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Underclass Games Miami - Player Analysis

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June 30th saw the second of our three Underclass Games at the University of Miami, and south Florida did not disappoint. The talent was on display all over the field both in the pro-style workout and in the game setting. A lot of standouts throughout the day, but seven earned an invite to the top uncommitted event in the country, the Future Games, to play for Team Florida. Today we take a look at the player analysis of all of the players in attendance.

Future Game Invitations

Aaron Saltsman OF / Rockledge, FL / 2021

Physicality stands out. Looks noticeably bigger and stronger. Great combo of power and quickness showed with a 6.88 60 yard dash and a 94 MPH exit velocity. Lightning quick hands generate plus bat speed. Sometimes can be too quick and gets out in front. Stays short and whippy with great extension with hands through the ball. Quick arm and release in the outfield. Arm topped at 85. Big time athlete that can do everything on the field. 




Justin Quintana OF / RHP / American Heritage, FL / 2021

Stands 5-foot-10, 184 pounds, but plays more physical than his stature. Ran a 7.13 60 yard dash. Moves athletically with smooth, above average arm in the outfield along with a sure glove. Offensive stand out. Barreled balls all day with compact, but violent swing. Gap to gap line drive approach with plus lower half, bat path and extension to drive the ball consistently. Showed ability to sit on BB and drive it with backspin to the right-center gap. Polished hitter that can play a corner outfield spot at the Division 1 level. 




Connor Wilt 1B / RHP / Cardinal Newman, FL / 2021

Strong 6-foot, 188 pound frame. Really like the ceiling of this left-handed bat. Whippy with great extension. Nice calm rhythm and separation, gets weight forward with firm front side and hip tilt. Showed ability to drive the ball with carry to all fields. 92 exit velocity, present gap to gap pop. Defensively, solid actions and hands with an above average arm at 1B. Moves well and fluidly. On the mound  showed good command of a fastball that topped at 79.  




Joseph Phan SS / 2B / Somerset Canyon Academy , FL / 2021

Stands a solid 5-foot-10, 170 pounds. Looks more physical than 170, might have added some muscle recently. Above average defender in the infield with clean, twitchy actions and an above average arm at 82 across the infield. Quick feet and hands work well together. Offensively, has a nice calm approach with above average bat to ball skills. Great feel and calmness to his game. Quickness in the hands translates to some present bat speed. Barrel awareness and impacting ability. Top exit velocity a very solid 89. 




Cadmiel Pompa OF / 2B / George Jenkins, FL / 2022

Projectable, long limbs with lots of room to fill out. Present pop and athleticism. Ran a 7.01 60 yard dash. Good actions in the outfield with an above average arm. Accuracy a bit shaky at times. Offensively, present bat speed with loose hands led to 87 MPH exit velocity. Stays behind the ball well. Could benefit from a firmer front side, but offensive ceiling is high. Intriguing, loose moving athlete. 




Jack Cue OF / Archbishop McCarthy, FL / 2021

Followed up a stand out ID performance the day before with another solid showing. The valuable speed and power combo is there, with plus hands at the plate. Still has room to get the back side through the ball more. Stuck to a line drive approach and tagged a hard single up the middle. Showed the well above average arm strength in-game, but was off target on his one attempt of an assist at the plate.




William Hagen 1B / RHP / Eau Gallie, FL / 2021

6-foot-1, 197 pound solid frame. Present strength and pop in the bat with an advanced feel. Good lower half and a controlled, compact swing. Present gap to gap pop with potential to drive the ball over the wall. 88 mph exit velocity with good backspin and jump off the bat. At 1B, there’s good actions and an average to above average arm that notched 79 mph. Topped 77 on the mound with low effort and a clean arm action, but it is clear that the future is in the bat.




Best of the Rest 

Javier Hernandez OF / SS / Southwest, FL / 2022

5-foot-9, 150 pounds, ran a 7.19 60 yard dash. Some present quick twitch and athleticism. In the outfield, the athleticism plays well, has an average arm with accurate throws. In the infield, there is some stiffness, but the hands work well and works under control. Offensively, he stands tall and clears the back side well. Could benefit from a stronger front leg, but the path is compact and level and showed some bat to ball skill. Upside as he matures and adds strength. 




Matthew Huembes 2B / SS / Belen Jesuit Prep, FL / 2022

Immature physically, but only a rising sophomore. Plus feel at a young age and above average, smooth actions on offense and defense. Defensively, the hands work naturally and the arm is very projectable and accurate, already showing the ability to make a strong throw from deep SS. Has a really solid and balanced approach offensively. Just can’t impact the ball quite yet physically. Swing is smooth and he knows how to use his lower half effectively. Moves athletically. Adding strength will do a ton for his game, and when that happens, he could be a really solid player. 




Anthony Fernandez SS / 2B / Florida Christian , FL / 2022

Nothing flashy, just knows how to play the game. Ran a 7.63 60 yard dash. Barreled up all day in BP and simulated games showing advanced bat to ball skills. Really liked the calm approach at the plate. Lets the ball travel and keeps hands in nicely with above average bat speed. Good separation and extension keeps the barrel in the hitting zone for a long time. Above average defender in the middle infield. Plays through the ball and his throws really nicely. Threw 75 across the infield but it plays harder with a ton of carry. Intriguing follow in the coming years. 




Nic Schinina OF / LHP / Edgewater, FL / 2022

Stands 5-foot-9, 160 pounds. Topped at 78 from the left side with some surprising late life. Can put some run and sink on FB at times. The breaking ball stayed around 63-68 and had some decent depth. Gets some carry on throws in the OF, but arm strength is overall average. Offensively, the swing is fluid with a solid base. Some present bat speed. Stays behind the ball well and creates a level barrel path. 




Austin Waller C / OF / Liberty County, FL / 2021

Solid frame with room to fill out at 6-foot, 165 pounds. Grinded out all 11 innings behind the plate for the red team. 2.05-2.3 range on pop times. Above average blocking skills and good, soft hands. The arm is average currently, but has room to add. Showed a balanced, patient approach with a compact bat. Got caught out in front and getting too tall at few times. Notched an exit velocity of 81 with some present bat speed. 




Lane Curtis 1B / RHP / The Kings Academy, FL / 2021

Stands 5-foot-11, 163 pounds. Fastball ranged between 71-75 with low effort. Clean arm action and gets some run on the FB. 12-6 CB sat 59-63 with average spin and break. Hands at 1B are clean and out in front. Arm strength doesn’t stand out, but throws at 1B are firm. Offensively, he utilizes a calm approach. Could benefit from sinking into the swing more and creating more drive from the backside. Had trouble staying on top of the ball at times, but when barreled, had some hard line drives. 




Darian Holmes RHP / Venice, FL / 2021

Lean 6-foot, 168 pound frame. Rising junior sitting 71-73 with above average movement on his secondary stuff that made the FB look quicker. Was mixing pitches well with CB, CH, FB combo. CB at 64 and CH at 67. Struggled to command the FB at times, but worked with good tempo. Added strength and lower half drive will add some velocity to an above average feel to pitch.




Hayden Carson RHP / 1B / Saint Andrew's , FL / 2021

Big build on the righty at 6-foot-1, 210 pounds. Showed some pull side power potential in BP. Above average barrel control and barreling ability. High average launch angle and likes to get the arms extended. 83 exit velocity. Can pick it at 1B defensively. On the mound, worked 77-80 with good cut. Uses a pause at the balance point in delivery and gets around the ball well to create the cut on his FB. 64 on the breaking ball. Everything he throws moves away from a RHH. 




Jeremiah Morris RHP / 1B / Osceola Fundamental, FL / 2021

Athletic body at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. 2-way player. Ran a 7.45 60 yard dash. A lot to like physically, as hands are quick and can impact the baseball offensively with a good lower half. Exit velocity came in at 84. Could benefit from more upper/lower half separation and rhythm, as timing was off at times in BP. On the mound, sat 72-75 with a quick arm. Over the top arm slot. Hides the ball well until late in delivery. Can work on commanding the lower half of the zone. 




Hunter Bell RHP / RHP / Lakewood Ranch , FL / 2021

Top arm on the day. Stands a large 6-foot-5, 225 pounds. Sat a heavy 83-85 from ¾ slot with a lot of arm side run and late life. Nasty SL and FB movement made the FB velocity play up to 87-88. Feel to pitch was there with great command of all 9 zones of the plate. Manipulated hitters’ eye levels. Flashed the plus sweeping SL with great depth and sharpness. Feel to pitch, great movement and big body make this a really interesting arm to watch going forward. 




Landon Kiefer SS / RHP / Braden River, FL / 2021

Stands a wiry 5-foot-10, 150 pounds. Ran a 7.51 60 yard dash. 2-way player that impressed with command and secondary stuff on the mound. Strike-thrower filled it up at 77-79. Big, tight CB at 64-66 that flashed plus at times. Good feet at SS, but can cut down time between field and throw. Across the infield at 81. Actions are clean and slightly above average. Showed good balance and a line drive approach at the plate. Could benefit from shortening up at times and loosening the hands up. 




Ian Anderson LHP / OF / Lakeland Christian, FL / 2021

Tall, lean left-handed arm/right-handed bat. Stands 6-foot-1, 170 pounds. Has some present twitchy strength and can impact the ball to the pull side. Swing is a bit stiff and has the tendency to get around the ball, but showed a good exit velocity of 89. Strong accurate arm in the outfield, but actions can be cleaned up. Body and tools project more on the mound. Throws arms and legs at the hitter with funky motion that does a nice job of hiding the ball. FB topped at 78 and was complemented by a well above average BB at 64-65.




David Rossow RHP / 3B / Cardinal Gibbons, FL / 2021

Tall, lanky frame at 6-foot-3, 170 pounds. Projectable body and arm on the mound. Live arm that plays, works at 80-82 from a high ¾ slot. Flashed an above average slider at 70. Commanded the fastball well, with average command of the slider. Average offensive ceiling, but stays inside and hit the ball hard to the right side to move a runner over in-game. More exciting prospect on the mound than positionally. 




Jared Davis SS / RHP / Dr Phillips, FL / 2022

Quick-twitch and athletic. Stands 5-foot-9, 157 pounds. Ran a 6.78 60 yard dash. Showed flashes of above average hands in the infield. Arm is presently average, but lower half is barely tapped into. Offensively, speed is his best asset. Uses a leg kick, some present quickness in the bat. Pops up on weight transfer, but overall pretty connected and compact.




Jake O'Steen SS / 2B / Union County, FL / 2022

Advanced, young player. Still a lot of maturing to do physically, stands 5-foot-6, 140 pounds. Infield actions are smooth with present good hands that project above average. Accurate arm that will add velocity with time and growth. Good, calm feel on defense and at the plate. Keeps it simple on offense from the left side. Short and compact to the ball, balanced and lets the ball travel. Simple advanced approach showed in BP and in-game, staying quiet and driving the ball the other way. Can turn on the inside pitch as well. Pop will come, ability to hit is there. 




Jon Secada 2B / SS / Christopher Columbus, FL / 2021

Stocky 5-foot-6, 150 pound frame. Some quickness in movements. The feet and hands are natural on defense. Made the best defensive play of the day with a diving catch ranging into foul territory from the SS position. Showed some barreling ability on a couple sharp singles. Calm approach with good separation and back knee drive. Slight cast of the hands at go, but has a good level bat path. Exit velocity hit 82 MPH.




Anthony Lopez 2B / 3B / West Broward, FL / 2021

5-foot-6, 155 pound infielder with some offensive ability. Creates good separation and torque with coil at load. Extends through the ball well, but could benefit from being slightly more balanced. 81 exit velocity. Arm strength can be improved, but he showed accuracy and the ability to throw on the run. Decent actions, aggressive towards the ball in the infield.




Justin Dukes OF / LHP / Pembroke Pines Charter , FL / 2022

Twitchy 5-foot-8, 140 pounds. Rising sophomore ran a 6.78 60 yard dash, tied for best on the day. Speed plays from the right-handed batter’s box. Raw defensively, but showed good athleticism. Quick, short bat. More lower half and forward extension in the swing would benefit his ability to drive the ball into the gaps and improve on a solid exit velocity of 81. 




Zachary Masnikoff OF / RHP / American Heritage Delray, FL / 2021

Stands 5-foot-7, 135 pounds. Ran a 7.50 60 yard dash. Worked out positionally at outfield and infield, but actions and feet project more for the outfield. Arm strength above average. Offensively, stayed down and through the ball well on an opposite field single, keeping eyes down on the barrel through contact. Ability to impact the ball will come with added size and strength. Worked 71-74 on the mound with a slow breaking ball. Good depth and spin on the breaking ball. Overall solid player that will get better as size is added. 




Gavin Thomas OF / RHP / The Masters Academy, FL / 2023

Physical with present tools for the rising freshman. Actions and arm are both above average in the outfield, with the arm notching 77 mph. ng 77 mph. Raw offensively, but there’s some present barrel ability. Doubled down the LF line with some quickness in the swing. Can loosen up the hands, but there’s good extension after contact. Projectable on the mound as well, around the zone at 75-77. Good feel with great tempo. Used an above average change up at 69 as secondary pitch. A player to follow in the coming years. 




Keegan Jones SS / RHP / Palm Harbor, FL / 2021

Projectable frame at 6-foot-2, 155 pounds. Hands are good in the infield, but feet lack fluidity. Arm has room to add, currently at 73 across the infield. With the bat, uses a leg kick and a line drive approach. Level bat path with some present bat speed. Worked 72-74 on the mound, curveball at 61. Commanded both pitches well in the strike zone. Growing into the body will do him a lot of good in all aspects of the game.




Luis Gomez C / OF / Palmetto ridge high school , FL / 2022

Physical for his age at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. Present pull side power stands out. Kept throws low and accurate in the outfield at 79 mph. Arm is a little tight, but there’s present strength. Worked out behind the plate, but currently projects in the outfield with the bat and slightly below average pop times of 2.25-2.30. Great leverage and athleticism in the swing with present quickness in the bat. Good separation and barrel path, but got disconnected and around the ball at times trying to hit it out. Registered a 90 mph exit velocity as a rising sophomore. High offensive ceiling.  




Frank Micallef C / RHP / Wharton, FL / 2021

Big build at 6-foot-1, 200 pounds. Moves well defensively, top defensive catcher on the day. Solid base, consistently around 2.00-2.05 pop time. Showed above average blocking ability and a strong, short arm. Offensively, has a compact swing. Got around the ball in 1st at bat, but made the adjustment to stay inside for his 2nd at bat. On the mound, sits 80 with some arm side run. Will drop down on occasion with a slider from down there that flashes plus. Fastball plays more like 83 with the threat of the slider. Big body with good feel on the mound and behind the plate. 




Wilson Perkins 3B / RHP / Niceville, FL / 2021

Stands 6-foot-1, 205 pounds. Fastball sat 81-82, topped at 83. Some cut on the fastball with sneaky late life. 66 mph curveball with good depth and bite. Arm action is clean, working from a high ¾ slot. Above average command and was in control of the cut on fastball. Registered a solid 86 mph exit velocity. 




Michael Nelson LHP / OF / American Heritage/ Elev8 Baseball Academy , FL / 2021

6-foot-2, 172 pound frame with room to grow. The lefty comes straight over the top with a quick, short arm, sitting 73-75 with the fastball. Gets both run and cut on the fastball at different times. Arm not catching up with the body causes tendency to miss up and to the arm side. Hides the ball well. Average breaking ball that flashes above average break at 57-58. Changeup with some arm side movement at 66. 




Nolen Ford 1B / LHP / Palm Harbor, FL / 2021

Great body at 6-foot-4, 195 pounds. Solid hands and actions at 1B, but a little stiff in the arm and hips. Lower half works well at the plate with some present gap to gap pop. Can get long at times with some stiffness, but showed present bat to ball skills. On the mound, the lefty sat 77-79, topping at 81 with late arm side run. Arm can be loosened, but there’s some athleticism in the arm and the delivery. Has some feel for 62-63 mph curveball and above average to plus feel for 67-69 mph changeup that dives and runs arm side. Plus projectability in the frame makes him an interesting follow.




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