Prep Baseball Report

Florida Top Prospect Games: Infield Analysis

By Doug Freeman
Florida Scouting Director

Following the release of the pitchers and catchers from the June 22nd Top Prospect games, we will now take a look at the top infielders from the event. A strong showing from a few 2018 middle infielders lead the way as we break down the infield, player by player.

First off is 2018 2B/3B Alec Villanueva (Westminster Academy) a stocky 5-foot-10 175 pounds, had a lot of quick twitch actions both offensively and defensively. In the field, Villanueva has good hands which he is very confident in, working under control and out in front of his body. A quick first step leads to above average range to both sides as well as the ability to make an athletic play on the slow roller. In the box, Villanueva is aggressive and balanced with a strong lower half. Quick hands and a feel for the barrel coupled with the aggressive approach create some present power with more to come. This led Villanueva to make several nice plays in the game as well as a double to deep center field.

Next, is 2018 SS/2B
Brandon Frangione (Nature Coast Technical) is a 6-foot 160 pound middle infielder who showed athletic actions in the middle with good hands and loose easy arm action. Frangione showed range to both his forehand and backhand making multiple plays at shortstop during the game. Frangione has quick hands and good balance, but the swing can get steep at times. In the game, Frangione stayed level driving a ball for a double along with two other quality at-bats.

2018 2B/SS
Devin Wall (Lakewood Ranch) a 5-foot-6 140-pounder showed a quick first step in the middle with athletic actions. Wall showed a strong arm topping out at 80 mph across the infield. At the plate, Wall has an early load and is typically on time. Wall has a level line drive swing with quick twitch actions which led to a base hit along with two other quality at bats during the game.

2018 3B/2B Blake Buckley (TNXL Academy) is 5-foot-11 180 pounds who had fluid easy actions in the field, getting to every ball under control and making strong accurate throws topping out at 80 mph across the infield. In the box Buckley appears very comfortable with loose relaxed hand and rhythm in his lower half. Buckley had a strong lower half, which he utilizes creating a direct path to the baseball generating gap-to-gap power which led to a base hit in the game. Buckley appears comfortable and confident on both sides of the field and is an interesting follow.

2017 SS/2B Eldrige Figueroa (Oviedo HS) is 5-foot-7 145 pounds who is athletic with some quick twitch actions and good hands in the middle while topping at 79 mph across the infield. At the plate, Figueroa has a compact, level, line drive swing which translated to multiple line drives in the game. Figueroa was very solid all around and will be interesting to follow this summer and fall.

Below are the remaining infielders in alphabetical order:

Brendan Bell, 3B, Park Vista Community (2018)
The 5-foot-10 170-pounder showed slightly above average range as well as a strong arm across the infield topping out at 87 mph. At the plate, Bell stands tall in the box and does not yet use his lower half consistently. Bell’s hands work quickly and directly to the baseball creating line drives in the gaps during batting practice.

Corey Clement, 2B/SS, West Broward (2018)
The 6-foot-1 155-pounder has an athletic, lean frame with room to fill out. Defensively, Clement had average range, soft hands and a strong arm topping out at 84 mph across the infield. In the box, Clement has an open stance and sets his hands low. His swing can get a little long, but creates good bat speed and will have gap-to-gap power as he fills out.

Connor Goodman, 3B,  Miami Country Day (2019)
The 5-foot-10, 155 pounder has some room to grow as he matures and gets stronger. Makes the plays in the field and throws across the diamond were 73 mph. At the plate Goodman displayed some ability to drive the ball into the outfield but can occasionally can get out in front. Staying back while using his lower half more should generate some better strength in his swing.

Noah Hogue, 3B, Palm Beach Gardens (2018)
The 5-foot-10 180-pounder has a wide base in the box with a strong lower half. Although the swing was a little long, Hogue consistently found the barrel resulting in a base hit during the game.. The 2018 grad topped out at 72 mph from across the infield and had a 77 mph exit velocity.

Travis Holt, SS/2B, American Heritage (2017)
The 5-foot-11 170-pounder has a lean and athletic build with room to grow. Defensively, Holt works under control with a quick first step and soft hands that work out in front of his body. He also topped out at 79 mph across the infield with accurate throws. At the plate, Hall has a strong lower half and stays balanced throughout his swing. Hall has present pull side power and as he continues to shorten his swing there will be more to come.

Tyler Judge, 2B, The Benjamin School (2019)
At the plate, Judge has an early load, simple swing and found the barrel consistently while producing an exit velocity of 77 mph. Defensively, has a quick first step, soft hands and was 77 mph across the infield.

Kyle Krtausch, 1B, Miami Killian (2018)
The 6-foot-1 195-pound first baseman is strong and physical for his class. At the plate, Krtausch generates above average bat speed utilizing his strong lower half and showed pull side power in batting practice. Solid at first base, Krausch’s potential with the bat will make him one to follow.

James Lawrence, SS/2B, Home School (2018)
The 5-foot-9, 150-pounder has a lean, athletic build with some quick twitch. Fields the ball and makes the routine plays throwing 66 mph from across the diamond. In the box, Lawrence showed some quick hands and the ability to use all of the field. As he strengthens and matures, he will be able to drive the ball deeper into the gaps.

Alejandro Macario, 3B/2B, Archbishop McCarthy (2018)
The 6-foot 175-pounder moves well at short and third to both the forehand and backhand.  Macario showed soft hands and topped out at 79 mph across the infield. In the box, Macario was balanced and comfortable in his set up. The use of his lower half generated bat speed and some gap-to-gap power in batting practice. Macario had an exit velocity of 85 mph and should continue to gain power as he gains strength and takes more at bats.

Payton McIntosh, 2B, Martin County (2019)
The 5-foot-10, 155-pounder has a lean, athletic build. At the plate, McIntosh has a bit of a longer swing, but shows some quick hands and aggressive approach to the ball. As he gains more strength, McIntosh will have the ability to drive the ball with some authority. Makes the routine plays in the field with some range and throws were 77 mph from across the diamond.

Robert Minotti, SS, Orangewood Christian (2019)
The 5-foot-9 130-pounder moved well at short fielding everything out in front of his body and under control while topping out at 79 mph across the infield. At the plate, Minotti is lanky and does not use his lower half well, although does trust his hands and uses them well.  When Minotti used the middle of the field he kept the barrel in the zone longer and this resulted in a base hit during the game

Brandon Ortiz, 2B, Cypress Bay (2020)
The 5-foot-5 135-pounder was the youngest participant at the event, but fit in with players a few years older. Defensively, Ortiz topped out at 80 mph from the outfield and showed above average range and arm in the infield for his class. In the box, Ortiz already has quick hands while staying level through the zone. There are already tools present with Ortiz and as he continues to become bigger and stronger he should be very solid both offensively and defensively.

Bryce Register, 2B/SS, Port St. Joe (2018)
The 5-foot-10 160-pounder was 73 mph across the infield while showing average range and working well around the bag. At the plate Register has a level swing with a feel for the barrel. This produced a double in the game, staying balanced and short to the ball.

Jakob Sessa, 1B, East Lake (2017)
The 5-foot-11 180-pounder showed good rhythm in his set-up and swing, starting with a leg kick and staying balanced throughout. Sessa’s hands work free and easy and create some whip through the zone. He did get long at times, but showed some pull side pop, as well as the ability to stay short and go to the opposite field during the game. Defensively, Sessa showed good footwork and soft hands at first.

Nick Volpe, 2B, Coral Springs (2017)
The 5-foot-10 160-pounder showed good actions in the middle . Volpe stayed under control, with average range and soft hands that worked out in front of his body. At the plate, Volpe has a balanced set-up and quick hands through the zone. Volpe consistently found the barrel and showed gap-to-gap power.

Jake Waxler, 3B/2B, IMG Academy (2018)
The 5-foot-9 180-pounder shows a good lower half at the plate with feel for the barrel. Although Waxler pulled off the ball during the game, he still consistently found the barrel. There is a lot to like in the swing, especially the use of the lower half and the hand-eye, which will continue to improve in the games with more at-bats against high levels of pitching. Defensively, Waxler has soft hands and made several nice plays in the game. Waxler will be interesting to follow as he gets stronger, quicker and has more at-bats.

Kyle Yeoward, 3B, Stoneman Douglas (2019)
The 5-foot-10 185-pounder has noticeably become more physical since prior events. At the plate Yeoward, has a slightly open stance with a small leg kick and a balanced load. The swing is level through the zone, although can get a little long. The added physicality produced some gap-to-gap power and with more reps the swing should become much more direct more consistently. Defensively, Yeoward shows average range at third with good hands and an above average arm.

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