2016-17 Prospect Showcase Corner IF Analysis

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler

PBR Indiana 

On Sunday September 15th, PBR Indiana hosted the 2016-2017 Prospect Showcase at Bishop Chatard High School in Indianapolis.  The event consisted of 50 total players from across the Hoosier State.  Below is the analysis of the corner infielders that attended the event.  

Top 5

1. Payton Mattingly, 1B/RHP, Southridge HS, 2016: 6-foot-2, 190 pound sophomore was 74 across the diamond.  Projectable frame for a 2016.  Hands are average and shows choppy feet.  Projects more of a 3B than a 1B.  Choppy load at the plate with a smooth swing.  Feet get wide.  Swing plane is up hill with some projectable power. 

2. Anthony Quintero, 1B/3B, Griffith HS, 2016: 6-foot, 200 pound sophomore was 73 mph across the diamond.  Displays athletic actions for his size.  Glove is above average with soft hands.   At the plate starts slightly open and shows good balance.  Load is smooth with quick bat speed (88 mph exit velo).  Shows some projectable power with the ability to drive the gaps.  Ran a 7.40 60. 

3. Tony Smodilla, RHP/3B, Terre Haute North HS, 2017: 5-foot-9, 150 pounds.  Displays good actions in the field with solid hands.  Showed the ability to pick it well.    The arm action is short, with a slow release.  Across the diamond was 73 mph.  At the plate uses an athletic setup.  Uses a toe tap for timing with a short stride.  Shows athleticism throughout the swing.  Gets to extension producing line drives.  A 2-hole type hitter currently. 

4. Ryan Ruthrauff, RHP/3B, Lake Central HS, 2016: 5-foot-11, 165 pound sophomore was 69 mph across the infield.  Got to most balls, and fields it cleanly, however fields it too deep at times.  At the plate starts open with his hands high.  Inward turn with his front leg.  Good balance throughout the swing.  Barreled up a lot of baseball with some projectable pop.

5. Trey Ferrill, 3B/OF, Mooresville HS, 2016: 6-foot-4, 200 pound sophomore runs a 7.08 60.  Moves well for his size.  Frame is projectable.  Overall actions are raw defensively.  Needs to improve arm strength to remain at 3B.  Frame suggests he’s more of a 1B at the next level.  At the plate starts with his hands high and shows good hand speed.  Lots of strength with present power.  Stiff front leg.  Interesting follow in the 2016 class.

Best of the Rest (In Alphabetical Order)

Dawson Armstrong, RHP/3B, Noblesville HS, 2017: 6-foot-3, 170 pound freshman was 70 mph across the diamond. Frame is projectable.  Raw defensive actions.  Slow feet.  At the plate finishes high after the swing.  Swing plane is uphill and finishes high.    

Cameron Brunnemer, 3B/1B, New Washington HS, 2016:  5-foot-7, 210 pound sophomore was 62 mph across the diamond.  At the plate starts from a crouch and loads back with no stride.  Starts his hands high, with a high back elbow.  Bat speed is average.  Makes hard contact.

Arian Coffey, 3B/RHP, Delta HS, 2016: 6-foot-2, 135 pound sophomore was 60 mph across the diamond from a ¾ arm slot.  Foot speed is slow, but moves well laterally.  Mechanically refined defensively, and plays through the ball well.  At the plate has a good mechanical swing.  Gets a little long at times.  Overall good balance throughout his swing.  Currently lacks bat speed.  

Tyler Kenjic, 3B/SS, Hobart HS, 2016: 6-foot, 175 pound sophomore was 69 mph across the infield and ran a 7.38 60.  Possesses a strong, athletic frame.  Defensively shows athletic actions with good footwork.  Arm is average and shows a quick release.  Possesses soft hands.  At the plate possesses a long swing, keeping the bat in the zone. Starts in a slight crouch position with an arm bar and short stride.  Average balance.  At times the swing gets a little choppy.

Justyn North, RHP/3B, Centerville HS, 2016: 6-foot, 180 pound sophomore that was 70-75 mph with his fastball.  Possesses long legs and wide shoulders.  High ¾ arm action is long with some hand speed.  Lacks arm strength.  Lots of activity in the delivery causing deception.  Across the diamond was 72 mph. At the plate starts wide in a slight crouch.  Lacks separation.  Possesses hand speed with some projectable power. Swing is long and lower half needs refined.  

Jared Telecky, 3B/1B, St. John’s Jesuit HS (OH), 2017: 5-foot-11, 175 pound freshman was 65 mph across the diamond.  Actions are stiff and still a little raw, but fielded most balls clean.  At the pate gets really wide after his stride.  When getting to extension, often times it’s with one hand.  Has good balance throughout the swing with some bat speed (80 mph exit velo off tee). 

Tanner Wesp, 1B/3B, Charlestown HS, 2016: 6-foot-1, 225 pound sophomore picks it well over at 1B.  Works around the bag well.  Lacks arm strength.  At the plate lower half needs refined.  Good setup, with overall good balance throughout the swing.  Doesn't get to extension.  Has average hand speed with a good swing plane.  

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