2017-2018 Prospect Showcase: Outfield Analysis

By Phil Wade

Indiana Executive Director

On Sunday, September 21st PBR Indiana hosted the 2017-2018 Prospect Showcase at Grand Park in Westfield, Indiana.  Below we analyze the outfielders that participated in the event.  

CLICK HERE to view the full statistical breakdown from all players who participated in the event.  

Michael Dunkelberger, OF, SB St. Joseph HS, 2018: The 5-foot-9, 146 pound left-handed outfielder showcased a strong arm with carry at 85 mph.  Footwork quick and fluid with above average actions overall.  The LHH starts from a crouch position.  Stride is short with average bat speed.  Swing plane is level and shows good balance throughout. 

Aaron Ernst, OF, Carmel HS, 2017: 6-foot, 140 pound sophomore showcased athletic actions with fluid feet.  Plays through the baseball well with a clean exchange.  Showcased some arm strength, 81 mph from the OF.  Offensively, starts balanced with a smooth load and short stride.  Average use of the lower half with good balance.  Hands are quick with a level path to the baseball.  Good rhythm throughout.  Registered an exit velo of 78 mph. 

Kade Fleming, OF, Evansville North HS, 2017: 6-foot-1, 155 pound sophomore showcased a long arm action at 72 mph.  Showcased average hands defensively, with fluid feet and clean exchange.  Plays through the baseball.  Ran a 7.39 60.  At the plate the LHH starts balanced and loads back.  Stride is short with above average hand speed.  Level path to the baseball.  Registered an exit velo of 78 mph.  

Jonathan Foster, OF, Columbus East HS, 2017: A 6-foot, 150 pound sophomore showcased a long arm action and was 78 from the OF.  Possesses average hands and quick feet. Plays through the baseball well.  At the plate starts balanced.  Loads back.  Average bat speed with a level path.  Occasionally will drive the gaps.  Registered an exit velo of 79 mph.  Ran a 7.12 60.  

Charlie May, OF, Delta HS, 2017: The 5-foot-8, 125 pounder was 66 mph from the OF.  Fields it clean with average hands.  Needs to improve on using his lower half when throwing and playing through the baseball.  At the plate starts from a balanced approach with a smooth load.  Strides long with.  Swing path is level.  Aggressive hitter. 

Hunter Mihalic, OF, Lake Central HS, 2017: 5-foot-11, 155 pounds ran a 7.07 60.  Uses a long, high ¾ arm action from the outfield at 75 mph.  Showcased average hands with good feet and a clean exchange.  Offensively, starts open with a high back elbow.  Uses a leg kick for timing.  Hands are quick with a level path to the ball.  Consistently barreled up the baseball. 

Ryan Missal, OF, Lowell HS, 2017: 6-foot-2, 165 pound sophomore ran a 7.16 60.  Defensively, possesses fluid feet with average hands.  Exchange is clean and plays through the baseball well.  From the OF was 75 mph.  Offensively, starts balanced with a smooth load.  Stride is short with good bat speed.  Swing path is level.  Barrels up the baseball with potential gap to gap power.  Registered an exit velo of 84 mph. 

Bryce Thompson, OF, Blue River Valley HS, 2017: 6-foot, 155 pound sophomore showcased average hands and average feet from the OF.  Uses a long arm action and throws over the top at 69 mph. Lacks use of lower half when throwing.  Offensively, starts balanced with a short stride.  Load is smooth, with a tendency to drop the hands.  Lacks elite bat speed and power.  Registered an exit velo of 72 mph and ran a 7.46 60.  

Tyler Van Pelt, OF, Bloomington South HS, 2017: A 5-foot-11, 175 pound sophomore possesses an athletic, strong frame.  Ran a 6.8 60.  From the OF was 81 with carry.  Hands are average. Feet are quick and displays good athleticism.  Offensively, the LHH  starts balanced and uses a slight leg kick for timing.  Swing plane is uphill with quick hands. Swing can get a little loopy at times.  Gets the barrel through the zone, driving the gaps.  Registered an exit velo of 88 mph.  

Tyler Winiecki, OF, Lake Central HS, 2017: The 5-foot-6, 130 pound outfielder showcased above average actions in the field. He moves well with fluid feet.  Arm action is short and throws from a high ¾ slot at 75 mph with some carry.  Ran a 7.33 60.  Offensively, starts slightly open with a smooth load.  Slight leg lift for timing, with average use of the lower half.  Bat speed is average.  Gets to extension with fluid rhythm throughout the swing.