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Florida State Games 16U Day Three and Playoff Recap

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Days three and four featured the final day of pool play and the playoff for the 16U division at the Baltimore Orioles complex at Twin Lakes Park. Florida Burn 2021 Platinum, FTB Jacksonville, Florida Burn 2021 Horvath, and Ostingers 2021 Reed were the four teams to advance to the playoffs in the 16U division.

The first semifinals game featured Florida Burn 2021 Platinum crushing Ostingers 2021 Reed 9-0. Platinum had five players with multiple hits and were backed by Noah Harsch throwing all five shutout innings. The second semifinals game featured FTB Jacksonville defeating Florida Burn 2021 Horvath 3-1 back by five shutout innings from Hunter Smith.

The 16U finals featured Florida Burn 2021 Platinum defeating FTB Jacksonville 6-5 in a back-and-forth battle. FTB jumped out to an early lead in the 2nd with a RBI single from Ryan Miller. Platinum would follow that up with a RBI triple from Ty Bittman in the bottom half. FTB would later score on an error followed by Platinum tying the score again on a single from Aidan Corn. Platinum would take the lead in the 5th on a squeeze play, but FTB took it right back in the 6th. Down 4-3 in the bottom of the 6th, Tommy White launched a three-run homer to left to give Platinum the lead and eventually the win.

Below we take a look at some standouts from Day three and the playoffs. For the full schedule and scores CLICK HERE

Empire Baseball 16U

Yoskar Lopez 2B / Nature Coast, FL / 2021

5-9 145, athletic frame, ¾ arm slot with whipping action, uses lower half and pushes off the mound hard.  Fastball sits 82-85, CB 69-70

Anthony Anselmo RHP / Nature Coast, FL / 2021

Stocky infielder, showed power from the right side with a ground rule double, strong lower half and solid defender at short.


Ostingers 2021 Mondoux

David Eckaus LHP / OF / Bloomingdale , FL / 2021

At 6-0 160 lbs his weight his evenly distributed throughout his body. He has a long frame and has a methodical wind up that’s repeatable and consistent. He is low effort and the ball comes out of his hand quickly as he has good lay back in the wrist for whip action at release point.


Florida Burn 2021 Platinum

Tyler Dietz SS / RHP / Calvary Christian, FL / 2021

Dietz is 6-2 175 lbs and has a long, lean frame with strong legs. The USF commit didn’t disappoint as he kept his fastball at 90 mph for the first 2 innings of work. He has a tight windup and transfers wight very well through release that allows the ball to explode out of his hand to give a rising look to the fastball. Threw a slider at 81 ahead in counts. With the most live arm seen so far, his ceiling is as high as any.

Tommy White 3B / 1B / Calvary Christian Clearwater, FL / 2021

Big, physical infielder with a ton of power. Keeps hands inside the ball well and has raw gap to gap power. Strong lower half which he uses to drive the baseball. Led his team to a championship with multiple hits on the day including a game winning home run.


Florida Burn 2021 Callan

Carson Goda OF / Braden River, FL / 2021

Athletic center fielder, with good instincts and tracking ability in the outfielder. At the plate showed an easy level swing and the ability to bunt with a perfect bunt single.

Dean Hotz OF / Bell Creek, FL / 2021

5-11, 180. Short swing with a short stride. Multiple hits and RBI on the day including a double.


Gatorball 16U

Gavin Miller SS / 2B / North Marion, FL / 2021

Uncommitted second baseman, Gavin Miller, is an above average defender at second base with great footwork and hands. At the plate, his barrel gets through the zone without any lag. He has no wasted movements in his stance. His simplicity at the plate stops him from becoming too rotational and keeps him very balanced.

Mason Gray SS / Columbia, FL / 2021

Uncommitted infielder, Mason Gray, has a very consistent bat path that allows him to hit balls harder than his smaller frame suggests. He shows a high baseball IQ on the basepaths and uses his ability to produce more runs for his team.

Avery VonThaden / East Lake, FL / 2021

The 5-9, 151 pound uncommitted RHP from Tampa Terror has a very simple and repeatable delivery. He remains loose on the mound and doesn’t overwork himself on the mound. Von Thaden makes really good use of his stronger lower half in his motion. His fastball ranged from 78-80 and he flashed a really good 11-5 curveball at 65-67. As he grows and matures, he will continue to get better.


Top Tier Roos American

Will Parkinson LHP / 1B / Berkely Prep, FL / 2021

Parkinson’s 6-2 175 lb. frame is very projectable as he isn’t close to being done growing. He’s big bodied and uses his weight well though the wind up and delivery that is smooth and low effort. Fastball had some arm side run at 82-84 and broke off an above average 72-73 mph curveball with late break that produced swings and misses.


Empire Baseball Reed

Trey Santana / Sunlake, FL / 2022

At 6-2 185 lbs Santana has matured, lean body with muscular legs and long arms. His athleticism is without question which shows in his plus footwork in the middle infield. At the plate, he consistently lands balanced with a still head. Strides towards third but keeps the hands back to drive the ball to the right side of the field.


Florida Burn 2021 Shambora

Alexander Morrin C / RHP / Palm Harbor University, FL / 2021

Morrin is 5-9 160 lbs and has the stocky frame of a prototypical catcher. He receives the ball quietly yet firm enough to stick pitches on the corners. He impressed with quick feet on throw downs and blocking. 2.1-2.4 pop times indicate he has enough tools to project at the position as he gets older.

Matthew Morelli OF / Sarasota, FL / 2021

At 5-11 165 lbs Morelli has long limbs that are quick and fast. Displays a smooth swing from the left side and barreled up balls with consistency over the past two days. He stays on time well even with a big leg kick. Lands on front foot but keeps a stiff front side that keeps his weight in the backside conducive to torque and backspin.


Tiburones Baseball Club


Martinez has hit ever since he showed up this weekend and today wasn’t any different. He shows impressive instincts at the plate and will hit any pitch with authority. At 5-11 150 lbs he has the frame for the middle infield and maybe even 3rd. Can make a throw from anywhere on the infield and has adequate accuracy to make difficult throws with consistency. Martinez oozes confidence and plays ultra aggressive with high energy. He might have the best set of tools in the tournament.


Farraro is a 5-10 160 lb. outfielder with a cannon for an arm. He has very fast hands and lets the ball get as deep as possible which lets the ball jump off the bat when he gets through the zone.


Ostingers 2021 Reed

Kris Sosnowski C / Jesuit, FL / 2021

At 5-10 175 lbs, Sosnowski looks bigger than he’s listed. With wide shoulders and abroad chest there is plenty more room for growth and added strength to his already stocky frame. He was effective on the mound with tice tempo and an easy wind up. Normal effort with clean arm action, his fastball sits between 82-85 and counters it with a sweeping breaking ball at 70-72 that comes from a similar slot with the same arm speed making it hard to pick up out of the hand. 


Wyatt Strickland C / 3B / Bloomingdale, FL / 2021

Strickland is 6-1 195 lbs and has gap to gap pop that he put on display at the plate. With thick hips and quads he projects well at the catcher position in the future. Is surprisingly quick twitch with the feet and hands which keep him balanced and on time in the batters box. He has a confident approach that leads to full swings that rarely get cheated. 


FTB Jacksonville 2021

Bryce Brindle C / Creekside, FL / 2021

Brindle is a thick 6-1 215 lbs and looks completely filled out. A balanced stance in the box keep his weight evenly distributed in the legs and gives him optimal power potential. He has some negative movement in the hands during the load to allow the entire backside to fire at contact creating a violent swing and hard contact on a consistent basis. 

Ryan Miller C / Allen D Nease Senior, FL / 2021

Tall, athletic, 6-3 catcher. Showed off a strong arm throwing out multiple base stealers. Receives well. 2.16 - 2.25 pop times. Slightly open stance at the plate and uses his lower half well. 


FTB Rockets 16U 

Samuel Orozco 3B / RHP / Palm Beach High Central high School, FL / 2021

Uncommitted 2021 pitcher, Sam Orozco, pounded the strike zone during his outing. He showed the ability to throw all of his pitches for strikes. He utilized his lower half really well, helping him sustain a consistent pitching motion. Ororzco’s fastball sat at 79-80 throughout his start. His 11-5 curveball had good depth and sat at 69 while his change up kept hitters off balance at 72.

Trevor Scott 3B / 1B / Jupiter High School, FL / 2021

Trevor showed off gap to gap power and exceptional bat speed. He uses a strong lower half to drive balls to all fields. He sat back on a curveball, driving it the other way for a triple. Later in the game, he used his quick hands to hit an inside fastball to the left field wall. His barrel consistently stays through the zone, allowing him to produce a lot of backspin on the ball.

Fisher Jamenson RHP / 1B / Park Vista, FL / 2021

Jamenson used his large, 6-3 180 pound frame to overpower hitters. His fastball has a steep downward plane, allowing him to avoid solid contact. He sat 85-87 with his fastball and showcased a changeup with good fade at 79-82. As he matures even more, he will be able to further utilize his large frame.

Webb Veronese / N/A, AL / 2021

The 6-foot 155 pound shortstop moves well at his position. He has very smooth hands and great footwork to go along with strong arm that will continue to develop as he matures.

Cameron Clines RHP / 1B / Park Vista, FL / 2021

At 6-2 175 lbs. Clines might have the most projectable frame in the tournament. He has long arms and legs, with wide hips and shoulders suggesting he could get even bigger. Has great body control for his size and keeps a compact delivery with a high leg kick to engage the lower half for drive. Ran his fastball anywhere from 83-86 mph with a short cutter or slider that he could throw for strikes at 74-77.

Austin Frawley SS / 3B / Park Vista, FL / 2021

The uncommitted, 6-1 180 pound catcher for FTB Rockets 16u is a player to watch. Behind the plate he possesses a plus arm. His footwork and hands are phenomenal for a player his age. He is a game changer on defense. Against Florida Burn he threw out three runners, two at second and one at first. He popped a 1.9 twice to nab the runners at second base. At the plate, he has a very simple and compact swing.


Academy Baseball Canada

Nicolas Deschamps C / 3B / Edouard-Montpetit, QC / 2020

With a springy, athletic 6-0 175 lb. frame Deschamps is a pure catcher with instincts and receiving ability, he has great feel for the position. Moves free and easy with quick feet and soft hands that allow for a seamless transfer on throws to bases. He has an adequate arm with accuracy with recorded pop times in the 2.0-2.2 range. A smooth lefty swing with advanced pitch recognition only adds to his stock.

Alexis Gravel LHP / 1B / Academie Baseball Canada, QC / 2021

Gravel is a 6-0 165 lb. outfielder with speed and quickness. Ball skills and efficient routes make him an advanced outfielder for his age. Also shows maturity at the plate with an opposite field/ up-the-middle approach. He keeps the hands back enough that he has surprise pop to the left side.

Yohan Dessureault 3B / RHP / Academie Baseball Canada, QC / 2020

Strong athletic build. Smooth, compact swing from the left side with gap to gap power. Quick hands with a fast bat, also showed some quickness on the base paths. Threw 85 with some sink on the mound as well. Athlete. 


JSB Tigers 

Cooper Smith LHP / 1B / Community School of Naples, FL / 2021

Smith has the frame of a pitcher at 6-1 185 lbs. but really showed out with the bat today. The big rising junior has a tall stance and efficient swing from the left side. The hands follow the hips through the zone for extension and backspin for carry on line drives and fly balls. Drives balls to all fields and shows a disciplined approach, taking what the pitcher gives him.



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