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SWFL Mini Camp: Standouts

Doug Freeman
Florida Executive Director

The SWFL Mini Camp was held Saturday, June 6th in Fort Myers, Florida. Players from the SWFL organization took BP in the cage and threw bullpens. If you are interested in looking at some of the stat leaders from this event, you can check out our Stats Story

There were many talented players in attendance at the SWFL Mini Camp, but several players stood out above the rest. Check out the standouts from the SWFL Mini Camp with a short scouting report on each.


Brady Porvaznik 1B / 1B / Island Coast , FL / 2020

Montreat College recruit. Extremely physical. Strength throughout. Present bat angle and some stiffness, but overcomes with pure strength to create an average bat speed of 72.2, rotational acceleration of 21.8 and peak hand speed of 21.7. Also was able to produce hard hit balls consistently, with 68% of them being considered hard hit from Trackman, the highest of the day.




Logan Adams RHP / 1B / Desoto County, FL / 2021

An interesting uncommitted 2021, Adams showed an extremely comfortable bullpen with feel. He worked within himself and located with ease at 84 mph and had much more in the tank in the end when he reached back, with still little effort, and topped at 87 mph. Spin topped at 2400 and lived at the bottom of the zone. Curveball showed depth and tight spin topping at 2756 while changeup averaged almost 17 inches of horizontal break. Overall quality shape and feel with a clean and simple delivery.


Evan Ames 1B / OF / Canterbury, FL / 2021

Extremely long, lean, projectable frame for strength at 6-foot-5, 200 pounds. He creates bat speed of 75.5 mph, rotational acceleration of 23.5 mph and hand speed of 25.7, all in the elite area according to Blast. The swing has some steepness, but creates leverage and hands work fairly freely. Overall, a very intriguing uncommitted left-handed hitter with power potential.


Ian Anderson OF / LHP / Lakeland Christian, FL / 2021

Continues to stand out offensively. He is lean, strong and physical. He has added nearly 20 pounds and it shows. There is some stiffness and length at times, but has shown ability to adjust with present athleticism. Stays on plane with advanced bat speed and present strength.


Blake Barquin RHP / 3B / McKeel Academy, FL / 2021

The big bodied uncommitted right-hander will be a high follow as he could make some big strides. The fastball showed late life and arm side run, averaging at 88 mph. He averaged a 2278 rpm spin rate and peaked at 2424 with an average of 19.57 inches of vertical break and 12.56 horizontal break; he had a lot of late life. Offspeed still has progress to make, but there is a high ceiling.


Davian Garcia RHP / 3B / Sickles, FL / 2021

A stocky, lean, strong frame. He showed a fairly clean and repeatable delivery with upside. The fastball averaged 86 mph and peaked at 88 mph. The curveball showed potential with quality shape at times and peaked at 2300 rpm.


Sawyer Hawks RHP / OF / McKeel Academy, FL / 2021

Air Force recruit worked stretch only and showed a strong frame and live arm. Fastball averaged 89.5 mph and peaked at 90.6 mph. Spin rate on fastball peaked at 2319 and an average of 19.57 inches of induced vertical break, the fastball played with late, riding life. Offspeed will need to progress, but has overall potential.


Brady Loughren SS / OF / Bishop Verot , FL / 2021

Stands tall and open with a small hand wiggle load to create rhythm. Could see some benefits from additional separation, but has loose, quick hands and clears the backside well.


William Wolff 1B / OF / Gulf Coast , FL / 2021

Has a strong, stocky and physically mature frame. Very simple swing and uses the ground well to create rotation while staying compact and using the strength. Had the top average bat speed at 75.6 mph and showed above average rotational acceleration as well as hand speed.


Joseph Zamora SS / 2B / Miami Southridge, FL / 2021

Has one of the more well rounded swings according to Blast. Has above average bat speed, and hand speed. He is aggressive through the zone, there is some steepness but consistently hit balls hard with low line drives and on the ground. Hands are loose and quick and has some strength with room to grow




Brayden Bolduc RHP / 1B / Estero, FL / 2022

A very live arm, but lacked command. Has a lot of present athleticism and ran his fastball up to 87 and averaged 84.6 mph. He had an average spin rate of 2144 and a peak of 2324.


Jake D'Altrui SS / 3B / Fort Myers, FL / 2022

Has gotten noticeably more physical throughout the frame. Stands tall and has a somewhat short stride, but is aggressive through the zone and has present bat speed and strength. Had an average exit velocity of 89 mph and bat speed of 69.6.


Matthew Donley 3B / RHP / George Jenkins, FL / 2022

At 6-foot-2, 205 pounds, Donley looks to have gotten more physical. Averaged the second highest exit velocity on the day at 89.05 mph. Starts in a crouched stance and uses his strong lower half to drive the baseball with above average bat speed at an average of 72.4 mph. 


Jeffery Fulcher OF / Venice , FL / 2022

Has a wide setup that keeps him in the lower half. Is able to clear the backside and stays compact and level through the zone. Consistent hard line drive hitter.


Benjamin McDonald 1B / Lakeland Christian, FL / 2022

Has a big strong frame. Showed some stiffness and rotational actions in the swing, but able to create leverage and use his present strength. Can improve his rotational ability, but has hand speed and strength while creating leverage.


Kevin RisCassi C / 1B / Bishop Verot, FL / 2022

A stocky, strong left-handed hitter who uses his lower half well to generate strength. Works slightly uphill through the zone with some present whippy bat speed. Simple stroke with rhythm and upside.


Eddie-Boe Rodriguez SS / 2B / Canterbury, FL / 2022

FGCU recruit. Has a lean, athletic frame. Showed an easy, low effort swing with very quick hands, present bat speed and adjustability. The athleticism shows in the swing, while he could get on plane earlier, he has an ability to adjust. There is a lot of room for growth with present above average toolset.




Blake Busbee OF / SS / North Fort Myers , FL / 2023

The switch hitter was impressive from both sides of the plate. He works with rhythm and loose hands. Stays connected and in the zone, path works and will play up as he adds strength. Showed a natural feel for the barrel.  


Michael Graziano OF / RHP / Naples , FL / 2023

Graziano continues to impress with his overall athleticism. He has a lean, long frame with strength and twitch. The swing has present bat speed as he averaged 69.8 mph bat speed and 79% on plane efficiency. The upside of power with added strength is clearly present and overall has a high ceiling.  


Preston Shemansky SS / RHP / First Baptist Academy of Naples , FL / 2023

Shemansky has a lean, wiry and athletic frame with some quick twitch. The path has some steepness, but has quick hands and above average bat speed. He was on the barrel consistently, with consistent hard line drives. Nice offensive upside. 


Hayden Yost OF / 1B / Sickles, FL / 2023

One of them most impressive young players in attendance offensively. Stands tall and has a small leg kick load while getting to separation. Has a simple, effective swing with rhythm. Has advanced bat speed, rotational acceleration and hand speed for any age as well as an extremely projectable frame. Very high young follow.  



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