natural strength and advanced bat control should make him an intriguing follow in the near future. 


John Whitney OF / LHP / Venice, FL / 2022

5-foot-11, 175 pounds. Intriguing uncommitted LHP up to 89 mph on 4 seam FB. Natural run on 2 seam, CB got a lot of swing/miss.

3 IP, 8 K’s, 1 H, 1 BB

FB: 87-89
2SM: 83-85
CB: 70-73
CH: 74-75




Ryan Winsker 2B / RHP / John Carroll, FL / 2024

Long, advanced frame for age. Obvious room for growth and added weight. Shows some barrel control that will get better as he matures. Finds the barrel more than not with an up the middle approach and level swing.  



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