2015 Underclass Preview: Corner IF Analysis

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler

PBR Indiana

On Saturday, October 19th PBR Indiana hosted the 2015 Underclass Preview at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.  Sixty players in the class of 2015 from across the state participated in the event, including 8 corner infielders.

Below we analyze each corner infielder from the event:  

Top 5

1. Paul Milto, 1B, Roncalli HS, 2015
: 6-foot-3, 230 pound junior is a strong, physical athlete.  Starts in an athletic squat with a wide base.  Uses no stride.  Load is smooth.  Good power hitting swing plane.  Displayed present power with a two handed finish.  Posted an exit velo of 92 mph.  Defensively moves better than his size suggests.  Shows a strong arm at 79 mph across the infield.  Hits with enough power to remain at 1B at the next level.  High follow in the 2015 class. 

2. Jacob Brewer , 1B, Southridge HS, 2015: 6-foot, 195 pound junior is a switch hitter.  From the left side of the plate starts narrow and open with a smooth load.  Swing plane is uphill with projectable power.  From the right side his load is a little more inconsistent but the swing is almost a mirror image from the left side.  Swing plane is more level from the right.  Legitimate switch hitter.  At 1B moves well around the bag with a strong arm across the field at 79 mph.  High level defensive first baseman with good fee.  Ran a 7.38 60.   

3. Adam Neal, 3B, Cathedral HS, 2015: 6-foot, 180 pound junior starts slightly open with a leg kick at the plate.  Some use of his lower half.  Shows a quick bat with a good two handed finish.  Projects to hit at the next level.  In the field his range continues to improve.  Possesses a good, strong accurate arm across the diamond at 78 mph. Plays through the baseball well. 

4. Ben Sellers, 1B, Mater Dei HS, 2015: 6-foot-3, 195 pound junior possesses a good, long frame.  At the plate uses an athletic setup with a slight leg kick.  Average bat speed with a one handed finish.  Swing plane is slightly uphill.  Posted an 82 mph exit velo.  At 1B shows average actions.  Across the diamond was 71 mph.

5. Wyatt Daly, 3B, Castle HS, 2015: 5-foot-10, 175 pound junior uses a balanced, athletic setup with a smooth load and short stride.  Needs to add strength to improve power and bat speed.  Lower half lacks involvement. Currently a high contact, line drive type hitter. Defensively was 73 across the diamond.  Possesses good hands with the ability to throw from a variety of arm angles.  Possesses light feet and good athleticism.  Needs to improve on playing through the baseball.  

Best of the Rest (In Alphabetical Order)

Derek Anderson, 3B, Madison HS, 2015: 5-foot-11, 190 pound junior starts from a balanced setup at the plate.  Uses a smooth load with a short stride.  Gets wide. Athletic player with some strength. Swing plane is inconsistent.  Defensively was 73 mph across the diamond with average defensive actions.  Ran a 7.56 60. 

Corbin Clark, 3B, Carmel HS, 2015: 6-foot-1, 170 pound junior starts square in a slight crouch at the plate.  Uses a big load and sits on his backside.  Swing plane is uphill with a two handed finish.  At 3B was 74 across the infield.  Moves ok and fields the ball out front.  Needs to continue to improve footwork overall.  Shows some athleticism.

Michael Veatch, 3B, North Central HS, 2015: 6-foot-2, 190 pound junior has added a lot of strength since the last time we saw him at an event.  Offensively starts slightly open with a small leg kick.  Swing plane is inconsistent but does show some projectable power.  Across the diamond was 70 mph.  Needs to improve on playing through the ball.  Projects more as a catcher.