Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All State: 2014 Pitcher's Analysis

By Blake Hibler
Scouting Director, PBR Indiana

The 2014 pitchers were a special group at this year's Preseason All State event. Every pitcher on this list has the ability to throw at a high level and undoubtedly will be looked upon from their high schools to have good years. Mason Kutruff is a special, raw talent and leads the list of arms followed closely by Max Gray and Chandler Sanburn.

All 15 pitchers on this list were 83 or better, with 10 of them being 85 or better. 

1. Mason Kutruff, LHP, Martinsville HS, 2014

6-foot-4,  227 pound left handed pitcher passes the eye test. Kutruff is still raw but the arm is quick, loose and works from ¾ arm action with some whip. Kutruff was 82-85 at the event but we have seen him this winter at 87. He lacks repeatable rhythm in his delivery, however the arm really works. The breaking ball has potential to be a plus pitch at the college level. 2/8 breaking ball; sharp with good depth. Kutruff is a high follow in the 2014 class.

2. Max Gray, Lawrence North HS, 2014

Slender build at 5-foot-11, but the arm is really quick and works from a 3/4 arm slot. Gray was 84-87 and was up to 89 earlier this winter at a previous event. He has flashed a sweeping breaking ball with good depth, which showed to be a swing and miss pitch. Gray needs to continue to work on creating movement on his fastball, but he is a high follow in the 2014 class. 

3. Chandler Sanburn, RHP, Avon HS, 2014

6-foot-1,190 pound right handed pitcher from Avon shows a slow, deliberate delivery with a slight pause in it. It is repeatable. He continues to show an impressive arm that sits at 85-87. The breaking ball and slider both showed well and are above average pitches. If Sanburn commands the zone in the spring he will quickly shoot up the list of overall ranked 2014's. The stuff is there for Sanburn to be a solid division one arm.

4. Taylor Goshen, RHP, Carroll HS, 2014

Goshen is a strong bodied righty with a good strong lower half. Goshen measures at 6-foot-2, 230 pounds. The righty has a drop and drive delivery and works from a ¾ arm action. He looks the part of a power pitcher with a big body and a heavy ball. He sat 84-86 and projects a good velocity jump in the spring as he continues to strengthen his arm. He needs to maintain arm speed on his breaking ball to throw it harder and tighten it up. Currently works down with some bite at 68-69. Change-up was 75-76 and lacked arm speed. Goshen is a follow in the 2014 class.

5. Zack St. Pierre, LHP, Noblesville, 2014

Good pitcher’s frame, creates good angle on all pitches. Shows a clean arm action that works at high ¾. Works down in the zone with all three pitches. St. Pierre has a quick arm and produces late life on his fastball at 83-85. Spins the breaking ball in a 12/6 shape at 71. Breaking ball has a chance to be a good college pitch. St Pierre, needs to develop his change up more, but overall shows a lot of upside and is a high follow on the mound in the 2014 class. 

6. Evan Warden, RHP, Western HS, 2014

5-foot-11, 170 pound right handed pitcher shows a very athletic delivery combined with a quick arm. He throws from a high ¾ with a loose arm. Warden throws his fastball at 85-86 with late life.  Breaking ball is 11/5 sharp CB at 70-71 and changeup at 75-78 with sink. All three pitches give Warden an arsenal that makes him unhittable at times in high school. He is a high follow on the mound.  

7. Nathaniel Rhodes, RHP, Fishers HS, 2014

6-foot-1, 165 pound RHP works deliberate with a good pace and is repeatable. Arm works with some effort at a high ¾ quick action. The arm circle has some choppiness to it and creates some deception.  Rhodes pitches 82-86 with run on his fastball. Also flashed a good 12/6 breaking ball at 70-73. Change-up showed arm side run at 75-78 and was an average high school pitch. Rhodes is a follow in the 2014 class.

8. Jordan Young, RHP, McCutcheon HS, 2014

Body has slimmed down since last year. Works at a quick pace, but has some choppiness in delivery. Repeats it well.  Throws from a high ¾,arm action. Fastball shows late run at 84-85. Breaking ball is an 11/5 CB with late movement. Change shows arm side run, but struggled in the strike zone.

9.  Matt Patton, RHP, East Noble HS, 2014

Leads with his hip and works more as a drop and drive guy. Needs to continue to add strength. The arm works really well. Works from a ¾ arm slot. Throws a heavy fastball that sits 82-83. Breaking ball is hard (77-78) with a 10/4 shape. Change up shows good arm side run. Threw all three pitches in the zone with good feel. Gets outs and expect a velo jump soon.

10. Treg Haberkorn, LHP, Leo, 2014

Good frame for a pitcher at 6-foot-3. Great pace in delivery, with hand movement throughout. Repeats the delivery with good timing. Arm angle is ¾ creating some late run at 83-84. Arm has whip. Good arm speed on off speed pitches. Breaking ball is still inconsistent, change up shows arm side run at 72-73. Haberkorn’s arm is quick and is a high follow as a positional player and as a pitcher.

11. Jonathan Azar, LHP, Munster HS, 2014

We saw the lefty a few weeks ago the Goshen Underclass Showcase and liked him. Three weeks later and we like him even more. The 6-foot-3 Azar passes the eye test and the arm action is clean. The lefty gets arm side run with sink at 81-83. Breaking ball showed more consistency with a tight rotation. Azar is a follow for all levels.

12. Tyler Smith, RHP,  New Castle, 2014

Big bodied right handed power pitcher. Short quick ¾ arm action. Delivery shows some choppiness and effort, but overall it is repeatable. Fastball was 82-84 with little run. Off speed offerings still need development. Overall, Smith is a raw pitcher with a quick arm. Projects more as a positional player right now. Would not be surprised if Smith is 86-88 at some point in the near future.

13. Elijah Weartz, RHP, Center Grove, 2014

Weartz possesses a good frame at 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. He works at a deliberate pace in a repeatable delivery with high hands. Weartz threw a straight fastball anywhere from 82-85. He also threw a breaking ball at 69-71 which is currently an average breaking ball. The change-up was 76-77 with an inconsistent arm action. Weartz is a follow in the 2014 class.

14 Taylor Douglas, RHP, Decatur Central HS, 2014

Athletic build with a clean, repeatable athletic delivery. Threw four pitches in the zone with good feel. Slider was best pitch at 73 and really tight. Also showed a good 11/5 breaking ball with late action. Douglass worked from a high ¾ with a quick arm. Fastball topped at 83. If Douglass can make a velo jump this spring he is definitely a follow.

15. Stephen Pinarski, RHP, Concord HS, 2014

Pinarski is a small statured RHP at 5-foot-11, 165 pounds. He works in a slow, repeatable delivery gathering himself prior to allow for his short, over the top arm to work.Topped out at 83-85. Making a velocity jump since the last time we saw him (80-82 in January) Pinarski is sneaky, quick, and hides the ball well. His breaking ball was an 11/5 with sharp bite and good arm speed. Change-up is still a work in progress. Pinarski is a follow in the 2014 class.